Carson Palmer in Black and Silver – Good or Bad for the Patriots?

Carson Palmer Raiders

Will Carson Palmer help or hurt the Patriots 2nd-round pick in 2012?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Loyko

Carson Palmer being traded to Oakland for the outrageous prices of two 1st round draft picks (one this year and another one next year if they win 1 playoff game), will likely have little effect on the outcome of the Patriots season.

The trade may however wind up affecting where the Patriots will be picking in the 2nd round in next April’s NFL Draft.

Last April, Bill Belichick was able to swindle another potentially high draft pick out of Al Davis. This time the trade netted the Patriots a 2nd-round pick. (Full list of 2012 Patriots Draft Picks)

The trade came at a point in the draft where it seemed like Belichick wasn’t fond of the value on the board. Naturally, the first thing that came to the minds of Patriot fans is that we would have another top 5 pick in the second round. With Oakland looking like a legitimate NFL team so far this season it is unlikely we will be picking where we did last year. How will Carson Palmer’s arrival in Oakland affect that pick?

Let me start off by saying Carson Palmer is no franchise savior. Giving up basically two first round draft picks for him is crazy. Especially for a team that has already traded many of their future picks away in questionable deals. Asking him to come into a new team 6 games into the season and make them better is a tall task.

Hue Jackson is familiar with Palmer and Mike Brown from his time as Bengals WR coach and his relationship with both of them was likely a catalyst to a deal being struck.

Over the course of the last two seasons I have been able to watch a lot of Bengals games. During those games it became pretty evident to me that Carson Palmer wasn’t the same QB he had be a few years earlier. At a point in his career where he should have been in the prime and in an offense that was full of weapons I saw him become more of a liability than a pro bowl QB.

Palmer’s main weakness over the last two seasons has been his decision making. Time after time it seemed Palmer would throw a bad interception that would cost his team. As the situation got more important it seemed like he played worse. 33 interceptions over the last two years is an alarming number, especially when you consider the experienced WR he was throwing to. Another problem Cincinnati had last year was that they abandoned the running game. Palmer threw the ball 586 times which is by far the most of his career. They were in a lot of 2nd and 3rd and longs which led to forced throws and interceptions. Going to an Oakland team that is as run heavy as any in the league, will be good for Palmer, as he won’t be asked to carry as much of the offense as he did in Cincinnati.

Right now the Raiders sit at 4-2 with 10 games left to be played in the season. If the draft were to be held today the Patriots pick would be approximately 53rd overall. Looking ahead at Oakland’s schedule they have some very tough games remaining on their schedule, including games against Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit and San Diego. I would assume that the Raiders at best will finish 10-6 which should be good enough for a wild card in this years playoffs. At worst they could finish 7-9 or 8-8 and out of the playoff mix.

Will the addition of Carson Palmer change their record that much? I doubt it. While Palmer is better than Jason Campbell or Kyle Boller, the improvement isn’t as great as it once was. When you take into account the midseason trade and the fact the last time anyone has seen Carson Palmer was tailgating at a USC football game; it makes me think Palmer is likely to struggle for the first few weeks.

When next April comes around I fully expect the Patriots to be picking somewhere in the middle of the second round. Patriots fan’s best bet would be hoping that the Saints collapse and miss the playoffs in the ultra competitive NFC South as we hold their first round pick this year. How much will the Carson Palmer trade affect the Patriots draft pick? Not much if you ask me.

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12 Responses to “Carson Palmer in Black and Silver – Good or Bad for the Patriots?”

  1. Edward says:

    Are the Patriots going to get anymore high picks from the Raiders? Now you guys will have to manage a team on your own. Its’ a chance to see if Mr. Bellichek and Mr. kraft really know football since its’ the Raiders that sort of….helped you guys get to where you are. Before you get upset, understand that Bellichek has a winning team but I have never seen him draft a top receiver, pass rusher, halfback and just recently he drafted only his second really good cornerback since 2000. While you guys talk about Oakland look at what the Patriots will be doing now, looking for a way to explain the problem with finding good players in the draft and how to find decent pass rushers because the Patriots aren’t really doing a good job of it.

    • DWE says:

      We don’t need to draft top notch Wide Out’s….We have had great success with Branch who I believe we drafted and is now back in N.E., we had incredible success with guy’s like David Patten as well. We rocked Randy Moss and revitalized his carrer(which I add deserved a simple 2 yr deal he “EARNED” but didn’t get and was a clear mistake telling him to piss off like we did, especially since Logan Mankins spoke a hell of alot more publicly and specifically than Moss ever did).
      Tom Brady learned from Drew Bledsoe to throw at whom they were given to throw at no matter who it was, throw to the guy that’s OPEN. It doesn’t matter if it’s a decoy big name, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rookie….as long as he’s open….. it’s good enough. Bledsoe may have had one of the top 5 Patriot WR of all time in Terry Glenn, but he also had to do what he did with guy’s like Tony Simmon’s…..? Tony Simmon’s….Really? Get Real.

      We don’t and have never needed that big bad daddy Wide Out’s on our roster…….Still Don’t.

      Corner back’s/Safeties…..The Pats again other than mentioning guy’s who the Raider’s with they had… the Dynamic Due of TY Law & Laywer Malloy????? We also traded for Harrison later, and we have always done very well in almost all possitions by simply putting in our 3rd and 4the teir guy’s against every other teams top dog’s and still kicked 85% of their asses!!!!!

      So although I agree with the point made that BB need’s to draft better since he has always done it with trades and veteran’s along side ppl no one wanted and inturn turned the unwanted into top notch players (which you neglected to mention EDDY), we have done rather well thank you.

      P.S.- why mention only the WR and D-Back possition’s and leave out Draft picks like……HMMMMMM…….VINCE WILFORK, RICHARD SEYMORE, TY WARREN, “TOM BRADY IN THE 6TH ROUND” ( COUGH-COUGH ), is he not one of if not the best QB in NFL history….. Did I forget to mention a guy named LOGAN MANKINS? also a later round pick and the best at his possition in the NFL. Or maybe i should mention kickers and punters drafted by the Pats who are also amoung the best and clutch at their respective possition’s.

      Also, When you win as much as the Patriots do…..yet still have a lot of picks in the draft……how do you suppose that is?
      We should always be almost last in line for the draft, yet we don’t put all our egg’s in one backet(like you just did with Carson Palmer), and always remain with decent picks instead of always last in line even though we win so much!
      I could go on, but why bother……Edward, as long as Belichick now begins 2C he must get back to drafting well, VS just using veteran cast-off’s, we will see two more rings by the time He and Tom B are retired from the Pats…….
      I think you need to worry about what your going to do when Palmer’s elbow finishes falling off!!!! Good Day.

    • DWE says:

      And p.s. Ed………..We drafted two tight end’s very recently that ARE receivers as well. SOme know them as the “wonder Twins”… But you can call then Hern & Gronk for short.
      This in addition as well too McCourty and a DB named Ras-I-Dowling.

  2. Bill says:

    I suspect the post AD Raiders want to move the team to the LA area when the new stadium is built. Making the playoffs for a couple years in a row will definitely generate season ticket sales in the new location.

    And the Raiders know that the 2012 draft will be a weak draft(talentwise) in the second half of the first round. So their 2012 first round pick doesn’t have as much value as some naive people choose to believe.

  3. TD says:

    You never know, he could get injured and Oak would be screwed.

    But my guess is that with a good running game he will do well. Also, the Oak pick that we have is a 2nd rounder, I believe. BB uses those to move around the board.

  4. djax says:

    I think the trade was clearly bad for the patriots. Loosing these draft picks denies Oakland the ability to trade those picks to NE 🙁

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Those were the Pats draft picks to swindle away from the Raiders. Who do they think they are letting another team swindle them for our picks

  5. DWE says:

    Palmer just might be able to help right the ship a bit for in Oakland and keep it moving on through the year….They rely on the run(heaviest in the leage), with him only being asked to maintain, rather than put the team on his shoulders….. it may not look so good for our pick? He’s got a cannon arm he’s known for, but only a 38% or so completion rate of last. He’s not gonna need to throw that much with the Raiders and it won’t be Ocho or T.O. catching….that’ll be a bonus for him and his rating IMO.
    TGrant it, there is alot of 4-2 team out there right now and Oakland is one of them…..But also set to play K.C. Cheifs and then Denver after a bye week?
    Palmer plays two significantly worse team in their own division! He has a chance to get thing in order playing K.C. which IMO should be a win for Oakland, they get a week to rest(their bye week) and them he plays Denver-who just got rid of Loyd to the Rams, so that’s one more ball catcher that Tom tebow doesn’t have to look for….?

    I’m not saying i see them late in the play-off’s, but Carson Palmer with a breath of fresh air…? Getting that Cinnci stank off of him…? I’d hate to see him on point after Cincci feeling like Cory Dillon did after he was finnally able to get the stank of Cincci off of him…? & playing to really crap-ass teams like Denver and K.C. with a bye week in between…..?

    Thing’s may start looking really good for Palmer? & Bad for our pick if they’re starting off on the run & sitting at 6-2 after Denver and in the lead of their division?

  6. Pats Gnome says:

    Awful trade by the Raiders. I do not believe this trade will change the balance of power between the Patriots and Raiders. The Bengals received the best out of this trade. If the Bengals use the draft picks correctly the balance of power in the AFC will change in their favor.

    • DWE says:

      No doubt! Both Wide-Out A.J. Green and “The Ginger” Dalton at QB are both in the running for rookie of the year.
      They trade Mr. +/- 12 million off their books and only pay the rookie substancially less,(who’s doing great by the way) & at the same time they get a free 1st rounder and a conditional……damb, way too hustle Cinnci!

      Carson wanted out after yet again other players were still getting arrested, doing tv shows, and just not caring. This is possable re-birth for him as well as Cincci as a whole, I think the elbow was worse than the knee but he’s got fuel in the tank and can still get er’ done, he was constently working out/never in the I’m retired stage, but the Bengles…..on top of it, they’ve already cleaned house on the issue guys already and will continue to with a cpl more.
      This is already 1/2 a whole new Team with the exception of maybe Cedric Benson and a cpl here and there, they don’t have many excuses in regards to keeping it going.

  7. cash says:

    One of he worst trades ever. At a time when many young QBs are doing well, you give up a first rd pick and a 2nd!!!! maybe a 1st!! I honestly feel bad for the fans. Palmer hasnt done anything the last couple years. Hes OK but not worth that. I dont even know how this negotion went down? The bengals prob would have taken a 3rd rounder and another late rounder. Theres no way there were multple teams bidding for him. They didnt have a 1st rd pick last year, arent going to have one next year, and maybe the year after. not looking good for the future.
    I guess Al Davis is still getting it done from the grave!!

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