In The Film Room: Western Michigan vs N. Illinois

Jordan White NFL Draft

Jordan White is an intriguing late-round WR prospect.

Directional Michigan and Illinois schools don’t usually make a lot of headlines, but we aim to scout the entirety of collegiate football here at NEPD.

In this game, we did see some intriguing sleeper prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft – some of these guys will be playing on Sundays.

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#83 Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan
-Gets open on whip route, elusive after the catch.
-WMU motioning him across formation to get a better release. Often lining up in slot.
-Corner stuck with him in scramble drill.
-Makes nice adjustment to ball, makes first tackler miss.
-Tough ball thrown at back shoulder on in route, tips ball up in air, nearly intercepted.
-Makes tough catch on smoke route with CB in his face.
-Stone cold drop. Next play, gets open on same post route and makes 20 yard catch.
-Not a great deep out – wasn’t sharp, didn’t gain separation.
-Pushes off corner, makes tough catch on sideline.
-Catching the ball with his hands.
-Sells fake well with his head, secures another catch in traffic – targeted almost every play.
-Can’t make tough catch thrown behind him moving away in wind.
-Average blocker.
-White showed that he has the ability to be a legitimate #3 or #4 WR in the NFL. Should get a look on day three.

#72 Anthony Parker, OT, Western Michigan
-Bending at the waist early on.
-Not showing great balance, crossed his feet in pass protection.
-Shoved back on inside move by undersized DE.
-Good cut block out in space.
-Got upright and knocked backwards.
-Walked back into the pocket, flushed QB.
-Peels off his double team and helps TE outside, good awareness.
-Beat on speed rush, reaching for blitzing LB.
-Gets pushed back onto QB again, a lot of trouble against the bull rush.
-Better in run blocking than pass pro.
-Beaten badly by swim move – gives up sack.
-Don’t think he can be a tackle in the NFL – could maybe be a backup guard.

#12 Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois
-Almost exclusively out of pistol/shotgun.
-Rolls right and misses open receiver high.
-Play fake, quick release, hits TE across middle.
-QB draw, takes good hit. Goes right back to it next play.
-Has some decent speed and agility.
-Rolling right again, just misses open receiver on flag.
-Steps up in pocket and hits WR in between zones to convert 4th and 12.
-Falling back in pocket throws terrible duck on fade route, picked off.
-Accuracy is a little off – misses WR on smoke route.
-Taken off field for Wildcat package multiple times.
-Goes through three reads and hits man in stride.
-Rolls right again – completes pass on short out route.
-Feels pressure, patiently finds checkdown.
-Doesn’t step up in pocket, still throws accurate pass that was dropped.
-Rolls right, reads coverage, tucks and runs for six yards. Tough run.
-Throws behind WR in flat, completes pass, but results in lost yardage.
-Tries to fit ball in tight window, needed to lead WR a bit more.
-Has a lot of NFL tools, but will need to develop for a couple years.

#71 Scott Wedige, OC, Northern Illinois
-Big kid – certainly has an NFL body.
-Physical blocker, delivers a good pop.
-Walls off defender effectively.
-Gets shrugged off by LB at 2nd level – got caught off balance.
-Picks up twist stunt with no problems.
-Great drive on run block, DT had no chance.
-Good movement on pull, good cut on 2nd level.
-Liked his game, could be a decent backup or practice squad center.

Other players that showed some ability to make an NFL 53-man roster or at least make it to a training camp:

Nate Palmer, WR, Northern Illinois (Some pretty impressive plays, will need to watch him again)
Trevor Olson, OT, Northern Illinois
Doug Wiggins, S, Western Michigan

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One Response to “In The Film Room: Western Michigan vs N. Illinois”

  1. MikeLoyko says:

    Doug Wiggins is a really intriguing prospect, really highly recruited player from Miami area, originally attended the U but transfered to Western Michigan. Definitely a sleeper with some ability

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