Shrine Bowl Prospects to Watch

Shrine Game Jeron Johnson

What NFL Draft Prospects are making a name for themselves, good or bad, at the East-West Shrine Game?

The East-West Shrine Game will be held this Saturday, pitting several 2011 NFL Draft prospects against each other for the benefit of scouts and a great cause.

Here are some of the prospects that have been trending up and down this week.

Marvin Austin, DL, North Carolina

Austin, who famously missed his senior season for agent-related misconduct, has been absolutely dominant so far at the Shrine Bowl. If he isn’t invited to the Senior Bowl soon, we’ll be shocked. Watch him try and reach for the 1st-round this weekend. Probably not a Patriots type of player, both off-the-field and schematically, but is still a great prospect to keep your eye on.

Joseph Barksdale, OL, LSU

We haven’t been a fan of Barksdale since he was a junior, but he seems to be having a pretty decent week at left-tackle. He may provide some value to looking for a left-tackle with some strength and technique.

Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse

Carter has impressed us a lot over the 2010 season and has continued to impress with his strong performance so far at the Shrine Bowl. He has shown some good quicks and enough toughness to run between the tackles as well. He should certainly be on the Patriots radar in the middle rounds.

Jeron Johnson, S, Boise State

We love Johnson, and we hate to see him struggle with a hamstring injury at this important juncture in his career. He has been beaten in coverage at times and just hasn’t performed up to where most scouts expected him to be.

Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware

This Delaware prospect, hoping to follow in the footsteps of Joe Flacco, just hasn’t had a great week. His accuracy past 10-15 yards hasn’t been good at all, while he hasn’t been throwing a pretty ball for the majority of the practice time.

Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada

Moch weighed in under 230 pounds, which is way too light for an OLB in the Patriots 3-4 system. Some teams may still be intrigued by his great speed, but you can probably cross New England off of your list.

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12 Responses to “Shrine Bowl Prospects to Watch”

  1. TD says:

    If the owners are sticking to 18 games and no bump in pay, there will be a lockout. That’s like your boss saying you have to work Sat & Sun for no extra money. Think the concussions are coming faster now wait until then.

    It’s too bad a bunch of these owners took on a lot of long term debt to finance new stadiums and now want the players to take a hit to mitigate some of their risk. These owners take some serious cash from yearly sales (tix plus tv money). They want it all, reap all the rewards and pass all the risk onto someone else (banks, taxpayers, employees-players, bond holders, corp. sponsors, etc)

    With Patriot fever at its peak now for the last 5-9 yrs, Kraft is a billionaire on his investment. They have to be in the same position as Red Sox & Celtics. Sox and Celts can afford to be over the cap and pay sizable luxury taxes and not make money?

    • rick says:

      The owners are getting rid of two pre season games that all of us hate anyway.

      The entire reason is to give the fans more football to watch and to increase revenue. It is a business, after all.

      The players receive over 57% of the revenue the team take in, maybe you should asking your boss if he can pay you that much.

      No company in the history of companies pays the workers that much – after all the ones taking the financial risk is the owners.

      The unique thing is that the owners recognize they are partners with the players and do pay so much.

      This thing gets done easily with two new plans, rookie salary cap and 18 games.

      Thats it done not really a big deal when it gets to the bottom line.

      • Steve says:

        I hope you’re right, I’m a fan and want to see things continue without interuption. I thought the players had issues with the accounting the owners were reporting. I’m not sure, I thought I had heard that.
        Don’t worry, I’m not going to be losing much sleep over this battle; but I do see the side of the players when it comes to the hypocrisy issues…of alcholol, gambling etc…That just bothers me on another level. Do as I say, not as I do…that kind of thing.
        More games that matter is a good thing also…all for it.

  2. Ryan says:

    Steve, the more I think about it the more I’d like to see Marvin Austin a DE in the 3-4. Watched a little bit of him on NFL network today. He is physical, big, strong, and seems to have a “few” moves. Wilfork and Austin next to each other sure seems like a lot of fun.

    Also, I think we need to targe the OL more than I have been thinking we should. I think we need to come out of this draft with out AT LEAST 2 guys who can start immediately.

    Did you listen to Tony G on Jim Rome is burning. He is says that a lock out will happen, because the owners want the extra two games.

    We’ll see…

    • Steve says:

      The lock out thing is too complex, and there are lawyer involved and some very big issues. I haven’t listened to Tony G, but I did listen Adalius Thomas a few years back talking about the players side of things, and he was pretty well spoken on the issues. I’m not happy with what the guy did on the field, but his points were clear. He was talking about how ownership doesn’t allow players to market beer/alcohol etc…yet, they get rich off it, how players can’t be involved in any gambling (for good reason), yet the owners have celebrations for personalized team scratch tickets (legalized gambling), to name just a few. It’s this hypocrisy that I believe has driven a wedge between the players (union) and the owners. It’s just too much BS.
      So, along with the 18 game season, there are some hurdles ahead.
      On a positive note: And, I have mentioned this before, the fact that the economy is still terrible, no matter what the “experts” are telling you, and the league has worked long & hard to get on top (of baseball, basketball etc…), they would BOTH be risking an aweful lot to bring this to a lockout.
      So, my hopes, and a little bit a logic & reason, tell me that they may get close, but it will get done. There’s just too much to lose.

      Another factor in all of this is the head injury reality…this league’s future is in jeapardy. Footbal leads to concussions, concussions we now know lead to brain disease at an early age; so, what parents as this becomes more common knowledge are going to drag their kids to youth football. I believe strongly that is why you are seeing the increase in ads for youth football during games…I believe sponsored by the NFL. They are planning ahead, trying to keep kids playing the game so they don’t have a huge drop off in talent…kids going to soccer, hoops, baseball where it’s much safer and they won’t end up drooling on themselves.
      I love the sport, but it’s a reality. I don’t have kids, but would think twice before allow my son(s) to do any activity where I knew that head injury was involved.
      It’s a factor…the players are holding this card…they are literally risking their future sanity, and lowering their lifespan, not to mention quality of life. That comes at a price…the owners want more games on top of this; well, they better be ready to pay up.
      It’s also disgraceful what has happened to ex-nfl players…there’s been too much money made via this sport to have any ex-player reduced to begging for money/insurance or whatever. And, there shouldn’t be one player in the NFL Making less than 600-800K…it’s warped. The entire country watches these games…billions of dollars are shifted around every weekend during the season. They need to be paid, so I’m on the players side in all of this. I think the owners need to wake up and pay up. The rookie salary structure should be the first common sense move to help both achieve this…it’s crippling to the franchises, and it’s crippling to the GM’s, and therefore crippling to the players who want their piece of the salary cap pie.

    • Steve says:

      I would like more talent on the D-line, and if they see Austin as a fit that would be cool. The defense in general needs some more pieces; much of this revolves around T Warren and Bodden…the teams plans for them, their health also, especiall Warren’s projected health, and his moves last season. Also, how they feel about Pryor, Brace, Deadrick, etc…if they feel someone like Brace is stepping up and is better than Austin, than that will be clear come draft day and free agency (if there is free agency?).

      I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if they take offensive linemen up high…multiple. Personally, I would like to see Light come back one more year, maybe at left tackle, maybe switching to right, and I would think they need a guard. Obviously, Mankins signing will be the center of all the moves…is he coming back or not…much like Ty Warren on the D-line.
      But, I’ve said this before, I don’t worry too much about the O-line, they didn’t have a good game against the Jets, but they tend to play pretty well. Some youth and some more talent would be nice though. Maybe a future center to groom this year, a kid who can play guard also, which is pretty obvious and on everyone’s mocks.

  3. TD says:

    All those UNC kids must have been receiving life coaching from Lawrence Taylor. just kidding.

    I guess Quinn got himself back into the 1st round after the week.

    • Steve says:

      That’s funny…Davis turned that place (UNC) into “The U”, or tried to and got slapped down.

      Did you mean Austin got himself into the first round? Quinn has never been out of the first and probably never out of the top 10, and will most likely be a top 5 pick.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m starting to get excited about this off season. I’m hoping the CBA goes better than what is being reported, but that’s out of our (fans) control. The draft will happen, and the Pats have all those picks.
    It will help me greatly if the Steelers kick the @$% out of the Jets, but I don’t know how the O-line for the Steelers deals with that defense of the Jets…they are just so banged up. But, I still feel the Packers will cruise to a Super Bowl win, leaving our mortal enemies as down-and-out as I am, still.

    I also feel that losing early, again, will make our team more likely to HAVE to make some bold moves. BB is a winner…losing doesn’t sit well, and I’m sure the same goes for Kraft; which means making some things happen.

    I think some free agent receiver will want to come here…who wouldn’t want Tom Brady throwing to them? Other free agents will have the chance to win also, they realize this team has just rebuilt, especially on defense.

    So, it’s looking good….big things will happen!

  5. Ryan says:

    Personally, I think all most of the UNC players that got kicked off the squad, all have the size and the speed to play on just about any team. Thats just my opinion. I still take Austin in a heartbeat. Throw him at DE

    • Steve says:

      I agree, they seem like they all have pro talent, size & speed etc…And, they all got whacked for agent stuff/NCAA…

      I’m sure that it’s something they will have to listen to, but if we think these pro coaches & GM’s haven’t known that a larger % of the players they have drafted were given benefits of some kind while in college than we’re the fools. My point is, they didn’t commit violent crimes, they didn’t do drugs, they didn’t break team rules (per se); they got caught by they hypocritical & ridiculous NCAA.

      I also don’t think the “not playing for a year” thing is that big a deal, they will have to do what Austen is doing: work himself into game shape via these bowl games and on their own. They also avoided injury, just look at their teammate LB Carter…he blew out his knee and will probably slip to the 3rd, possibly, when he was looking like one of the best LB’s in the country. Meaning, these guys are young and fresh…took a season off…now they just have to get in top shape and show these teams they made the effort to do so. We’ll see at the combine.

  6. Steve says:

    I’ll apologize for making the first comment and for being so opinionated, but I heard Troy Aikman say that the most important quality in a QB he looks for is accuracy (talking about Aaron rogers during the game), and I thought of this when I read either Kiper or Mcshay talking about Locker, and now you guys talking about Devlin and his accuracy issues.
    I think it’s like saying that a sprinter has speed issues. I’m not being a wise ass, I’m just saying that it’s a big issue to have, and Brady Quinn had that tag. In the pro game you have to put the ball where it needs to be very often, or you lose the game and don’t play. We’re so spoiled watching the best around the league, especially Brady; I start thinking that it’s a video game the way I expect passes to be within inches 30 yards down field every time, on a moving target, with a pass rush coming, bad weather etc…

    I’ve seen a few mocks with Dontay Moch going to the Pats, and I watched some youtube video and wasn’t feeling like I was looking at anything but a mid-round draft pick; and not at all for us, like you said. He’s way too small for us on the outside.

    I have felt all along that Marvin Austen will be in the mid-first round…not just because of his talent, but because of his position…the need and the safety of drafting a big, stong, quick, mean DT. Maybe he doesn slip, but I don’t see him dropping to much lower than top of the 2nd…he’s a professional starter, if not star.

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