Day Two Targets for Patriots

Akeem Ayers NFL Draft

Is Akeem Ayers a possibility for the Patriots on Day Two?

After a day that saw the Patriots pick up a new offensive tackle and another 1st round pick in 2012, the Patriots chose not to pick any defensive players.

If the Patriots don’t trade down again from the 33rd pick, there is a plethora of options for the Patriots to begin restocking their defense.

Here is who we see the Patriots targeting on Day Two of the 2011 NFL Draft.

DE / Outside Linebacker-

Brooks Reed- Not a perfect prospect, but a hard-working guy with a big motor and elite agility is never a bad guy to add to your team.

Akeem Ayers- Not sure he is a great fit for the Patriots, but his playmaking ability will certainly intrigue some teams.

Chris Carter- A Fresno State pipeline pick that has been working out with Willie McGinest lately. Could be a nice pickup in the 3rd round.

Martez Wilson- More of an inside linebacker, but Wilson has the speed to create pressure from the edge.

KJ Wright/Jeremy Beal- Two sleepers that the Patriots might take a chance on late in the 3rd round.

Da’Quan Bowers- If the Patriots can check Bowers off medically long-term (he is obviously injured short-term), they might have a Rob Gronkowski situation on their hands. That said, he isn’t really a 3-4 DE or a 3-4 OLB, so the fit might not be there.

Allen Bailey- A true ‘tweener, Bailey could play the “elephant” linebacker for New England.

Defensive Line

Kenrick Ellis – A mammoth prospect from Hampton, Ellis could play the “Wilfork DE” role, allowing Vince to stay at nose.

Jarvis Jenkins – Interesting 5-tech prospect that drew the eye of Coach Belichick during the post-season.

Defensive Backs-

Brandon Harris – Very smooth corner that is a coaches dream. Will be great in run support and has improved each year.

Aaron Williams – Possible safety convert could be a hybrid defensive back for the Patriots. A definite option if they stay at 33.

Marcus Gilchrist – Another hybrid CB/S that has the football IQ that the Patriots fell in love with when they drafted Devin McCourty.

Ras-I Dowling – Physical CB/S that is adept at playing man coverage.

Offensive Linemen-

Rodney Hudson – Can play center or guard and fits well in a zone-blocking scheme. Has shown that he can bulk up to play in the NFL.

John Moffitt – Tough, powerful player that excels in the phone-booth. Can play guard for the Patriots, and is very adept at picking up blitzes.

Running Backs-

Shane Vereen – Homerun hitter that has enough power and vision to run inside as well. An ideal 3rd round target

Ryan Williams – Incredible talent, balance, and vision, but has some serious injury concerns. If he checks out medically, he’s worth a 2nd rounder.

Wide Receivers-

Leonard Hankerson – Questionable hands, but he just gets open. Could be an option in the late second round.

Torrey Smith – Incredible speed would give the Patriots another possibility as a deep-threat. Will probably go before New England can pull the trigger.


51 Responses to “Day Two Targets for Patriots”

  1. Brian says:

    In Bill we trust. Allen bailey would be a good fit

  2. JR says:

    With the 33rd pick the New England Patriots select T.R. Ade

  3. john m. says:

    I’d be the most surprised person in the world if New England used the 33rd for themselves. Not only are there teams interested in QB’s but there might be some interested in Bowers. Whatever trade they make, I hope they don’t move down too much in the 2nd round because most of the top tier prospects will be gone if they aren’t already. Evidentally the Patriots didn’t think too much of Muhammed Wilkerson like some (not all) of the so-called draft experts thought. Evidentally the Patriots didn’t think too much of Mark Ingram either. I’m giving BB and the pats the benefit of the doubt this time since they deserve an ” A+” grade for their 2010 draft. But if New England loses for a 3rd time in the opening round of the playoffs, we better all reevaluate BB’s strategy. Anything short of making the SuperBowl next year (Jan 2012) would be a major disappointment.

    • Chris says:

      they must not have thought much of cam jordan either, imagine had they stayed put they could have taken cam jordan at 17 fr there olb and muhamed wilkerson at 28 to shore up the de spot and boom instant pass rush but ive learned over the years that hes always got some plan for the future, hell who know maybe cunningham is showing huge improvment that i dont see lol “yeah right…” but who knows lol

  4. DaveDan says:

    Package the 33rd pick to stockpike another pick for 2012. Someone wants Dalton, maybe someone is willing to move up for Bowers

    The stockpiled picks could aid in after the draft trades.

    Free agent market has also not been in play yet. Some great DE and LBs available. We still have 56 and 60 this year.
    I think the Pats should seriously consider any of the likes of
    babin jenkins clabo hali and williams.

    • Chris says:

      good point on the after draft trades point you make and you can pretty much expect that 33 is going elswhere, and we will be sitting on 3 first round picks next year one of which should be in the top half of the draft

  5. AM says:

    Virtually no chance we’re going to stand pat (no pun intended) and pick at all three of these spots. But if we do, I’d go Brooks Reed, Jarvis Jenkins, and Rodney Hudson. We can’t forget the huge need at guard–no Neal and possibly no Mankins for at least half the year.

  6. Steve says:

    I wouldn’t mind Marvin Austin…the guy is a player. He’s not the typical length player they like at DT, but I feel his “value” now is very high…a steal actually.
    Also, taking Carter would be nice, if his knee is healing, and let him sit and next year have a 1st round LB to throw out there, but he’s not the typical length either, but a thought.

    • CC says:

      Austin Get’s lost alot, watching some film’s he just wasn’t the guy “making it happen”?

  7. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Give me a CB, an OG, a RB and some sort of front-seven defensive guy and I’ll be happy on day two.

    • CC says:

      Respectivlly, with the talent level and depth VS our specific need’s – it should have been expected from the get go 2B…..OT, RDE, OG, OLB in that order.

      So far they got the OT down although I’m surprised they took Solder at 17 like that. Guess they have had more time researching than I have? (LOL)
      But statistic, need and paper wise….OT 1st was the clear choice for a first pick wothout question!!

      Next would be a (R)DE and Guard (prefferably two of them), then the best 2 OLB’s left. Deffenitelly 1OLB but i’d personally like two.
      I’d like a TBC replacment from the get-go and a NINK upgrade.

      But thus far OT was smart first move.

  8. iceman says:

    Now that we have 2 first round picks next year, I would use on of them in the supplemental draft to take Janoris Jenkins. He would have been the top CB in next years draft and would be a steal to get in the supplemental. We would also still have a #1 for next year.

  9. Jeff V says:

    The talent level is not so good in the rest of this draft. Best player on the board I think is DT Marvin Austin…I dont see the Pats taking him. In fact I dont see many guys who will actually contribute to the Pats this season…which makes me wonder why not trade up and get in on the IMPACT players in the draft.

    Bill loves VALUE but VALUE doesnt always get you good football players….Darius, Chad Jackson, Ron Brace, Wheatley ect…thats VALUE = Backup players

    • Chris says:

      Because the pats arent in desperation, they arent one player from fixing there issues so why dump all your eggs in one basket, they know what they are doing just let it unfold

    • CC says:

      Well Said! Constent value = back-up, = constent playoff blow out’s and embarressment’s.
      Not so sure about the Marvin Austin call though?
      I would like to know: Where are all the “Playmaker’s” being incerted in all this current value??
      Sure can’t wait a lifetime for “all” diamond’s in the ruff.

      Hopefully with next year’s draft class we’ll finnally take another sUPERbOWL.

  10. Ray says:

    I like Reed, Carter, Beal, Bailey, Harris, A. Williams, Hudson, Moffit, Vereen and Smith from that list. I also like Marcus Gilchrist, Greg Salas and Quinton Carter as other possibilities. Pats can do some damage in the next few rounds.

    • Ray says:

      Also Roy Helu, Cliff Matthews, Cecil Shorts, Jalil Brown and Stefen Wisniewski in the 3rd and 4th rounds as well.

  11. JMC says:

    I like John Moffitt at #56- but it would sure be nice to get some defense.

  12. Philriate says:

    After last year Bill gets a pass on any picks this year. Take a chance on Bowers. Gronk had knee injury that pushed him back too, as long as their doctors ok it.

    • CC says:

      It’s the “TYPE” of knee issues he has at only 21 that’s the problem, not just the fact that he has one!

  13. Liam says:

    Trade down with Washington (Andy Dalton) and then take Justin Houston DE/OLB or Brooks Reed DE/OLB.

  14. Ryan Buske says:

    Bill I think has to have something up his sleeve. It will be funny when we get Pierre Thomas in FA, and we got their first and second round pick. Tomorrow will be very interesting to say the least. I honestly can’t wait, I really hope we get a OG or C in the second round.

    As for the DL with Shroud T. Warren Wilfork Pryor Brace Love etc, maybe Bill thinks these guys are good enough for the DL. It will be interesting no doubt.

    I’m just glad as whole that the fans aren’t dissing Solder like they were dissing McCourty last year. I can’t wait to see him play.

  15. Steve says:

    Hampton is one big dude…I wouldn’t mind seeing him added…the price is right.

    Bowers is injured, why can’t that sink in with people…injured knee…bad medical; why is that hard to grasp?

    Pats did the right thing, again…week draft for blue chip 1st round talent, so drop back to the 2nd and pick up a piece for next year…brilliant. Do the best they can with all these picks and bring in some competition….some young talent.

    I wouldn’t mind Sheard either…seems like a nice pick if he’s not that bad a kid. Certainly can get after the QB and has the size to hold his own.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      As for Bowers being injured, I believe he had surgery a few months ago. Does that mean he can’t get better, or what? I guess I’m not sure what other medical concerns there are? Care to elaborate? I would also REMIND you Bill has drafted injured players before, TATE and CRABLE etc therefore whose to say it cannot happen again.

      • Steve says:

        So, to you all injuries are the same? Obviously the guy plays a key position and was considered a top 10, if not top 5 pick before the knee; so, he dropped. What does this say about his particular medical (not Gronks or others…they are separate people and have their very own injuries with own medical reports)?
        It says that there is an issue…obviously! The rest this desperate league just passed on this big, strong, successful guy, who rushes the passer. I would gather it says his medical is not optimistic…meaning, it didn’t heal properly, or whatever…I’m not a doctor, but the way he slipped from a possible #1 to still being there in the 2nd is screaming that he has an issue…a risk.
        In your world all surgery is magic? All surgery cures everyone 100% and there’s no scar tissue or ongoing damage??? That must be a lovely fantasy world you live in.

        • Chris says:

          Players have dropped that low for less of a concern, just cause he dropped that much doesnt mean hes no good its just because this draft is so saturated at that possition that there are lower risk options,theres a good possibility that someone take a chance on him and he becomes a stelar athlete

      • CC says:

        Tate and Crable would certainly be poor example’s of a why not senerio. Never was and still not sold on Tate, and Crable………well.

        Bower’s type of knee injury at age what 21, is absolutely never a good sign. It is possable he could help a team out for a bit depending on how he is used, but is clearly no long term solution for anyone.
        Lord hope it’s not the Pat’s!
        Whom ever he signs with……He better save his money.

  16. Steve says:

    Give me Leshore somewhere near the top of the 2nd and have a very talented back, and any defensive player the Pats staff feels will help the out.
    I wouldn’t mind Reed, Bailiey or Wilson, but…or even Houston (he can smoke with Faulk & Hernadez)
    I’m not a fan of Ayers or Moore from UCLA at all…both soft.
    I like the idea of Hudson…very tough player who could help at guard also.
    I also love Cobb at WR…seems to be a fit, but may need to develop a bit…that’s alright with me…no big rush, maybe he’ll get it right away and surprise. Just reminds me of Troy Brown too much…a great thing.
    Gonna be a fun day!

    P.S. Somebody please tell me what Atlanta was thinking???

  17. LoverOfPats says:

    I like the Solder pick I jus don’t know if any good DE are left ..but I trust Bill he had to know wilkerson and heyward would be off the board if he didn’t take them with the 28th pick…so he must have a secret weapon in day 2.

    • Chris says:

      I agreed i cant complain about an almost 6’9″ 320lb left tackle to protect out mvp quarterback esspecially with all the uncertainty on the OL and im sure he has something up his sleeve. I know theres some risk involved but if they do take Mark Herzlich in the late 3rd or 4th round and he becomes 75% the player he was we will end up with a late round gem. Just gonna wait and see what happens day 2 and 3 and keep my fingers crossed 🙂

      • LoverOfPats says:

        After last year’s draft I completely trust bill and yes I wouldn’t mind takin Mark Herzlich before he got I’ll he was a projected top ten pick, he might be bill secret weapon.

  18. Ryan Buske says:

    I really dont want Ellis either especially with his off the field issues. I think we really screwed the pooch leaving Ingram, Wilkerson, Amuk, Jordan, etc on the board. That’s just my opinion. All though if they think Solder is the guy, then he must have some potential.

  19. Chris says:

    I am not saying hes a good fit but look back and you will see that the pats play 50% of there setups in sub-packages therefore he would be an “ok” fit for the pats and it really depends if he cleared medicly. I think this pick is up in the air, could be Rahim moore the safety out of ucla, could be torrey smith the wr out of maryland could be any number of people, they are clearly gonna draft on value not on need which kinda sucks in my opinion, i dont wanna make sanchez look like manning anymore its getting rediculous

  20. j says:

    D’Quan Bowers has knee issues, how do you expect him to line up in a 3-4 as an OLB and have to cover? Are some of these fans stupid, or am I dreaming? Is this real life?

    • j says:

      AND HE”S NOT A 3-4 DE!!!

      • cash says:

        Thats my concern as a fit for the pats, hes not a DE in the 3-4. But for another team who runs a 4-3 I would take him

        • common says:

          WE USE THE 4-3!!!! almost as much as the 3-4 but BB has been all about the sub-packages anyway, he could find a nice niche for bowers talents

    • B says:

      He would fit great in the sub packages BB runs and would be the most adept player to get after the QB in 3rd down situations.

  21. Ryan Buske says:

    Bowers, could be like Kindle and fall a long ways but he could be a steal. I think they are targeting Ellis and Bailey as well as Hudson and Moffit. Plenty of opportunities to make the team better tomorrow.

  22. cash says:

    I like brooks reed and bowers, I just dont know if bowers fits in a 3-4. But hes worth the risk in the 2nd rd.

    • Andrew says:

      Are you crazy? Bowers is WORTHLESS! I would cry if they picked him up. Might as well sign Vernon Gholston off of the streets…

      • cash says:

        How is he worthless? he just has a bad knee, I think he can actully play unlike gholston. Youre not taking him top 10

      • TD says:

        Yeah, but you would be bypassing other talent; he is a one year wonder, has never played OLB and has a doubtful knee.

        • common says:

          first of all in his one year he led college football in sacks and TFL, he can be played on rushing downs no prob…. also i dont know if your a true pats fan, but we play a lot of 4 man fronts

        • TD says:

          Not sure if you are a true Pat’s fan. Our DLine does not require guys to make tackles for losses and he lead the college ranks in sacks; whoopty damn do.

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