2011 Pre-Season NFL Power Rankings

2011 NFL Power Rankings

How long will Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hold on to the "championship belt" in our NFL Power Rankings?

This year, instead of coming up with the NFL Power Rankings ourselves, we’ve decided to take advantage of the wisdom of groups.

Each week, we’ll tabulate the Power Rankings from BuffaloBillsDraft.com, MiamiDolphinsDraft.com, NYJetsDraft.com, and from Doug Kyed here at NEPD.

Here are the results for the pre-season, with high and low numbers in parentheses. Comments and notes appear below.

The Elite

1. Green Bay Packers (1,1)
2. New England Patriots (2,4)
3. Philadelphia Eagles (2,4)
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (3,5)
5. Baltimore Ravens (3,6)
6. Atlanta Falcons (6,7)
7. New York Jets (5,12)
8. Indianapolis Colts (8,10)

The Contenders

9. New Orleans Saints (8,13)
10. San Diego Chargers (8,13)
11. Houston Texans (7,14)
12. Tampa Bay Bucs (10,15)
13. Detroit Lions (8,19)
14. Kansas City Chiefs (11,19)
15. New York Giants (11,18)
16. St. Louis Rams (11,21)

The Pretenders

17. Oakland Raiders (14,20)
18. Chicago Bears (12,21)
19. Dallas Cowboys (16,23)
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (16,25)
21. Arizona Cardinals (18,26)
22. Seattle Seahawks (19,24)
23. Minnesota Vikings (15,27)
24. Miami Dolphins (17,28)

The 2012 NFL Mock Draft Watchers

25. San Francisco 49ers (22,29)
26. Cleveland Browns (24,28)
27. Tennessee Titans (25,29)
28. Carolina Panthers (24,29)
29. Denver Broncos (26,30)
30. Buffalo Bills (26,31)
31. Cincinnati Bengals (30,31)
32. Washington Redskins (32,32)

Ethan Hammerman of NYJetsDraft.com on picking Carolina 24th – “I have Carolina a bit higher than most. I honestly think that they could be a sleeper in the long-term. Cam Newton has a lot of weapons and key pieces around him to help ease his transition into the NFL, and the defense is much better than people seem to think. They won’t make the playoffs this year, but they could find themselves out of the top 10 when it is time for the 2012 NFL Draft.”

Doug Kyed of NEPD on slating Arizona 26th – “The Cardinals might have automatically gotten better by replacing Derek Anderson, Max Hall, Richard Bartel and John Skelton with Kevin Kolb, but the rest of the NFC West got better and more experienced as well. Arizona may miss Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tim Hightower and Steve Breaston more than they think.

Matthew Elder of BuffaloBillsDraft.com on the Texans ranking 7th – “The Texans had one heck of a draft this past April, and are considered by many to be a team on the rise. We not only see them as a team on rise, but as a team that will arrive this winter. We expect the Texans to not only make the playoffs, but win the AFC South, and potentially make a run deep into the

Brandon Femia of MiamiDolphinsDraft.com on the Eagles coming in 4th – “Now, most people might think that they aren’t “too low” at number 4. However, I have seen many publications declaring them the sure fire best team in the league and favorite to take home their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history. Everyone knows about the moves the Eagles have made this offseason. All that has been talked about is how they are building a “Dream Team”, ala the Miami Heat in the NBA this past season (and last time I checked, they didn’t win the title).

However in my opinion, the Eagles are still a team with glaring holes. Their offensive line still is a big question mark, and when you have a QB that plays the way Michael Vick does, that is not a good thing. Getting Jamaal Jackson back and inserting rookie Danny Watkins will only help, but will it be enough? I am not saying the Eagles won’t be a good or even a great team. My only point is that I think its a bit too early to crown them.

And even if I wasn’t involved in the actual rankings, my thoughts on the initial 2011 NFL Power Rankings.

Ranked Too High:
Detroit at 13 – Until Matt Stafford stays healthy for a full season, no way I’m putting them in the top half.

Oakland at 17 – Nope.

Ranked Too Low:
St. Louis Rams at 16 – I see them walking away with the NFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs at 14 – They are the vogue pick to take a step back, but I see them with a winning record, even with their tough schedule.

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