In the Film Room: Florida State vs Oklahoma

Ryan Broyles NFL Draft

Ryan Broyles is a legitimate NFL receiver - right now.

A matchup of two top five teams always promises to be fun to watch – and also have a few good NFL Draft prospects to scout. The game between Florida State and Oklahoma didn’t disappoint, but some the prospects certainly did.

We previewed some of the top players earlier this week.

#85 Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma
-Snatching the ball out of the air.
-Showing good moves after the catch.
-Running precise routes.
-Makes tough catch, converting first down. Clutch play.
-Isn’t flashing anything amazing, but seems to do everything very well.
-Looks like an ideal slot receiver.

#61 Ben Habern, OC, Oklahoma
-Getting good push in run game.
-Locks up on linebacker, getting to 2nd level when asked.
-Very consistent, rarely letting his man sniff the ball carrier.
-Effective cut block.
-Dominating Bradham at the 2nd level.
-Got pushed back on bull rush, but re-set and held ground.
-Good positioning on sweep, walling man off.

#12 Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
-Showing good arm strength.
-Accurate start, 6/6.
-Still not a great decision maker with pressure.
-Panics and ends up with interception on tipped ball.
-Incredible touch on deep ball.
-Good decision throwing ball away at goal-line.
-Fumbled shotgun snap.
-Has to see that pressure coming and step up.
-Poor decision throwing into double pressure.
-Needs to look off safety, stared down out-and-up, ended with interception.
-Doesn’t recognize coverage and makes poor read.
-Hung ball up way too high, but hit Stills for long TD.
-Threw the ball late, off back foot.
-Didn’t have a very good night – will take a hit in our Top 50.

#5 Greg Reid, CB, Florida State
-Tweaked leg on tackle.
-Back in the game.
-Doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of looks his way.
-Beat on deep TD pass, couldn’t make up separation and get a hand on the ball.
-Not extremely decisive on returns.

#13 Nigel Bradham, OLB, Florida State
-Fantastic interception on tipped ball.
-Tough time sticking with running backs in coverage.
-Takes a dumb personal foul penalty.
-Takes a dumb taunting/personal foul penalty.
-Can’t get off block from Habern.

#49 Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State
-Lazy in pursuit, cost his team 3-4 yards.
-Stoned on pass rush, tried power/speed conversion.
-Good timing on blitz – quick first step.
-Delivers a big hit, stopping ball-carrier cold.
-Ankle tackle on RB, showing good awareness.
-Quick first step isn’t translating to pressure tonight.

Others who flashed:

#28 Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma
Lewis was a surprise active player for the Sooners. We’ll give him another week or two to be 100% before we start grading him.

#21 Tom Wort, LB, Oklahoma
Always around the ball – Wort looks like he will be the real deal. He is a 2013/2014 NFL Draft prospect.

#95 Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State
Has only played football for a couple of years, shows a preternatural feel for line play. Werner might have been the best player on the field today. Another 2013/2014 NFL Draft prospect.

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2 Responses to “In the Film Room: Florida State vs Oklahoma”

  1. Dan says:

    I’m a big fan of Broyles, and I was hoping he came out last year the Pats would consider him. I think he’s the type of receiver that fits our system; not to mention he’s very talented.

    I watched most the game and ended up being blown away by Stills…that kid is amazing. I realize he won’t turn pro…can’t turn pro, but he’s going to be a star.

  2. iceman says:

    Greg Reid is usually a great KR. He didn’t bring his A game tonight. Tom Wort looked great. He is a former All-Stater from RI.

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