Patriots vs Lions: Halftime Thoughts

Lets all take a collective deep breath, alright? Okay. It’s one half of one preseason game and the Patriots utter dominance couldn’t continue forever.

Obviously there were a lot of negatives to take away from this 30:00 of football, but believe it or not, there were a lot of positives as well.


Quarterback: other than the late interception and underthrow to Welker, Brady looked fine. Anyone that’s criticizing Brady after this game is splitting hairs. The fact is he was left with very very little time.

Running back: Woodhead has looked really impressive this preseason, no? He’s a killer on screen passes and his elusiveness has been out of control. It was funny to see Woodhead get a carry on third and two. Danny Woodhead: short yardage back. Green-Ellis didn’t look great, but for the most part he was getting positive yardage, which is nice to see.

Wide receiver: three catches, 71 yards, all by Wes Welker. Brady just didn’t have time to throw to his outside receivers. The Lions pass rush looked Patriots-esque.

Tight end: I say this every week, but on the first drive, Hernandez was lined up at WR and he looked like Taylor Price. Hernandez was a star in this game with one handed catches and some nifty moves on his 14 yard reception.

Offensive line: Lets just hope we can chalk this up to Solder and Ohrnberger getting more work than usual + a very good Lions defensive line. Brady had very little time in the pocket and really couldn’t do Tom Brady-things. Lets look at this as a good thing, shall we? The Patriots aren’t perfect and they can’t get cocky. I wouldn’t mind seeing Solder getting looks at RG, especially if Connolly’s injury is serious.


Defensive line: I didn’t see them out there, did you? Wait you did? Really?! No pressure on the QB at all. Stafford had all the time in the world and he was able to make really nice throws. Same went for Shaun Hill after Stafford came out. This is a decent offensive line, but should not look nearly this good. I really would have liked to have seen Haynesworth and Ellis on the field.

Linebackers: Mayo was in on a lot of plays, but actually seemed to have some trouble in coverage. The Pats are extremely shallow right now at linebacker with Spikes and Fletcher out. Most of the time the Pats were going with two linebackers, which gives a lot more responsibility to Mayo and Guyton.

Defensive backs: I’ll say it, Arrington looked terrible outside of his one sack. He was hesitant tackling again and he was beat for two touchdowns. Butler looked better than Arrington today, but that’s really not saying much. Butler is kind of a “anything it takes” kind of CB, which means a lot of penalties. Butler’s going to have to be careful to not get a reputation. We got a lot of looks from Sanders and Meriweather tonight, neither stood out. Chung played well in limited time.

Special Teams: Edelman looked a lot better on his one KR than Tate did on his two, right? I think with all the WRs it’s going to come down to Tate vs. Slater for a roster spot. Tate needs to show a lot more in this next half on offense. Gostkowski was drilling his kickoffs.

Other notes:

-Patriots were getting beat and beat BAD on screen. Two linebacker sets will do that.
-McCourty was a victim of really nice throws and really nice routes from WRs. A lot of optimists out there about McCourty, so I will say this: he made a couple nice plays, I would have liked to have seen three or four if he’s going to be considered elite.
-Jerome Harrison is a nice sleeper pick for your Fantasy leagues.
-I can’t help but like Matthew Stafford and most of this Lions team, I hope Suh doesn’t ruin that for me.
-My Chinese food was great, thanks for asking.


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