Patriots Roster Continues to Churn

Danny Aiken Patriots

Welcome to the Patriots Danny - sorry about the picture.

After some surprising cuts and a potentially great signing, one might expect the Patriots front office to rest on their laurels. That certainly wasn’t the case today, as New England continued to assemble the best 53-man roster possible.

Long-snapper James Dearth, recently signed to replace Matt Katula, was himself let go to make room for former Bills player Danny Aiken.

Aiken, a rookie from Virginia, is a very athletic snapper that has the ability to make some plays down the field as well as block. Bill Belichick loves having a snapper that isn’t a liability on the line or in tackling.

Steve Maneri was released to create space for newly-signed offensive lineman Brian Waters. Maneri’s athleticism and swing-tackle ability made him a good depth play for the Patriots, but three offensive tackles seems to be enough for the team at this point.

For the practice squad, the Patriots are expected to sign former sixth-round DE Markell Carter, as well as UDFA’s Alex Silvestro and Aaron Lavarias. Ross Ventrone is also expected to make the squad.

One addition to the practice squad from another team is Nick McDonald – who was mentioned here by that punk Bob McGinn (we kid) that beat us out in the Top 100 competition for the 2011 NFL Draft.

One name initially thought headed to the practice squad was tight end Will Yeatman. That ended when the Miami Dolphins reportedly put in a claim for his services.


15 Responses to “Patriots Roster Continues to Churn”

  1. JMC says:

    Stephen Spach (TE) got cut by the Cardinals and inside (slot) CB Joselio Hanson, formally of the Eagles, is still available.

  2. Ratzalot says:

    A great low-risk pick-up by the Patriots with very high potential. Danny Aiken was the projected top long snapper of the 2011 NFL Draft although undrafted. Hopefully he can live up to being the career long snapper Jake Ingram was supposed to be.

  3. Bill says:

    Stop churning the roster and start spinning the roster.

    I’m now disillusioned over what has transpired since I began posting on the nepatriotsdraft web site in March/April.

    This is clearly a franchise with too many foot soldiers being allowed to audible decisions from the generals and not enough generals demanding the foot soilders obey orders!

    Every new sneaker becomes an old sneaker and needs to be replaced. Every new sock becomes an old sock and needs to be replaced.

    I think every member of the Pat’s draft team needs to be replaced. And I think the old owner needs to be replaced as well.

    • Billy C. says:

      Well that means that you want Bill Belichik gone because he has final say in the draft process and the old owner has given you three Super Bowls. How soon we forget!

    • TD says:

      What you talkin bout Willis?

      He picked up a possible starting RG, got rid of 2 ineffective, costly safeties, #6 WR, #3&4 TE out of college, 4th OT, etc, etc.

      He has rebuilt the D & Off thru draft and FA’s the past 2 years and will be competing for the Lombardi.

    • Liam says:

      Whoa, you’re a hard guy to satisfy! 14-2 wasn’t good enough for you? Dude this is an elite team, with elite decision makers. Just because you disagree with some decisions doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I’d take Bill’s opinion oveer yours any day of the week, no offense.

  4. qwerty says:

    I’d rather not see any of the waived players go to teams we face twice a year. Nice that Sanders and Merriweather went to NFC.

    • Bill says:

      I agree.

      I’m also interested in the Thursday night game between the Packers and the Saints. If the Saints lose that game(and I believe they will), they will likely experience a losing year which will give the Pat’s a early to mid first round 2012 draft pick.

      • John says:

        even if they lose i really doubt they’ll have a losing year with the talent on that roster although i really hope they do

      • qwerty says:

        YES, they are the other team to watch this year and root to lose. glad you reminded me.

      • Ken W says:

        the worst record I could see for the saints would be 10-6 barring a major injury like Brees. I will say 11-5 for them this year so a number 25-30 draft pick is most likely.

        • Ken W says:

          plus the number 32 pick from us, not to bad just where bill likes to pick end of the first and maybe trade down and get more 2nd’s.

        • JMC says:

          Saints have a great team, no doubt, but they are in a division with two other legit playoff contenders. Even with 10 wins they could miss the playoffs and then their draft pick will be (highest) # 16.

      • Ratzalot says:

        I’m not so bold to forecast a “losing” season for the Saints, but I do sense a team in decline.

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