Patriots Eye Citadel’s Cortez Allen

Cortez Allen

Cortez Allen wraps up during Shrine Game practice earlier this year.

According to a source close with the Citadel football team (Scott of, the Patriots will hold a private workout with cornerback/safety Cortez Allen this Wednesday.

Allen (6’1, 197) played cornerback at Citadel, but may project to free safety with many NFL teams. He ran a 4.50 forty at this years NFL Combine, but his fluid hips and great footwork solidified a mid-round pick in our estimation. His broad jump and shuttle times were also very impressive.

Allen totaled five interceptions and two touchdowns during his three years at the Citadel.

This will be the first of many private workouts and official visits for the Patriots. For a complete list of contacts – check out our 2011 Patriots Draft Contacts page.


7 Responses to “Patriots Eye Citadel’s Cortez Allen”

  1. TD says:

    The NFL is great, what other sport can fans get worked up about and participate amongst themselves in the OFFSEASON like this? I used to only browse SI and ESPN, but have found a host of smaller sites that are focused on what I want to read;Patriots, Celtics & Bruins with the Patriot sites outweighing the other teams by a wide, wide margin.

  2. Tom says:

    Sources? Or some guy on Football’s Future forum?

    • NEPD says:

      Scott Carasik is a trusted resource and has a documented relationship with Cortez Allen.

      • Tom says:

        On a message board. And he’s correct, as Chris Price has confirmed the story. But it just seems you took it and ran with it without giving any credit to him. It’s not like it’s some anonymous source, it’s available to everybody on Football’s Future. You’re just relaying the info that was found at PatsFans and making it seem as though you’re the one with the inside information, “according to a source close with the Citadel football team.”

        • NEPD says:

          If you think I was trying to “hog the glory” so to speak, I assure you I was not. I’ve updated the wording to hopefully appease you.

          I’m just trying to put out Patriots Draft info out there for people to find.

  3. TD says:

    Citadel?!? Are we so starved for inside info that we follow a S from the Citadel w/5 career INT’s? It’s always great fun to see all the constantly changing Mock’s and names thrown around at this time, hell even the looming CBA mess has barely slowed the draft clamour down.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      The Citadel had legit prospect Andre Roberts (WR, Arizona) last year as well. The Patriots will have a bajillion of these, don’t worry.

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