Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: QB

Ricky Stanzi Patriots Draft

Instead of a football, could Ricky Stanzi be handing off a clipboard for the Patriots in 2011?

For the next ten days, until the 2011 NFL Draft is upon us, we’ll be going over ten positions that the Patriots might look at. We’ll give you who the Patriots should choose early, late (snooze), or not at all (refuse).

Chime in with your choices in the comments section.

Choose – Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

The similarities between Stanzi and Brady are striking. Both fought through QB controversies at Big 10 schools and came out victorious against higher-touted prospects (Jake Christensen and Drew Henson). They also are two of the more competitive guys that you’ll find on a football field.

Letting Stanzi develop behind Brady for a few years for the price of a 3rd round pick seems like a good plan. He can be used as trade-bait in the future, or suit up for New England when Brady finally calls it quits.

Snooze – Greg McElroy, Alabama

Hard to say that a national-championship winning quarterback is a sleeper, but he isn’t getting a ton of NFL respect. He is a very bright kid that would be an excellent backup to Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer. If the 18-game season ever comes to pass, a decent backup will be invaluable.

Refuse – Christian Ponder, Florida State

I’ll let the Jets and Dolphins deal with Chad Pennington – quarterbacks need to have throwing arms that work, regardless of how much talent they have.


13 Responses to “Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: QB”

  1. Ray says:

    Stanzi and McElroy are the best values for the Pats if they draft a QB. But from watching Gruden’s QB Camp and getting a brief sense of their personalities and character, I believe Andy Dalton has the most promise. I would compare him to Drew Brees. Newton = Kordell Stewart, Gabbert = Leinart, Locker = B Quinn and the most interesting prospect, Mallett = Cutler.

    • Billy C. says:

      I like Dalton a lot. I think he could end up being an NFL stud. However, he’ll probably go late first to mid second and we won’t spend such an early pick on him. Unless we’re drafting a quarterback in the last few rounds as a developmental project, I say we stay the course with Brady and Hoyer and think about a quarterback prospect to groom Brady in another two to three years.

  2. kevin says:

    hoyer works for now. If we want to trade him next year lets pick up another qb in the 6th or seventh round.

  3. Bruschi54 says:

    I like Stanzi, but there is no way that he makes it past 3rd round with all the teams looking for QB help. Pats hopefully filling either OL, RB or WR depth in 3rd round. McElroy is interesting if available in 6th round, smart proven winner.
    Absolute refuse on Mallett at any point, just listening to how he missed his workout with Carolina 2 days ago(no show). If he does not care now, can you imagine after he has some cash in his pocket, worked out pretty well for JaMarcus and the Raiders!

  4. Jared says:

    Snooze all together…..keep bringing them in for workouts, it looks good for the picks they are going to trade. I would bet my house that they trade at least one of their first 3 picks to a team for a quarterback.
    If they choose one, it will be someone no higher than the 4th round in my opinion. Belichick has had too much success with Brady, Cassel, and Hoyer who were 6th,7th, and Hoyer being undrafted.
    I feel like after the year Tom Brady had last year, we are still about 5 years away from having to replace him. So if you are one of the people that thinks this may be the year to find the next Tom Brady, in the first or second round….you would be potentially weakening Bradys’ chances for another ring by taken a good player that would play every Sunday away from him, or the defense, which is in more need of talent. To draft a QB in the top 50 and make him sit there for 5 years….doesn’t sound like that would be a move that would be… “best for the team”-as Bill would say.

  5. Bill says:

    I agree. Draft Stanzi.

    What the Pat’s have been attempting to do with QB draft selections since 2002 is to develop talent into a trade commodity, not Brady’s replacement.
    The Pat’s attempted to do that with the QB from LSU(I’ve forgotten his name) He was on the Pat’s roster for a few years, they showcased him in the European football league. He was a waste of time and effort on the Pat’s agenda to develop a tradeable QB commodity.

    Matt Cassel proved to be a moderate success. His development took way, way too long and a Brady injury for any tangible trade benefits. And the his contract limited the Pat’s to a franchise tag to trade him.

    Hoyer is interesting as a trade commodity(next year). I believe Hoyer will benefit the Pat’s, in a trade, more than Cassell. That’s why the Pat’s should draft Stanzi as a back-up QB to Brady knowing Hoyer will be traded to an NFC team for a late first round pick in 2012.

  6. Jeff says:

    To me, Stanzi’s the guy, although I’d have liked him in the 4th round, it looks like he’ll go in the middle of the 3rd. That may be more than we want to pay for the 3rd guy on our depth chart.
    I’ll say this though, with the right staff, Stanzi could be the best QB in this draft.
    I don’t know how much sense it would make to draft a guy who likely won’t see the field until Brady’s late 30’s or 40. That’s 7 years possibly!
    If we’re planning to walk away from Tom when his contracts up, then I’d say now’s the time, but unless we’re going to cut him loose then Stanzi would be a relatively high priced backup.
    McElroy in the 6th might be the better option for what we need.

  7. Ryan Buske says:

    The thing about Stanzi is this, his arm is weak a this point. After extensive conditioning and a good mentor T.Brady, he could be one heck of a trade component. Which as we have seen could help us out much better, when we do need to look for T. Bradys replacement.

  8. JR says:

    Please this year BB do not draft a QB. Go the FA route for a guy your going to cut. I like Hoyer as the Backup. He will be fine for the next 2 years. then start think about future QB’S

  9. AM says:

    Choose: None, unless Blaine Gabbert somehow falls to 17. Any pick before the fourth round wouldn’t be worth the value. It’s true that Brady will eventually need a replacement, and it would be nice to have that replacement sit and learn for a few years. But there are three issues to consider: first, if Brady has four or five years left (and that may be a lowball), then any QB drafted this year will be into his second contract before being ready to take the reins. That’s a long wait for return on investment, given more immediate and near-future needs. Second, if Brady has fewer years left, then we already have a quarterback who fits the bill in Brian Hoyer. He’s learned the system, he’s performed well when given the chance, and he looks to have the right attitude and character for the job. Third, while the glut of “second-tier” QBs in this draft class seems to be driving the desire to pick a potential successor for Brady, it’s important to remember that virtually every draft has a group of guys who could fill that role. Some drafts are certainly stronger than others at a certain position, but that’s no guarantee of success. The QB class of 1999 was widely regarded as the best in years, but of the seven QBs taken in the first two rounds, only two (McNabb, Culpepper) had prolonged success, with a third (Shaun King) having a moderate impact.

    Snooze: McElroy. All the reasons listed above, not to mention the near-perfect Wonderlic. It’s a silly, easy test, and it has questionable connections to playing football, but a perfect score means he took it seriously going in, and that speaks well of his attitude.

    Refuse: Ryan Mallett, Arkansas. Even if he falls to the third round. He definitely has potential, and I don’t think he’s the Ryan Leaf-level bust everyone is talking about, but I don’t like the Jeff George potential here; too much attitude, not enough work.

  10. Ryan Buske says:

    I think Stanzi would be a good deal, not in the the 3rd though. Unless we gain an extra pick in either the 3rd or the 2nd. As I found out it seems like we have a lot of picks but they go quickly with all of the needs the Patriots have. I also like Colin Kaepernick. But I think he may go much higher.

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