NEPD Radio: Talking Senior Bowl

Join us on NEPD Radio tonight at 11pm eastern! We’ll be discussing all the goings on at the Senior Bowl, including who the Patriots scouts have been talking to, as well as talking about some of our favorite defenders in the 2011 NFL Draft.

We’ll also be taking as many of your questions that we can get to. You can submit questions by email, using the comments below, and on Twitter. You can also call in at (818) 532-9703 once the show has started.

You can listen live using the player below or download the podcast later.

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4 Responses to “NEPD Radio: Talking Senior Bowl”

  1. Bill says:

    “Lighten up Frances” The patriots are not considered a joke in most circles, but ratherly a team that definitely needs to improve in a few areas if they plan on advancing to the Super Bowl. Pass rusher from the outside linebacker spot is critical and a solid “5 technique” DE in the molds of a healthier and younger Ty Warren is necessary. As far as the “O line” resign Mankins and Light and draft a ROT to groom for down the road when Light is done in a few years and Vollmer slides to the left side. In addition, take an impact interior lineman (if Dante likes Pouncey that’s great, however, I’ve heard some conflicting reports on his ability at the center spot) and have him compete with Connely for playing time with the idea of moving him to center after the 2011 season (Koppen is on the downside of a good career in the NFL).

  2. CC says:

    Rookie Salary cap or not, the Pat’s need 2 move up and grab clear unquestionable talent. Even with loosing the value of the Oakland draft pick since they played decent this year and it was devalued.

    Two picks in the first three round’s….., Plus still having the fourth, a fifth, a sixth and so on, including by the way a fist full of compensatory pick’s.
    If they don’t grab Mike Pouncey along with the best DE and or OLB possable and move up to do it; never mind filling hole’s, tossing the junk, it’ll be a sad ass shame.

    They can find decent talent all throughout the draft yes, But not grabing Mike Pouncey and the best Defensive pass rush guy out there and doing it “”EARLY”” with what they have………???
    It’ll be a travesty waiting to happen

    This is not the year to F88k around!! It will be a sink or swim year and all the 14 straight games win, all the pro-bowl selections and all the games with 30+ point in them mean nothing.

    Many patriot fans are actually tired of the low-rent fill-in/plug in talent, and many fan’s of other teams know and feel (and speak loudly about it also), that the patriots are done. All the sub par talent lying around is trash, a great offence that get’s blown out in the play-offs for how many years in a row now……? & after gift wrapping a super bowl ring for peyton Manning little sister at that….?
    they are seen as a joke to many local’s, and any fan of anyother team laugh’s daily at the Pat’s……….

    They can change it back around, But growing some “”BALL’S”” is what it’s gonna take.

    They still have the power 2 move up and grab two(2) of the best in the draft guaranteed. & still have room to grab other pieces they are missing. Never mind they need to get rid of a lot of waste they have been carrying for supposed talent. They have more injuries than a local hospital because of all the plug in 1/2 way’s they’ve picked up that are not REAL NFL TALENT that have been getting shifted all around way too much.

    They need…. 2 do well in the free agent market as well, and 2 do that will take actually “”Attracting Free Agents””, and 2 do that……they need to draft big and hard with smart position pick’s with impact now players.

    If they do one…., then they will be able to do the other.
    A/. DRAFT & B/. Free Agency.

    Rookie salary cap or not………..

  3. Tim says:

    A couple different questions:

    1) How drastically do you think Cameron Heyward’s stock has been affected in light of his elbow surgery, and would the Patriots consider drafting him?

    2) What are your thoughts on Justin Houston (probably as a 2nd round pick), and do you think he would fit the Patriots system while giving them the pass rush they need?


  4. jim says:

    If the rookie salary cap is in place, do you see the Pats trading up to get one of the good pass rushers? If no rookie salary cap, will the Pats stay put?

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