In the Film Room: Jerel Worthy vs Iowa

Jerel Worthy is one intense football player.

Jerel Worthy, full of potential and talent, is one 2012 NFL Draft prospect that draws lots of different views from analysts.

We’re taking a look at his performance against the top-notch offensive line of Iowa today in the Film Room.

1st Quarter
-Incredibly jacked-up during pre-game. (See picture above)
-Fights through double team, gets some push.
-Double team again, goes nowhere on quick 3-step drop by QB.
-Angles past center, walled off when run goes off-tackle.
-Another double-team, pushed out of hole by LG.
-Off the field on 3rd down and 7.
-Very quick off the snap, pushes LG into backfield.
-Decent bull-rush, then gets knocked off balance.
-Quick off the snap again, QB rolls in other direction.
-Gets cut, halfway pursues down the line.
-Pushes RG into the pocket, gets hand up to disrupt the passing lane.
-Off the field on 3rd down and 11.
-Fights off one blocker with one arm while discarding another blocker with his other arm, all while collapsing the pocket. Most impressive play so far.
-Blocked down by RT, holds the POA.
-Big punch on RT, staggered him.
-Stymied by RG in pass-rush, no push.
-Shoots A-gap, nearly misses RB as he bounces outside. Showed good speed for a big man in pursuit.
-Sits out last play of quarter. One of the best quarters motor-wise that we’ve seen out of Worthy so far this year.

2nd Quarter
-Nice arm-over overwhelms center, but RG helps out. Such a quick first step.
-Late double team again prevents much pass rush.
-Explodes out of 4-point stance, big push then spin move.
-Off on 3rd down again.
-Destroys RG but misses tackle in the backfield.
-Again takes on double team well.
-Off the field on 3rd down.
-Bad camera work, Worthy in on tackle on stretch play.
-Keeps arm free and assists on arm tackle. Hurts wrist on play. Had a big wrap on after the game and told me it got caught up.
-Not on the field for 2-minute drill. Could be wrist or situation.
-Back on field, handled one-on-one by center.
-Pancackes LG on field-goal team and blocks FG. Unreal power.

3rd Quarter
-Pushes LG into backfield again, disrupts run play.
-Nearly gets by RT on inside move, but Zusevics resets and holds him at bay.
-Off on 3rd down.
-Double team, can’t get off it.
-Double team again, little push.
-Swim move, play goes away from him.
-Double team, no movement.
-On the field for 3rd and 6, rushes outside.
-Knifes through on goal-line, pursues down the line.
-Swim/spin move goes nowhere.
-Double team, got hands up.
-Shows good use of hands, but doesn’t get anywhere on pass-rush.
-Off the field for 4 plays.
-Good push on RG, stays active on reverse.
-Pushes his way into backfield, but takes himself out of play on goal-line.

4th Quarter
-Fights off double team, whips around to try and find a rush lane.
-Blows RG off the ball, forces RB to turn in.
-Double team, couldn’t get off it and quit on play.
-Doubled, still gets some push against 3-step drop.
-Pancakes LG and gets at the QB’s feet when he delivers the throw. Incredible power, great pad level.
-Cramping up after the play, still favoring wrist as well. (DVR Recording Ended)
-Worthy was extremely pleased after the game, win obviously meant a lot to him.
-Very polished answering questions with myself and other media.

Overall, this might have been one of Worthy’s most motivated performances. He didn’t have any huge impact plays, but consistently commanded double teams, opening things up for others.

When singled, or even when doubled on occasion, Worthy showed the unreal power, quickness, and understanding of leverage needed to be a top-flight DL in the NFL.

If Worthy can continue to play with the passion that he exhibited against Iowa, he will finally earn the Top 20 billing that we’ve given him.

Here is our full scouting report on Worthy if you’d like to check it out.

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