Open Thread: Top 20 Players

By popular demand, our open-thread today will be coming up with a community “Big Board”, or a Top 20 player list in this case. Each commenter can make a list of the Top 20 players they think the Patriots should draft.

No player is exempt – if you think Patrick Peterson should be the pick, then slot him in at #1.

Players in your list will be given a number of points inverse to their position in your list. For example, your #1 player will receive 20 points, while your #20 player will receive 1 point.

In order to determine the community rankings, we’ll have somebody total up the results and post them here before the draft starts.

Instead of starting things out, consider our Top 100 Players list as our entry.

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45 Responses to “Open Thread: Top 20 Players”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    Very surprised how many people rate Brooks Reed so high, it will be interesting to see where GM’s value him during the first 2 days of draft.

  2. Ken W says:

    o yah and…

    Bobby Orr- 2
    Larry Bird- 1

  3. Ken W says:

    here are the ones I totaled:

    Robert Quinn- 226
    JJ Watt- 225
    Cameron Jordan- 209
    Aldon Smith- 197
    Anthony Castonzo- 178
    Prince Amukamara- 176
    Von Miller- 154

  4. Jeff says:

    Here’s your likely top 3 so far:

    1) Peterson – 301
    2) Dareus – 295
    3) Green – 282

  5. Jeff says:

    1 – Marcell Dareus
    2 – Patrick Peterson
    3 – AJ Green
    4 – Robert Quinn
    5 – Julio Jones
    6 – Cam Jordan
    7 – JJ Watt
    8 – Mo Wilkerson
    9 – Aldon Smith
    10 – Ryan Kerrigan
    11 – Cam Heyward
    12 – Anthony Castanzo
    13 – Prince Amukumara
    14 – Mike Pouncey
    15 – Mark Ingram
    16 – Nate Solder
    17 – Gabe Carimi
    18 – Corey Liuget
    19 – Jabaal Sheard
    20 – Brooks Reed
    I would’ve included Justin Houston until his incident this week.

  6. CC says:

    Go for it!

  7. NEPD says:

    Anybody want to total these up? (#1 = 20pts, #2 = 19pts, etc…)

  8. Ray says:

    1. OLB Von Miller
    2. DE Marcell Dareus
    3. CB Patrick Peterson
    4. WR AJ Green
    5. WR Julio Jones
    6. CB Prince Amukamura
    7. OLB Robert Quinn
    8. OT Anthony Castonzo
    9. DE JJ Watt
    10. DE Cameron Jordan
    11. OLB Ryan Kerrigan
    12. OG Mike Pouncey
    13. OT Nate Solder
    14. DE Mo Wilkerson
    15. OT Derek Sherrod
    16. OG Danny Watkins
    17. CB Brandon Harris
    18. WR Torrey Smith
    19. OLB Brooks Reed
    20. S Marcus Gilchrist
    21. HB Shane Vereen

  9. Ryan Buske says:

    However, the thought that has kept me up this late before a law school final is this for those daring enough to answer such a scrupulus question.

    How do you rank these players? Or Who do you take, and why?
    Julio Jones
    Cam Jordan
    JJ Watt
    T. Smith
    P. Amukumura
    A. Smith
    R. Quinn

    Because I think if the Patriots should move up to 10. At least ONE of those guys will be there if not MORE.

    • Pete says:

      1. Dareus DE
      2. Peterson CB
      3. Green WR
      4. Quinn OLB
      5. Miller OLB
      6. T. Smith OT
      7. Fairely DE
      8. Amukamura CB
      9. Jordan DE
      10. Wilkerson DE
      11. Watt DE
      12. A. Smith OLB
      13. Jones WR
      14. Castonzo OT
      15. Sherrod OT
      16. Wilson OLB
      17. Heyward DE
      18. Carimi OT/OG
      19. Houston OLB
      20. Kerrigan OLB

  10. j says:

    If you think Brooks Reed is going in the first round, you’re out of your mind! Parcells had him as a 4th rounder.

    AJ Green
    Patrick Peterson
    Marcel Dareus
    Von Miller
    Cameron Jordan
    Ryan Kerrigan
    Cam Newton
    JJ Watt
    Nick Fairley
    Aldon Smith
    Julio Jones
    Mark Ingram
    Robert Quinn
    D’Quan Bowers
    Mike Pouncey
    Tyron Smith
    Anthony Castonzo
    Nate Solder
    Blaine Gabbert
    Corey Liuget

  11. CC says:

    So you think the Pat’s are gonna jump into the #1 slot and grab Dareus then huh?????

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Before you go all crazy, I’d like to stick up for myself by saying that directions were not clear at best. I picked the 20 best players for the Patriots, REGARDLESS if they were to pick them or have the opportunity to choose that player or not. If the directions would have said…20 players MOST LIKELY for the Patriots to choose, then yes my draft would not include, Peterson, Dareus, Green, Quinn, etc. Therefore, to me at least, it seems like there was some ambiguity in the language.

    • Rossco FTC says:

      Hey you never know right what if Carolina just dosn’t like Newton or any of the top five guy’s and want’s to do the smart thing and trade back to pick up some extra picks. Maybe Denver, dosn’t wan’t them either and we can put together something that works.That dosn’t kill are whole draft!! But then again BB didn’t do it for “Suh” and he’s 10 to 20 times better then Dareus but you never know because we ain’t BB!!

  12. Ken W says:

    Whoever doesn’t have Marcell Dareus #1 there board shouldn’t count. ; )

    • CC says:

      Thing’s/Thought’s are a bit off I would say. Although it did say at the top of the thread ” Player’s we think the Patriot’s should Draft”? BUT…………..
      So are we saying any at any pick period? Or only at what we currently have? Are we saying with an assumption of what’s left at our numbered pick when we are on the clock before and or after a trade from us and or another team? Are we saying just in general that would fit better as a whole ( I’d like to see that guy in our uniform……even if there isn’t a shot in hell that we can actually get them or not?
      Eh’, o.k. Sure Now I’ll take Marcell Darues………….But there is also no way in hell Billy Boy is gonna give up what it would take to snag him is he?
      I figured there would be a little confusion on list definition myself…….
      Whatever right! That’s why I simply fused together a 20 person list of “REALISTIC” favorite’s at each possition needed, and also spread the possition’s out, so that no matter what possition they happened to pick, and no matter what round, these are for me “REALISTIC” if they are going to pick for that possition….this is who i’d like to see fill that possition.
      AGAIN semi realistic.

      ***Other wise:
      l’ll just take Both T. Smith and Anthony Castonzo as my two new OT’s and I’ll Take D. Watkin’s and Mike Pouncey as my two new Guard’s(Brady is protected nicely) and then I’ll take
      Quinn And Jordan as my two new DE’s, then I’ll take Julio jones and A.J. Green as my 2 new wide out’s? and simply trade the other three lower semi-usless pick’s to whomever wanted them for next year & for whatever they felt like giving me. : )

      Just not feasable.

  13. Steve B says:

    1. Marcell Dareus
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Robert Quinn
    4. A.J. Green
    5. Von Miller
    5. Cam Jordon
    6. J.J. Watt
    7. Julio Jones
    8. Prince Amukamara
    9. Anthony Castonzo
    10. Tyron Smith
    11. Muhammad Wilkerson
    12. Ryan Kerrigan
    13. Gabe Carimi
    14. Mike Pouncey
    15. Jabaal Sheard
    16. Cameron Heyward
    17. Corey Liuget
    18. Derek Sherrod
    19. Brooks Reed
    20. Mark Ingram

  14. AM says:

    To clarify, these are my top 20 choices for the Patriots to pick, not the overall top 20 players on “my board:”

    1. Cameron Jordan
    2. Robert Quinn
    3. Cameron Heyward
    4. Aldon Smith
    5. Anthony Castanzo
    6. J.J. Watt
    7. Prince Amukamara
    8. Mark Ingram
    9. Nate Solder
    10. Brooks Reed
    11. Marcus Gilbert
    12. Rodney Hudson
    13. Danny Watkins
    14. Jordan Todman
    15. Mark Herzlich
    16. Jeremy Beal
    17. Sam Acho
    18. Clint Boling
    19. John Moffitt
    20. Stefan Wisniewski

  15. Ken W says:

    1. Marcell Dareus
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Robert Quinn
    4. A.J. Green
    5. Nick Fairly
    6. J.J. Watt
    7. Cameron Jordan
    8. Prince Amukamara
    9. Anthony Castonzo
    10. Tyron Smith
    11. Muhammad Wilkerson
    12. Aldon Smith
    13. Gabe Carimi
    14. Mike Pouncey
    15. Cameron Heyward
    16. Martez Wilson
    17. Julio Jones
    18. Corey Liuget
    19. Derek Sherrod
    20. Mark Ingram

  16. Jared says:

    1. Marcell Dareus
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Nick Fairley
    4. Von Miller
    5. Tyron Smith
    6. A.J Green
    7. Aldon Smith
    8. Robert Quinn
    9. Prince Amukamara
    10. Cam Jordan
    11. Julius jones
    12. J.J Watt
    13. Anthony Costanzo
    14. Mike Pouncey
    15. Muhammed Wilkerson
    16. Ryan Kerrigan
    17. Gabe Carimi
    18. Nate Solder
    19. Mark Ingram
    20. Corey Luiget

    Some of us have a different idea on a Big-board, a big board is a list of the players who you would take if they were available in an ordered draft…like, real life. Half of the list syou guys made were sort of “wish lists”, which are more fun to put together. Your OWN top 20 that YOU want the Pats to take…

    • Jared says:

      Patriots 20-40 Big Board.

      1. Derek Sherrod
      2. Da-quan Bowers
      3. Cameron Heyward
      4. Danny Watkins
      5. Akeem Ayers
      6. Adrian Clayborne
      7. Greg Little
      8. Martez Wilson
      9. Ryan Williams
      10. Mikel Leshoure
      11. Aaron Williams
      12.Jimmy Smith
      13 Justin Houston
      14. Jabaal Sheard
      15. Ras-I Dowling
      16. Torrey Smith
      17. Brooks Reed
      18. James Carpenter
      19. Brandon Harris
      20. Bruce Carter

  17. Chris says:

    1. Marcel dareus
    2. Patrick peterson
    3. Aj green
    4. Nick fairley
    5. Robert quinn
    6. Julio jones
    7. Aldon smith
    8. Jj watt
    9. Cameron jordan
    10. Ryan kerrigan
    11. Muhammed wilkerson
    12. Anthony costanzo
    13. Prince amukamura
    14. Mike pouncey
    15. Mark ingram
    16. Brooks reid
    17. Gabe carimi
    18. Phil taylor
    19. Da’quan bowers
    20. Justin houston

  18. prioris says:

    I think the drafts after first couple or so are more correct. I don’t expect Ingram to go in first round so no RB in top 20.

  19. Rossco FTC says:

    1. M. Dareus DL,
    2. AJ. Green WR,
    3. P. Peterson CB/KR
    4. N. Fairley DL,
    5. A. Smith Hyb/DL/LB
    6. C. Jordon DL/ LB
    7. M. Austin DL
    8. R. Quinn Hyb DL/LB
    9. D. Bowers DL
    10. JJ .Wyatt DL
    11. A. Constanzo OL,
    12. T. Smith OL
    13. J. Smith CB
    14. M. Wilkerson DL
    15. P. Amukamura CB,
    16. R. Kerrigan DL/LB
    17. J. Houston. DL/LB
    18. M. Ingram RB,
    19. P. Taylor NT,
    20. C. Heyward DL,

  20. Dan says:

    Not a lot of love for Cam Newton, eh?

  21. CANADA says:

    1. A.J Green, WR, Georgia, 6-4, 210lbs
    2. Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M, 6-3, 246lbs
    3. Marcell Dareus, DE/DT/NT, Alabama, 6.4, 318lbs
    4. Patrick Peterson, CB/S, LSU, 6-0, 219lbs
    5. Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri, 6-5, 263lbs
    6. Nick Fairley, DT/DE, Auburn, 6-5, 298lbs
    7. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama, 6-4, 220lbs
    8. Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina, 6-4, 265lbs
    9. Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri, 6-5, 235lbs
    10. Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado, 6-3, 210lbs
    11. Tyron Smith, OT, USC, 6-5, 307lbs
    12. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska, 6-1, 208lbs
    13. J.J Watt, DE/DT, Wisconsin, 6-6, 290lbs
    14. Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, California, 6-4, 287lbs
    15. Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin, 6-7, 314lbs
    16. Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson, 6-4, 275lbs
    17. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama, 5-9, 215lbs
    18. Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue, 6-4, 274lbs
    19. Jake Locker, QB, Washington, 6-3, 236lbs
    20. Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor, 6-4, 310lbs

    • Jon L. says:

      I like your rankings here except I think that Newton should at least be number 20. I certainly don’t think that Newton should be in the top 10 though.

    • Ken W says:

      I won’t touch Von Miller with a 20 foot pole. BUST waiting to happen.

  22. CC says:

    1/. S. Wisnniewski C Penn State
    2/. P. Taylor DL Baylor
    3/. M Wilkerson DL Temple
    4/. A. Castonzo OT Boston College
    5/. G. Carimi OT Wisconsin
    6/. M Pouncey OG/C Florida
    7/. J Moffitt OG Wisconsin
    8/. D Watkins OG Baylor
    9/. Aldon SMith DE Missouri
    10/. JJ Watt DE Wisconsin
    11/. M Herzlich OLB Boston College
    12/. J Houston OLB Georgia
    13/. Amad Black S/S Florida
    14/. G Salas S/S Hawaii
    15/. Rahim Moore F/S UCLA
    16/. Qiuntion Carter F/S Oaklahoma
    17/. J Todman RB Conneticut
    18/. DeMarco Murry RB Oaklahoma
    19/. L Hankerson WIDE OUT Miami-FL.
    20/. D Sanzenbacer WR Ohio State(SLOT)
    *21/. E. Gates WR Ablen Christian(SLOT)

    In no particular order:
    2 pick’s for each possition needed for an upgrade or replacement.
    C, DL, OT, OG, DE, OLB, S/S, F/S, RB & WR.

    *(had to add a second slott receiver in there, Sanzenbacer just produced way too much to not put him on the list)

    • Ryan Buske says:

      I wanted to but I didn’t add M. Herzlich to my list. I was watching his game versus Virgina on youtube, you have got to see it, if you haven’t. I hope we get him.

      • CC says:

        Even barring the whole beating cancer thing and setting that specific completely aside.
        Herzrlich just seem’s to have a little of that Tedy Bruschi in him too me. Not saying he’s big enough & that he’ll be literally the next coming of Tedy B. and make just as big of mark’s and stat’s, but he’s just got that sytle about him.
        I think even though there may be obvious better choices in specific size or initial talent or even guy’s that seemingly have a bit more of an agression streak etc. that we’d all love too have, but as a whole I think he’s a guy that can cleary bring an all around edge to the team that they don’t have and couple it together. Other than production from himself, but also finding little deficiencies and help other’s combat them, coaching it up a bit and motivate em’ more.
        I think he’d be a great asset.

        • Ryan Buske says:

          I think if he had another year to play, he would have MUCH better stats. The year after an injury is always tough. I think being on the Patriots would allow him to grow, and I already think he acts and plays like a Patriot would. To me, its a no brainer, he needs to be a Patriots.

  23. Ryan Buske says:

    1 M. Dareus
    2 P. Peterson
    3 A. Smith
    4 A. Green
    5 P. Amukamura
    6 J. Watt
    7 T. Smith
    8 J. Jones
    9 C. Jordan
    10 R. Quinn
    11 M Wilkerson
    12 A Constanzo
    13 M. Ingram
    14 N. Solder
    15 J. Smith
    16 V. Miller
    17 G. Carimi
    18 D Bowers
    19 M. Pouncey
    20 B. Reed

  24. Bill S says:

    1 Marcell Dareus
    2 Patrick Peterson
    3 AJ Green
    4 Robert Quinn
    5 Nick Fairley
    6 Julio Jones
    7 Aldon Smith
    8 Von Miller
    9 Tyron Smith
    10 Prince Amikamara
    11 JJ Watt
    12 Cam Jordan
    13 Mo Wilkerson
    14 Gabe Carimi
    15 Anthony Castonzo
    16 Corey Luiget
    17 Mike Pouncey
    18 Ryan Kerrigan
    19 Mikel Leshoure
    20 Cameron Hayward

  25. Ryan Buske says:

    So this about the players the Patriots “should” take? Or about the players most like the Patriots “will” take. So do we get points based on where the fall in the draft, or based on if the Patriots take them?

  26. The Hooded 1 says:

    1) M Dareus DL
    2) P Peterson CB
    3) V Miller LB
    4) A Green WR
    5) R Quinn DL/LB
    6) J Jones WR
    7) P Amukamura CB
    8) N Fairley DL
    9) A Castonzo OL
    10) C Jordan DL
    11) JJ Watt DL
    12) T Smith OL
    13) A Smith DL/LB
    14) C Liuget DL
    15) R Kerrigan DL/LB
    16) M Wilkerson DL
    17) D Bowers DL
    18) M Pouncey OL
    19) N Solder OL
    20) M Ingram RB

  27. TD says:

    1 Dareus
    2 Peterson
    3 V Miller
    4 AJ Green
    5 Quinn
    6 Fairley
    7 Jordan
    8 Amukamara
    9 Heyward
    10 Kerrigan
    11 Watt
    12 A Smith
    13 Pouncey
    14 J Jones
    15 Bowers
    16 Castonzo
    17 Ingram
    18 Carimi
    19 Locker
    20 Wilkerson

  28. Bill says:

    1) Patrick Peterson

    2) AJ Green

    3) JJ Watt

    4) Anthony Castonzo

    5) Gabe Carimi

    6) Jonathan Baldwin

    7) Kyle Rudolph

    8) Mark Herzlich

    9) John Moffitt

    10) Clint Boling

    11) Sam Acho

    12) Ricky Stanzi

    13) Shane Vereen

    14) Jordan Todman

    15) Luke Stocker

    16) Kaepernick

    17) Phil Taylor

    18) Tandon Doss

    19) Bobby Orr

    20) Larry Bird

    • TD says:

      I’ll take Bird, at least he could still shoot FT’s. Orr cannot even skate anymore on those knees.

  29. Coach Bill says:

    1.Marcell Dareus
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Aldon Smith
    4. JJ Watt
    5. Cam Jordan
    6. AJ Green
    7. Julio Jones
    8. Da’Quan Bowers
    9. Anthony Castonzo
    10. Prince Amukamara
    11. Mo Wilkerson
    12. Tyron Smith
    13. Mark Ingram
    14. Cam Heyward
    15. Von Miller
    16. Gabe Carimi
    17. Danny Watkins
    18. Martez Wilson
    19. Brooks Reed
    20. Justin Houston

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