Patriots Hold Private Workout With Temple DE

Muhammad Wilkerson NFL Draft

Can the pick received by the trade of Richard Seymour lead to the drafting of his eventual replacement?

According to Jason La Confora of the NFL Network, the New England Patriots recently held a private workout with Temple defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson.

Wilkerson has long been a favorite here at NEPD, after declaring at the end of his junior season. We had this to say about Wilkerson in our latest Patriots Mock Draft write-up:

Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) is a legitimate 3-4 defensive end that has played in a similar defense before. He has the size (6-5/315), length, (35″+ arms) and athleticism (4.96 forty) to succeed in the New England defense

Many pundits are finally catching on to our 1st round grade for the former Temple Owl, some even pushing him into the top 10. With San Diego and New Orleans both salivating for a crack to draft Wilkerson, the Patriots will probably have to pull the trigger at #17 if they want to grab their next 3-4 end.

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17 Responses to “Patriots Hold Private Workout With Temple DE”

  1. Yoav says:

    Id take Kerrigan at 17 if hes still on the board . Wilkerson worries me . Id also rather take lieugett then watt or jordan at 17 if Kerrigans gone. At 28id take clayborn if hes still on the board . At 34 id take best available guard or tackle but im weary of solder at tackle because of lack of strength. At 60 best available guard the running back out of west virginia .

  2. rdf63 says:

    #17 is too high for Wilkerson and would be a better fit at #28 if available. Watt, Jordan, Kerrigan, DE Smith or OT Smth are better impact players who can start immediately and also faced tougher competition. Some have Wilkerson in the top 10 pick range but think he is in the 24-28 range.

    • Jared says:

      If you think a guy like Wilkerson can come in and start at DE in the 3-4, then 17 is not too high. sometimes you cant just say he would be a better fit at 28, of course he would, everyone would fit better if u could take them ten picks later. You cant take starting defensive lineman too high in the NFL draft, in my opinion. I dont know if the Pats think Wilkerson is that guy, but if they do, you take him, where you can get him. Other positions of need, (offensive line, OLB, RB,and wideout)-all have been positions in the past in which Belichick has looked lower in the draft for help. But defensive line, the three starters BB has scouted and drafted, all first round picks, Seymour beeing the highest, then Wilfork and Warren.
      If Watt, Wilkerson, or Jordan are there at 17, i would take them.
      Smith the tackle will most definately be gone, and Aldon Smith will probably not make it past JAX at 16.

  3. Jared says:

    if Watt is there at 17, i think he would be the best pick. look for Wilkerson to get snagged by the Chargers right behind us at 18 if we dont grab him. one way or the other, they need a starting-5 technique-NFL starter, not another run of Pryors’ and Brandon Deadricks. they need two edge players, a DE, and an OLB. i think you can find an OLB project later in the draft then a lineman who can step in and start.

  4. Common Cent$ says:

    In 2003 the Pats were rhe toughest team to score on in the League(238 pts. all year). We were in the middle of our Super Bowl run. The DLine was Seymore, Big Ted Washington and the rookie Ty Warren. When they got going they caused so much havoc there was no way an offense could block them and deal with McGinest, Colvin and Vrabel. We have a chance to recreate that kind of same situation NOW !!! For our scheme of 5 technique we must a huge DE and a OLB who plays standing as well as with his hand on the ground. Cam Jordan, JJ Watt, Cam Heyward and Muhammad Wikerson are all tall enough but all them need to put on 15/20lbs of muscle (except Wilkerson) to play 5 tech. the way the Pats do it. Watt and Jordan most likely will be gone at 17 and in order to draft our Elephant,(Houston, Smith, Reed or Kerrigan), we need both 17 & 28. I only see two ways to go, take Wilkerson at 17 and Reed at 28 or take the Elephant at 17 and Cam Heyward at 28.

  5. TomDickHarry says:

    Wilkerson looks the part but is not worth the 17th overall pick, fringe 1st rounder due to the lack of competition and the degree to which a team has to project his skill set against NFL OT’s…… I told jon boy earlier, he’ll likely be a solid run defender but to expect him to translate his impact in the pass-rush department over to the NFL is a real jump……..I’d rather take Watt, Jordan or Smith at 17 and if they’re gone the best OL will probably due.

  6. Jared says:

    I think Wilkerson would be a solid pick at 17, beeing that he could start next to Vince, opposite Ty Warren on opening day. They still havnt replaced Seymour, they should be able to with their first pick at 17 if they want to. Having the strength-size and athleticism at that 3-4 DE is rare,and a must, Wilkerson seeeems to have it, time will tell i guess.

  7. ralph says:

    Remember what Bart Scott said after we lost to the Jets? “They can’t stop a nose bleed”
    Im still mad about that comment! it stings because it’s true, The pats need to get a devastating OLB and a really solid DE. JJ Watt, Ryan Kerrigan, Brooks Reed, Tyron Smith(OL pick), Cam Jordan. those are some of the names I’d like to hear draft day.

  8. John M says:

    I took a poll on 9 different mock drafts for wilkerson and they had him going at 14,17,18,18,25,25,28,31, and 48. I’m going to throw out the highest and lowest result to get 17,18,18,25,25,28, and 31.
    There are basically 3 scenarios that can happen with their 17th pick.

    1) Move up to 12-14 range to grab Quinn or another player that drops unexpectedly. This is my first choice by the way.

    2)Stay at 17 and hope that Cameron Jordan or JJ Watt is still there. I would take Jordan first, then JJ Watt. If neither is available, trade this pick and move down only 3-5 spots. Getting Jordan or Watt is my second choice.

    3) Pick 20-22) If this scenario happens then the draft didn’t go the way you wanted. Hopefully, Wilkerson is there and you take him. Plus you move up 1 of your picks( like 60 to 45) or one of the 3rd rounders to a second round pick for moving down. This is my last choice of what I want to happen. If Wilkerson is gone then take the best athlete available for the position of DE, DT, or OLB.

  9. Fraser says:

    The Patriots have picked at least 1 CB within the first two rounds for the past 3 years… they have already held private workouts for at least 8 CB’s.
    Bill Belichick has said on many occasions that with the NFL taking a turn toward a pass-happy league, you can never have too many talented defensive backs on the roster.
    That being said & their current CB’s, I can’t see him not taking a CB with one of the 2nd round picks (most likely the second).

    • John M says:

      The earliest I would take a CB would be #74 in the 3rd round if there’s one that’s better than Arrington or Butler. McCourtey and Bodden (if healthy) are excellent starters. Arrington is ok as back-up only. Butler gets 1 more year to improve. If the pats use 2 of their first 3 picks on DL and OLB, it will improve the pass rush and take a lot of pressure off the cornerbacks. An improved pass rush could make a guy like Darius Butler look like an average cornerback.
      Hopefully with Ty Warren and Jermaine Cunningham returning with 2 successfull draft picks at DE and OLB will only improve their defense which is a must! I don’t want to see mediocre quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez have a 124 QB rating against the pats defense in playoff games any more.

  10. TomDickHarry says:

    Wilkerson in the Top-10??? Must be the pundits who think they’re real NFL scouts because they stayed at a Holiday Inn.

    The level of competition that Mo Wilkerson faced has to be taken into consideration. What I’ve seen from him against Penn St wasn’t overly impressive. He’s got some hustle and can make plays in the run game but if the Pats want a RDE who can bring some pressure or at least collapse the pocket I really don’t think Wilkerson is that player.

    I heard he fatigued quickly in his pro-day workout as well, one would think a 1st round DE would be a 3-down player and without any real sample size against top competition it is hard to project Wilkerson as anything more than a fringe 1st rounder.

    I’m willing to bet that the Pats don’t take Wilkerson at 17, if Watt, Jordan and Smith are all gone then the only defensive player I can see is Phil Taylor or maybe Kerrigan (less than ideal at 17) but the most likely pick would be the best OT available…….or perhaps Pouncey……neither pick much interests me……trade up near the top-10 and take the best remaining DE-OLB, likely it would be between Quinn, Watt or A. Smith.

    • jon says:

      that is an awful post. No the Pats do not want a DE that can bring some pressure or collapse the pocket. That is not what they ask their DEs to do, they never have under BB. You don’t like wilkerson based on one game against Penn St when he was playing in a scheme nothing like the pats play? That’s some solid thinking.

      He seems athletic and sturdy in the run game. He would be an excellent pick at #17. But most fan boys will only be happy with a flashy player and not a player whose best plays do not show up on the stats sheet.

      • TomDickHarry says:

        good call jon, the Pats have never asked a DE to push the pocket on passing downs, what a stupid idea….i mean who wants to create pressure on the QB without the need to send multiple OLB’s anyways?

        it’s not like Seymour ever did that for the Pats……you’re suggestion is brilliant, let’s take a poor man’s Ty Warren at 17 overall and play him at RDE…..that will help solve our pass-rush woes.

        Talk about fan boys, you hear the Pats are meeting with a small school prospect with a ton of hype surrounding him and declare him an excellent choice with the 17th overall pick in the draft…….meanwhile you knock me for offering a perspective on tangible attributes observed from the only competitive team Wilkerson faced………priceless.

  11. Jeff says:

    17 would be awefully high for Wilkerson but if Jordan is gone then I guess you can go with him and see if Cam Heyward slips to 28. I’d like to see the Pats go with 2 DE’s in the first round if possible then we can handle OLB in the 2nd.
    17- Jordan or Wilkerson
    28- Cam Heyward
    33- Houston, Reed, Romeus or Sheard
    60- Moffit, Cannon, Ijalana or Pinkston
    74- Shane Vereen
    92- Boling or Barksdale
    125- Johnny Patrick
    159- Ricky Elmore
    193- Greg McElroy

    • Bill says:

      There’s no way in hell Greg Romeus is being considered at 33rd overall.

    • Andrew says:

      THANK YOU!!! That is exactly the kind of draft I’m looking for. I wish so much though that we could pick up Wilkerson and Jordan in the first round. I like Jabaal Sheard or Greg Romeus at 33 and Moffit at 60 (hopefully automatic starter on the right). Shane Vereen is perfect at 74 and a developmental Tackle makes sense. I think a corner is perfect, along with another developmental OLB, (but I still wish we could get our hands on Chris Carter), and Greg McElroy will be interesting to see in development for another QB.

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