Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: OT

Joseph Barksdale Patriots NFL Draft

Joseph Barksdale (OT, LSU) is one of the more intriguing linemen in the 2011 NFL Draft - but not always for good reasons.

For the next ten days, until the 2011 NFL Draft is upon us, we’ll be going over ten positions that the Patriots might look at. We’ll give you who the Patriots should choose early, late (snooze), or not at all (refuse).

First up is the offensive tackle position. Chime in with your choices in the comments section below.

Choose – Anthony Castonzo, Boston College

It is no secret that we think Castonzo will be a Patriot next year. Between his versatility, durability, and all-around skill set, Coach Scarnecchia has to have seen a lot that he likes.

If Castonzo ends up going before the 17th pick, however, I doubt that the Patriots would move into the top half of the first round to get him.

Snooze – Willie Smith, East Carolina

Like Castonzo, Smith has the versatility to play guard as well as tackle. He is certainly a project, but his quick feet and good size would make him an intriguing 5th-6th round prospect.

Smith certainly has the highest ceiling of any of the tackles that will be taken outside of the top 150 picks.

Refuse – Joseph Barksdale, LSU

Lazy linemen just don’t fit in New England. Barksdale has some good run blocking skills, but his lack of any semblance of a violent punch or balance just doesn’t work with what the Patriots are trying to do.

He doesn’t find people to block when in space, although even if he does have the momentary awareness to find a defender, he isn’t a great finisher in the open field. Here’s hoping the Patriots pass, regardless of round.


9 Responses to “Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: OT”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    I agree with refuse, hope that Barksdale does not end up in Pats uniform next year. Someone who has been a snooze but is starting to get mentioned more in the last 10 days is James Carpenter from Alabama. He is very solid and comes from a similar blocking scheme. For some reason not that concerned about OT in this draft if we don’t grab one in first round, I have lot of confidence in BB and Dante in this area evaluating the talent. When all the workouts started months ago everyone was slobbering over Nate Solder from Colorado being top 10 pick, now you don’t hear his name mentioned. The one OT I think they would grab at 17 if he was available is Smith form USC, sounds like he is continuing to develop physically (up to 310lbs) and impresses everyone that watches him work out. At only 20 yrs old he seems to really be the guy who is standing out to all the evaluators.

  2. prioris says:

    If Patriots choose versatile OT in first round or later rounds, I am OK with that.

    If they don’t choose OT then they can take a DL and CB (only if Smith or maybe Amukumara is there or trade picks away)

    So Choose or Snooze

    • prioris says:

      I think it will come down to whether they are able to find someone to trade pick to.

    • prioris says:

      another factor will be what 2012 draft looks like for OT position

      if there are a better crop, they could defer and just target C/G position

  3. TD says:

    I say 2nd round tops, our system does not require OT’s that can stand out on an island and hold off the NFL’s top rushers all day long by themselves. Our system requires OL’s that are strong, smart and can communicate with the other linemen to block. That’s why Matt Light at 6′-3” is good at LT, hardly prototypical size. That is also why Pats can pay OL’s less and still keep them for the most part.

  4. JMC says:

    It will be interesting to see if Castonzo is available at #28 if the Patriots take another player or make a move at #17.

    • Jared says:

      Lowest Costanzo goes in my opinion is 19 to the Giamts. If Gabe Carimi is there at 28, the Pats should think about it=If hes there at 33, the Patriots should take him. I like Carimi more than Costanzo, soome scouts also do.

      Tyron Smith would be a dream. And pick 17, if your Bill Belichick, is too high to draft an offensive lineman.

      Besides Carimi, I personnally think the Pats should target guys that have a 2nd or 3rd round grade, like Vollmer 2 yrs ago. Bill drafts O’lineman well, he can find studs in the 2nd or 3rd round.

      So i guess i go with snooze….even though finding a stud like Sebastian Vollmer in the 2nd round is hardly snoozing.

      • JMC says:

        I’m not sure- I think Castonzo could be available at #28. Sometimes teams draft for poistion and you have Wilkerson, some LBs and RBs etc. that may draw interest. I guess you never really know until draft day- there are always some surprises.

        Smith will probably go to Dallas.

      • CC says:

        Choose. At least one major O-line tag in the first.
        This isn’t the rock solid wall it used to be. We currently have major O-line issues 2 address.

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