Patriots Rookies Signing Contracts

Patriots Rookie Contracts

Markell Carter was the first Patriot draft pick to sign.

Here is the current signing status of the players that the New England Patriots drafted in 2011.

Nate Solder (OT, Colorado) – Signed 4-year deal. ($8.54m salary, $4.7m bonus)
Ras-I Dowling (CB, Virginia) – Signed 4-year deal.
Shane Vereen (RB, Cal) – Signed 4-year deal.
Stevan Ridley (RB, LSU) – Signed 4-year deal. ($2.95m salary, 648k bonus)
Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas) – Signed 4-year deal. ($2.2m salary, 650k bonus)
Marcus Cannon (OL, TCU) – Signed 4-year deal.
Lee Smith (TE, Marshall) – Signed 4-year deal. ($174k bonus)
Markell Carter (OLB, C. Arkansas) – Signed 4-year deal.
Malcolm Williams (CB, TCU) – Signed 4-year deal.

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5 Responses to “Patriots Rookies Signing Contracts”

  1. Lex says:

    Hey Bill, What`s happening with Nate ??

  2. cash says:

    ridley just signed…. and he tweeted about it, his own contract. Thats a no-no in BB land.

    • Ryan says:

      He didn’t mention anything but saying he wanted to sign and get to work. Not like he was mentioning numbers.

  3. iceman says:

    Malcolm Williams went to TCU. I hope we can lock up Vereen, Solder and Dowling early. Haynesworth? I don’t know what to think about that.

  4. Liam says:

    What? Fat Albert? Didn’t that coming AT ALL!!

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