2012 NFL Draft Watchlist: Kenny Tate

Kenny Tate NFL Draft Patriots

Can Kenny Tate become Rodney Harrison 2.0?

Back before this whole NFL lockout thing started, Kenny Tate decided to stay in school for one more college season – here are your last chances to see him play before the 2012 NFL Draft.

An opening day (9/5) matchup against Miami, a Notre Dame game (11/12) being played in FedEx Field, and a Homecoming game against Clemson (10/15) are all good games to check on Tate’s skills.

Why you should watch him:
You can read our full scouting report on Kenny Tate here, but the gist of it is that you won’t see another prospect quite like Tate. After an All-ACC year as a safety, the Terrapins new coach decided to move him to outside linebacker for the coming season.

Tate certainly has the size (6-4/220) to play either position, but I think he might be similar to a Patriot that many fans hold dear.

Why the Patriots need him:
Rodney Harrison was incredible playing the “Big Nickel” safety position during his tenure in Foxboro. Locking up tight-ends, supporting the run, and generally being a menace was what Harrison did.

The Patriots need three quality safeties to utilize their entire defensive playbook and either James Sanders (contract, low-ceiling) or Brandon Meriweather (mistakes on and off the field) might not be around in 2012-or 2011 for that matter.

Tate has the size, skills, and mentality to try and be that guy here for the Patriots.


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  1. Coach Bill says:

    See ya later Meriweather!

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