2011 Patriots NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Patriots Mock Draft

Anthony Castonzo gets some work in at the 2011 Senior Bowl. Will he be working out in Foxboro come this July?

With the Shrine Game over and Senior Bowl festivities in full swing, it is time for us to give you our third installment of our 2011 Patriots Mock Draft. Not a ton of changes up top, but some new names in the middle rounds are sure to get some people intrigued.

1st Round – #17

Not much has changed since our last Mock Draft Update – the Patriots still need to get some consistent pass-rush. Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan was nearly the pick, but Aldon Smith (DE, Missouri) has the ability to play in space that gives him the edge over Kerrigan.

Smith’s freakishly long arms, speed, and devastating rush moves are just what the Patriots need opposite Jermaine Cunningham. He still has room to grow muscle and refine his technique, which could easily turn him into a dynamic force in the Patriots defense.

If Coach Belichick feels that Smith can develop into a decent run-stopper, expect this Tiger to be the pick.

1st Round – #28

The offensive line is good enough to beat the majority of defensive lines in the NFL, but come playoff time the last few years, holes have started to show up. Anthony Castonzo (OT, Boston College) would help to shore up the future at the tackle position. He can play left-tackle or flip to the right side if the Patriots feel that Sebastian Vollmer’s future is on the left side.

Castonzo is a very balanced blocker, good against the run and the pass. He has a great punch and decent feet.

Colorado’s Nate Solder, Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi or Mississippi State’s Derek Sherrod are other possibilities here.

2nd Round – #33

Ever since Richard Seymour was traded, the production out of the 5-technique DE positions has been sub-par. Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) is a prospect with the great measurables and athletic ability that the Patriots look for.

He sheds blocks with ease, allowing him to play the run as well as get after the quarterback. He takes on double-teams well, which will help keep the Patriots linebacking corps clean.

In the early 2nd-round, Cam Heyward from OSU could be another choice. If the Patriots are able to trade up, Alabama’s Marcel Dareus or Cal’s Cam Jordan would also be great 5-technique prospects.

2nd Round – #60

There is a lot of debate out there over whether the Patriots need to upgrade their wide-receiver corps. We’re in the camp that it can’t hurt to add some more competition. Leonard Hankerson (WR, Miami) had a wonderful senior season and is having a wonderful Senior Bowl, where he was seen talking with Patriots scouts. He could be the consistent intermediate/deep threat that the Patriots need to develop.

Vincent Brown of SDSU and Titus Young of Boise State are two other WR’s that are shooting up draft boards.

3rd Round – #74

As was stated earlier, the Patriots need to get more physical at the point of attack, especially in the playoffs. John Moffitt (OG/C, Wisconsin) would give the Patriots some versatility on the line, while also providing another dose of nastiness that could be missing if Logan Mankins isn’t re-signed.

Moffitt moves pretty well for a 320-pounder and has experience snapping the ball in the shotgun and with the QB under center.

Penn State’s Stefen Wisniewski is another guard/center combo that the Patriots could target, although he will probably be drafted around the end of the 1st day. Danny Watkins of Baylor could also get a look here.

3rd Round – #92

Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead have the starting RB positions all but locked up. That said, there will be some movement in the depth categories. Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris aren’t getting any younger. Delone Carter (RB, Syracuse) would give the Patriots some much needed youth and depth at the position.

4th Round

Davon House (CB, New Mexico State) is an ideal nickel/dime corner to play behind Leigh Bodden and Devin McCourty. He can compete with Kyle Arrington and Darius Butler for reps in sub-packages in 2011. He shows a great ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage, a trait that Coach Belichick is often very high on.

5th Round

It has been hinted around Foxboro that the Patriots might carry three QB’s in 2011. Ricky Stanzi (QB, Iowa) would be an ideal fit for the Patriots. He has some experience, is still improving, and is very coachable.

If Colin Kaepernick of Nevada falls past the 2nd round, the Patriots might get a wild hair and look his way instead.

6th Round

Kevin Kowalski (OC, Toledo) is just kind of nasty, which is exactly what the Patriots need at the center position. He might be a practice-squad guy at first, but he has the tools to develop into a solid backup if not a starter.

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67 Responses to “2011 Patriots NFL Mock Draft 3.0”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    One player that I continue to read conflicting information on is Donte Hightower from Bama. If he is coming out, he is very talented LB that can play inside or out. Great size speed combo, out of excellent program. Only knock is serious knee injury 2 years ago that could cause him to slip if he is in this years draft. Other sleepers that could help Pats if they go OLB later in draft are Wright from Miss State & Martez Wilson from The Illini. Both are big, 6’3″-6’4″, speed players.

  2. BAMNATION says:

    Everyone has some very good points and I see the Pats looking to strengthen the trenches between OL and DL.

    Interesting area could be how BB views the OLB situation and if he feels a top DE (yes Seymour like) could be the difference for the pass rush and the current OLB can develop into what he needs.

    Either way Ty and G Warren need to be replaced so a DE or NT to keep Brace and crew out at DE could be in the top area of picks.

    I think they need to take a OT or G in the first round no matter what they decide to do about Mankins and Light. Also add the concern for Neal to retire (or if he plays – he will be out a few games again in 2011) and Kaczur coming back from a back injury.

  3. Common Cent$ says:

    The season is over so its time for my first attempt at a mock draft. 1-17 Nate Solder OT 6’8″ 315lbs. 1-28 Justin Houston OLB 6’3.5″ 248lbs. 2-33 Muhammed Wilkerson DL 6’5” 305lbs. 2-60 Leonard Hankerson WR 6’3″ 195lbs. 3-74 Jordan Todman RB 5’9″ 195lbs. 3-92 Danny Watkins OG 6’4” 313lbs. 4-124 Davon House CB 5’11” 190lbs. 5-156 Andy Dalton QB 6’3″ 218lbs. 6-188 Zac Hurd OG 6’7” 330lbs.

  4. Dan P says:

    17- Cameron Jordan, if he’s there, if not you’ve got take phil taylor

    28- Anthony Castonzo- he’ll play tackle with Vollmer

    33- I imagine BB will trade this pick down later into the 2nd round ( late 30’s, early 40’s) and grab a second rounder next year in the process. he’ll use the pick to select Bruce Carter, OLB out of North Carolina. I think he’s an under the radar guy who is a solid all around player who could succeed in BB’s system.

    60- John Moffitt

    74- Clint Boling

  5. Mike A says:

    #17 Phil Taylor DT Baylor – after watching Wilfolk blow up opposing offensive lines this past year at DE I think Taylor could make our DL the best in the NFL

    #28 Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin – not sure if he will make it this far but he would be great to team up with Mankins.

    #33 Thomas Keiser OLB Stanford – the guy is 6’5″ and 255lbs – perfect physical mold for a Belichick OLB. Plus he has the smarts to handle our system. This is a bit high for him but I think of what will be remaining at OLB he is the best fit.

    I also think there is a high likelihood we trade one of these picks for a 2012 first rounder to a QB needy team. Teams such as the Vikings or Redskins that may pass on a QB in the first round looking to get back into the first to grab one of the top QB’s that are falling such as a Mallet or Locker.

  6. McTash says:

    The OL is close to getting too old and/or ineffective. Mankins must be kept whether via franchise tag or long term extension. You simply DON’T allow one of your best players in his prime leave. Light I could leave or take, probably leave and draft a top OT in first or second round to replace and add youth and talent. Volmer, Mankins, Koppen, new OT, new RG – Wienewski, Moffit or Winston (don’t think he is much older than Volmer) – would be an excellent short and longer term O-Line, though Koppen’s replacement will need to be found this year or next. Hall as OLB would be great but not sure realistic. I would love Quinn but Smith more realistic. I would love LeShoure but I think 33 gets traded for a next year #1 and a 3 or 4 this year. So RB (big and powerful) and WR (tall and fast) and CB are picked in lower rounds, which still could be in third or fourth. My guess these picks will be under the radar names.

  7. Mike S. says:

    F/A TAMBA HALI OLB KANSAS CITY 6’3″ 275 4.75
    1st Cameron Jordan DE California 6’4″ 287 4.85
    1st Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois 6’1″ 230 4.53
    2nd Marvin Austin DT North Carolina 6’2″ 312 4.96
    2nd John Moffitt OG Wisconsin 6’4″ 323 5.26
    3rd Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6’6″ 225 4.5
    3rd Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio State 5’11” 190 4.49
    4th Thomas Keiser OLB Stanford 6’5″ 244 4.84
    5th Chris Hairston OT Clemson 6’7″ 333 5.18
    6th Ben Lamaak C Iowa State 6’4″ 320 5.2

    • Bruschi54 says:

      If we sign Hali & Edwards as FA, I assume we don’t re-sign Mankins & Light, since that would be impossible if there is still a salary cap. With both of those two gone, and Kazur and Neal being huge question marks, you have to draft at least one OL in round 1, and two in this draft that you think can come in and be effective starters immediately. Pouncey would have to be selected at #17 or 28 and two others during the second and third rounds. I like the 5th & 6th round guys you have listed, just think we would have huge drop off in O-line play next season. This team is ready to win now, maintaining solid O-Line is a must. If we lose Mankins and Light and don’t draft O-lineman that can play well immediately, Kaepernick would be good selection, because Brady & Hoyer will be on DL and Colin will be running for his life.

  8. McTash says:

    I like the author’s thinking and picks as they fill all perceived needs. Some excellent thoughtful posts here more than most sites I go to. We really don’t know what BB is thinking, where he places and finds value, or how the draft will unfold – who will unextectedly fall and rise and will there be a run on QB’s or OL – but we know this is a deep draft and despite being a 14 – 3 team there are plenty of holes to fill. We have the picks and chips to do so. Free agency will be gravy – providing more immediate solutions – and hopefully the CBA will be resolved giving more certainty to the offseason, the draft and the important offseason team workouts so crucial to the young player’s development.

  9. Grant says:

    part 2, instead of devin mccourty, wouldnt that have worked out great? we could have had him on the IR and maybe in jail the whole year, I doubt the patriots will make the poupular pick, i think most patriots fans feel that a pass rusher is as important as a QB or somthing, they are willing to put down the coach that has coached us to 3 superbowl victorys because he doesnt take a pass rusher, just wait it out, whatever belichick does will be the best thing for the team, not for the stupid patriots fans that want fall in love with one player/position

  10. Gr says:

    I remember seeing the posts on last years draft, it was hillarious watching patriots fans say things like “Belichick you need to take a pass rusher not another CB” look at you idiots, you all wanted us to take SERGIO KINDLE

  11. TD says:

    Also, on Gholston, I remember pudits saying that he underwhelmed on tape against top teams, but he blew the doors off at the combine. Thank the Jets for tying up valuable $$ on him, negating the chance to rent yet another pro bowl player the last 2 yrs.

  12. TD says:

    With all the draft picks, Mankins, Warren, etc you can erase those dreams of getting either Hali or Fitzgerald. Fitz would be a 1 yr rental. I would be shocked if BB drafts a pass rush guy only in rounds 1-2. We already have a couple of rosters of sub/situational players on D. He needs to get guys like McCourty & Mayo; 3 down players or this D will be playing musical chairs for another year. Hopefully he finds a 3 down player that can pressure the QB.

  13. PatsFan1986 says:

    It will be very unfortunate for the Pats if the CBA isn’t worked out by the time of the draft (and, hopefully it gets resolved several weeks before the draft). For starters, they won’t be able to trade any of these picks for experienced players (not saying they would or they need to, but not having this option at all is certainly a detriment that hurts their leverage). Secondly, I think through free agency they can curtail some of their needs. Again, not saying they would/could do this, but imagine if they made a spalsh and signed Woodley or Hali–that would completely change their strategy heading in to the draft. That said, it doesn’t look like this will be worked out in time for the draft. So life goes on.

    With how young the team is, I think it’s safe to assume that there are not 9 openings (i.e. # of picks in ’11) on the current roster for incoming rookies. So they are looking at either trading up in 2011 or trading into 2012 for some of these. I would for sure be open to trading up to anywhere from 6 to 12 to land an impact player on defense. Hypothetically, labor agreement aside, if they signed an OLB (like Woodley or Hali) I would love for them to go up and get another lock down corner like Patrick Peterson (if he made it to 6). This would likely cost the 17th and 28th pick. Maybe a crazy idea, but imagine a defense with Wilfork-Mayo-Woodley-McCourty-Petersen (I’m assuming they cut Bodden and his $4M salary). If Ty Warren can come back to form then they are really back on the right track with this defense.

    Even if there is no CBA, I wouldn’t mind them trading up to get a stud D-Lineman in the top 10. And then keep Bodden.

    For 33, unless something really egregious happens (i.e. Ingram falls out of the first round?), I think we’re fooling ourselves to think that the Pats will actually make a selection with this pick. This is a valuable pick and I think will either be A.) traded for a 2012 first rounder or B.) traded back in the draft (past trade partner San Diego has 18, 50, 61, 82, and 89). Would you put it past BB to send the 33rd and our 4th/5th round pick to San Diego for 50 and 61? Don’t get me wrong, I would not be happy about this. But this sets us up for 50, 60, 61, 74, and 92.

    Someone in this organization (maybe this has been something Floyd Reese has come up with?) believes that the sweet spot in the draft falls between the late twenties and early 60s. Look at their last two drafts: McCourty 27th; Chung 34th; Brace 40th; Butler 41st; Gronkowski 42nd; Cunningham 53rd; Vollmer 58th; Spikes 62nd. (Trading up aside, I know I know) the above trade with San Diego puts them squarely in this range and affords them the flexibility to trade up to target any players they like.

    Maybe they trade 61 and 74 for the 38th pick and select someone like RB Leshoure.

    With 50 and 60 they take a center (who can play guard in 2011) and the best d-lineman available.

    History alone indicates that, 92 gets traded into 2012 for a 2nd round pick. That’s pretty much a given. But if not, maybe they take a chance on a guy like Herzlich. He would bring the toughness this defense needs.

    4th – traded to San Diego
    5th – D-Lineman
    6th – O-Lineman (shame last year’s 6th round pick, Ted Larsen, is a starter for the Bucs)

    This is just one person’s view of what could happen based on recent history. Overall, I don’t think I would be 100% thrilled with this draft, but I wasn’t thrilled with ’10 initially (not many of us were—go back and read the comments of readers on this website! Very comical!) and look how that is turning out. I put them trading up for Petersen (or someone else in the top 10) at 35% but if they could acquire someone like Woodley/Hali then I, personally would love it.

    So offseason could look like this franchise Mankins, draft CB Petersen or a stud D-Lineman, RB Leshoure (38th), a guard and d-lineman (50th and 60th), trade 92 for a 2nd in 2012 or Herzy, a D-Lineman and O-Lineman (5th and 6th). And, if money permits and they are available sign someone like Woodley or Hali.

    • Pats Fan says:

      Love the idea of getting Hali. That being said the 60th pick, should be used on a big wide reviever such as Hankerson. Other then that the plan you have is great, would love see it happen.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Woodley in Pats uniform would be incredible move, but it sounds like Steelers are going to franchise him. Interesting thought would be if we franchise Mankins and both teams worked out a sign and trade, both teams would be filling a huge need. We could then spend #17 on Pouncey to play guard, and #28 or 33 on the best available O lineman to add quality depth. Woodley is a beast and we would finally have a Michigan OLB that can actually play in the NFL. Internet GM is so easy

  14. Wil says:

    jj watt he’s great trade for aj green

  15. Pats Fan says:

    If we pick up Tamba Hali in FA we wont need OLB.

    • Ryan says:

      To be honest, I’d like to have 2 OLB’s call me greedy. But it seems like we need to get rid of some medicore players and add some depth with some real talent.

  16. mike says:

    O, smith will be drafted. Likely in top 10, by a 4-3 rebuilding team. Beal wont fall to third round and again he is a 4-3 DE as well, will not translate well to 3-4. Your draft is missing a pressing need on olb.

    • Ryan says:

      “Beal wont fall to the third round”? Like Sergio Kindle wasn’t going outside of the top ten? Or like Colt McCoy wont fall out of the first round? Don’t be so sure of people, and draft picks, this thing is for fun. Plus there are always guys slipping on day One… ALWAYS

      • Steve says:

        I really like Beal…he doesn’t have that ideal size for our system, but he’s a player…explosive in pads, especially towards the QB. I would love to see the Pats take him at 33, or move up to get him if he’s still there in the mid 2nd, like they did for Gronk.

  17. Pats Fan says:

    1/17: Ryan Kerrigan
    1/28: Anthony Castonzo
    2/33: Mikel LeShoure
    2/60: Leonard Hankerson
    3/74: Jeremy Beal
    3/92: Rashad Carmichael

    I just don’t see Aldon Smith being drafted.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      If Beal still available in 3rd round and we franchise Mankins, I think we would jump at that draft right now.

  18. mike says:

    Your absolutely right ayers isnt. Ayers is among the most versatile players in this drdt. He can play all linebacker positions and in all systems, quite impressive football mind though not as productive in college which raises some eyebrows.

    Tell you what steve, a player that is a liability in the run game will never be drafted by the patriots, let alone in the first round. I know this is a homeboy mock, still, realistically the possivilities of him being drafted by the pats are xlose to none. Referring to aldon smith.

    Also why did belichick not draft edge rushers over the years? Simple, it’s a difficult position that makes the 3 4 unique. However, hard to pick up with major bust potential. Belichicks draft believes in value, not need. Just like how belichick will never draft a wide receiver first round. Look at maybin in buffalo. 4 3 convert like smith are high risk gambles, i wouldn’t go that direction. On the other hand jordan and watt looks great at 17th. At 28, someone like ayers or houston who are natural 3 4 fit would be ideal.

  19. Common Cent$ says:

    Why is Akeem Ayers only consider as a 4-3 linebacker? He is 6’5” and 255 lbs. He sets the edge, is strong against the run, plays in space,is a strong pass rusher, and makes interceptions. In other words he’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER !!! Remember, Willie McGinest and Mike Vrabel came out of 4-3 defenses in college. I believe the adjustment they made from playing in a three point stance is harder than occasionally with your hand down on the line. Anybody seen an Elephant?

  20. mike says:

    Oh guys, let me add something else about smith. Aldon smith first and foremost is likely taken in top ten. But the real important factors i’ll list it here.

    – he has trouble tackling will 100 percent prove to be a liability in what already is a bad run stopping unit whose weaknesses was masked all year by schemes. Listen, theweakest part of the run d comes on theoutside, he will be abused.

    -most importantly guys, realize he is not an olb. He is a DE in college , a 4-3 DE . It is projected the guy will struggle in term of transition to the NFL. He just simply does not fit in the mold. 3 4 olb have run stopping capabilities, may cover or rush the passer. They are essentially the core a 3 4 is built upon. So experience and skill tops talent in this position. Smith is a big risk , a path an already successful team will never take.

    Feel free to reply, i want to see some outside opinions.

    • Steve says:

      This has been said about him several times in other threads/topics, but I personally feel he’s young and can be coached up…he’ll have to make the jump to OLB like many others, only he has the measurables to do it. I agree…he will need to get better against the run….hold the edge; I would take a shot that he can pull it off…grow into that body a bit and get stronger. In 2 seasons you could have a super star pass rushing, full-time OLB. We have to take a shot sometime.
      So, to start off he can play situationally…grow into the postition if he hasn’t grasped it all right away. Perhaps his ability to put pressure on passing downs, and in certain packages will be enough to start…to get him on the team.
      He’s a freakish athlete…long and lean…can knock down his share of passes also…get into the QB’s head etc….
      He’s the type of player…up-side…that teams need reach on in the first round.
      I do think it’s highly likely that he won’t last until 16, but I couldn’t put him at 100% that he won’t slip to us because of the QB’s changing the entire draft.
      I still will rather have Quinn, but he’s 2nd on my list…

  21. Steve says:

    Here’s a few thoughts…

    – Let’s all hope that these marginal QB’s look very strong at the combine and/or private work outs. If they do, several teams picking just ahead of us (and some higher, but I think they’ll skip most of these QB’s) could be enticed to start a run on the position and really help us out. The run may even start with our slot, or just in front. This may allow us to move and gain more picks, but I’m thinking it will allow us to scoop up a player that slides because of the need for QB’s.

    – So, if 3 (plus?) QB’s are taken infront of us, who are the top dozen players? Better, I’m not sure I can name a dozen players, at this point, who will go in the top half of the first round…before us (excluding QB’s, seeing this is the point).

    I’ll try now…(in no particular order)

    1. Bowers
    2. Fairley
    3. Peterson
    4. Dareus
    5. Quinn
    6. Green
    7. Gabbert
    8. Miller

    I can’t put one other player in that top part of the draft with any certainty…not even Amukamara (I’m guessing he slides, but if you want to add him in as #9 that’s fine with me).
    So, 9 + 3 (QB’s) = 12…now we have 4 more players going ahead of us, or really to any team in that top 16, then our “available players”.

    Guys who are pushing to get in that top list of 16: Solder, Aldon Smith, Tyson Smith, Costanzo, Ingram, Kerrigan, Julio Jones…

    Am I off? I almost want to put Clayborn in there, but I can’t say for sure that he is that sure right now.

    This could be the next thread…love to hear what people have to say about who is definate, because I don’t think there are more than my 8 players.

    – I’m thinking somebody will take Phil Taylor in the first round…he’s just too big and strong…too rare an athlete/position. If he has a strong combine, and shows some serious attitude, movement & strength, he could bust into this list very quickly.

    • NEPD says:

      We have Phil Taylor going top 20.

      • Steve says:

        Nice…you’re ahead of your time. I haven’t looked at your mock in a week or so, but you may be the only one that has him in the first.
        I was watching the NFL Network on him and was wondering if the Pats would pass on a guy that big at 17, or 28?

        What do you think of the top picks…the list above?

      • NEPD says:

        Not too far off IMO – I’ll put a similar topic as our next open thread.

      • Steve says:

        I see you moved him up to Diego…that works.

        Thanks for the thread…should make some interesting conversation, especially with the Senior Bowl today, and players starting to fall into place somewhat.

        That new draft would be very nice for the Pats, the only thing that would kill me is if Quinn goes at 16 right in front of the Pats, with all their picks to trade. If for some reason Quinn gets near 10 I would hope they scramble and go get him.
        It’s a personal thing…I think he’s a super star and a perfecd fit for our system and a perfect need for our team right now, and going forward. Which I’ve been too obnoxious in stating…

  22. StevieG says:

    1st must know. Practice sqadders Maneri n Austin.Players? Must resign Madkins. FA reciever with size n playmaking abillities. THUS:1a-olb Smith/de Hayword..1b olb-Kerrigan/de-Wilkerson..2a ot-Costanzo/Carini..2b Moffit/Injalana..3a-de-Carter..3b fs-Sands..4 rb-Scott..5 olb-Herzlich..6 wr-Gates(ACU)

  23. Bruschi54 says:

    #17- Kerrigan OLB
    #28- Pouncey G/C
    #33- Wilkerson DE
    #60- House CB
    #74- Jah Reid OT/UCF
    #92- Randall Cobb WR/Kentucky
    4th RD- Tom Keiser OLB/DE Stanford
    5th RD- Ryan Pugh C/G Auburn

    I have House going higher than the projections, If BB likes him he will go get him earlier than expected. Could be RB in the #60 slot if Pats go after Champ Bailey as free agent. Cobb looks like Greg Jennings clone and has been very productive with weak QB and SEC competition, starting to get a lot of attention and may go higher.

    • JMC says:

      I like Pouncey at #28. With or without Mankins the Patriots OL needs a Guard (I think Light will remain a Patriot).

      Overall, I think Richard Marshall is a better free agent signing CB.

  24. CC says:

    I like the list overall, although I don’t see Mike Pouncey on it and he’d do great with us.
    Also, I see drafting 2 DE’s on there. although I if possable agee so we done grab a dud somehow, it would be nice to have two and then just shift someone else around since we would need it anyway.

    But, I think they ought to look real hard at free agency and see where the holes can be filled from that a.s.a.p., even if it is just one main top possition player and one smaller concern of another regarding depth.

    *Now that Fisher is gone coaching the Titans, I see this team ripe for free agent picking, and I’d definetlly contact free agent DE Jason Babin A.S.A.P.! As well as maybe LB Stephen Tulloch? But Babin for sure.

    I don’t see Babin being a free agent this year and wanting 2 stay on a team in such turmoil, that we all know is and will go nowhere.
    Taggin this guy is great in general, but it will relieve draft chioces up without question at the same time. He’ll provide clear and proven talent, he’s still young and still moldable.
    He took a little while to step-up initially and grow in the NFL, but that is done with and the Patriot’s are a great fit for him.

    I’d save (1) one of the DE pick you have listed up there, grab Jason Babin quick before he head’s somewhere else and let that pick go for either another pick in general, or specifically use it if needed 2 move up & make sure we get the extra O-line man we need like a Mike Pouncy to go along with a Wisnewski, or a Costanzo ect.

  25. Ryan says:

    I said this earlier Christian Ballard, by far the best Iowa lineman, good size 6’5″, but maybe needs to bulk up a bit. He definitely has a lot of potential. He seems to me like a darn good book end in our scheme.

  26. iceman says:

    He passed on Mathews because he showed up at USC as a 170 walk on, and his best friend at USC was Brian Cushing. I think you can read in between the lines on him. I agree that we need at OLB, 5 technique DE and versatile OL. I’d like a RB to be picked up in the later rounds. I like Bilal Powell from Louisville. I would also like to see Taylor Price get time over Eddleman, and pass on a WR.

    • Steve says:

      Too funny…great point, and very true…

      Another hazard of the draft: roid heads…abusers

      I think you hit the nail on the head (Mathew’s swollen roid head). Teams have to really watch for the “abusers” for mutliple reasons:
      -the get suspended for testing positive
      -take the money, get off the roids, then stink
      -they get hurt because of the abuse and issues involving the use

      So, those are some big red flags…short careers too. See guys like Merriman, Goulston (Jets…bust!), many, many more…they are a huge risk.

      Merriman is a great example because he wasn’t a bust. I remember that draft very well….he was coming out of Maryland and they showed all his lifting records…a complete freak…pass rushing specialist that could fit any teams system. Why did he slip? I kept wondering why somebody didn’t jump in and take him in the top 5, and I can’t remember where he went and I’m too lazy to look it up, but you get the point. I say many teams just don’t want the issues…it’s just too obvious.

      Look now at Goulston, he was so obviously a roid freak…got himself drafted in the lottery…and probably does the smart thing and gets right off the roids…he has his money for life; then he can’t compete anymore…the team has zero recourse. Cushing could be another one…we’ll see how long he lasts, and we’ll also see how long Mathew’s holds up. His head may explode first….

  27. Pete says:

    Is Cam Jordan really big enough to play in our scheme??

    also – Nick, i don’t see us talking 2 DEs with our 1st 2 picks.

    • Steve says:

      That was my first impression of him…just not big enough to play the DT/DE position for the Pats. Ty Warren is the ideal…Seymour was the freak….just long, huge & athletic. Maybe Warren can work in situationally, maybe the Pats are looking for more quicks and will sacrifice a bit to get some pressure? Perhaps he can carry another 10lbs? He’s looking ok…but, he’s not the ideal size. I think we like them to be around 310 min…Brace, Wilfork, and G Warren must all be over 330, Wilfork probably 360! Their job is to take up blocker(S)…let the LB’s make plays. That’s why Spikes fits in this system with his lack of speed….he can be quick to the hole and tough as nails and stop the run, while holding his ground.

  28. Nick says:

    17 – J.J. Watt: I think he could be the end that the Pats have been missing since Seymour.
    28 – Muhammad Wilkerson: helps d-line solidify itself again. Great picl with great potential. Not to mention perfect for 3-4.
    33 – Stefen Wisniewski: great linemwn that could instantly contend for a starting postion on a o-line that could see some drastic changes

  29. mike says:

    Wow, jeff i dont know what your smoking, but i sure dont want any.
    Kerigan a bust ? The guys work ethic make him probably least likely to bust.

    Patriots run D is very overrated, i dont want someone like aldon smith to be a liability on an already weakened run D. Think about the games. What are those losses and close games have in common? We got destroyed by some back up full back Kuhn. As much as i want a pass rush, run defense liability is just not worth it.

    By the way, it is quite possible either constanzo, carimi, or pouncy are still available at 28th.

    PS the athletism **** is worth nothing. They said the same about Clay Mathews being unathletic. It’s football players, not athletes.

    • Jeff says:

      Let me clarify….I think he would be good value in the second round but he does not have that elite talent for the 1st round. Just my take. Most agree he lacks explosiveness and speed. We shall see.

      Note – The Pats needed an OLB and passed on Mathews….and I bet they would do it again. Im not sure Bill values OLBs all that much for some reason. I thinks Mathews is a difference maker dude is awesome.

      • Steve says:

        I agree Jeff (commented below), and I think BB is more careful about drafting 3-4 converts because he knows the risk…he sees the failure rate, especially in his system. He demands a ton from these guys…tall, strong, smart, fast, can cover, react etc…
        I believe he likes to see them as pro’s somewhere…like Vrabel & Colvin…take some of the risk out of it. Look at how he got burned by A. Thomas…it’s not an exact science. He must see these kids in college and just not see point to risking such a high pick on someone who may never play a down.
        A few years ago I loved Larry English…to make the switch to 3-4. I believe SD drafted him ahead of us, but he’s done nothing; so I’m told.
        Sometimes kids in college with huge motors, good attitudes, good systems, great health etc…can really exploit other “lesser” players and build their stats (I see this in JJ Watt somewhat), but they get to the next level…a massive step up on talent…and their are few weaklings to look good against…they get beat down…stoned. I believe a few situations like this happened to Kerrigan this week going against the top (not great) LT’s.

    • Steve says:

      I understand you point, but I have to disagree with the athleticism thing. Spikes comes to mind, was supposed to be a 1st rounder then dropped to possible 3rd rounder because he couldn’t run…not athletic enough to play every down. The truth is they were right, and they were partly wrong. The guy can NOT run, and this doesn’t help a LB when he has to “run”down a play.
      So, if you are making a trend of ignoring speed & athleticism you will field a professional team that is obviously, overall, unathletic, slow etc…
      Aldon Smith doesn’t have to be an every down LB to start…he can build up…he’s young, but he has upside…big-time. He can come in on passing downs and put some pressure and after a season or two we could have a pro bowl OLB…dynamic and strong…playing every down.
      Kerrigan could be very good, or good, but will he be great? Especially making the jump to a 3-4. If I were a 4-3 team I would take him in the 2nd half of the 1st round, no sooner.
      But, if the Pats take him I’m onboard…it means they like what they see and want to work with the kid…I’m just concerned, as are many others, with some of his tools. It’s a big jump…not everyone translates….most don’t at all.
      He’s a guy you pull for though…seems like a serious football player, as you said, and I agree with that 100%.

  30. Ryan says:

    17 – Aldon Smith – I like this pick, I’m not sure he will be there.
    28 – Christian Ballard – The combine could seriously hurt or help his stock. Id rather have him than Adrian Clayborn.
    33 – Mike LeShoure or maybe…. Ingram
    60 – Moffit ( I think his stock is on the rise, thats my opinion though)

    However, supposedly while the Pats staff was watching Ballard they were also working out Jordan

  31. Chris says:

    Think there is a possibility of taking Mikel Leshoure at 33 if hes there which i think is a good possibility the way RB’s Have fallen in the draft in recent years?

    • Jeff says:

      Never see him play. Whats the scouting report on Leshoure?

    • Steve says:

      I believe it’s a long-shot that they take a running back with those first 3 picks, but stranger things have happened and they do “need” another back…a talented one would be very nice, short-term & long-term.
      He’s right there as the best back in the country…he’s explosive. Think of BJGE with more burst and size…able to hit that next level. He’s not a homerun type back, but close enough. He seems to have good hands also, which was a surprise. He’s a tough, mean runner.
      I would love to see him fall to the mid-2nd round and have them go up and get him. But, I do feel they’ll use these picks on other positions with greater value.
      We’ve talked about the multiple reasons RB’s slip in drafts more than enough…and, they can be had from FA’s & late drafts (our starting backfield is undrafted!).
      Maybe the Pats see a big drop off in talent and love the kid so they take him at #33??? I would like to see him here…he’s impressive and would help grind things out, while improving a position….taking pressure off Brady to throw 40 times a day…making these defenses think…eating clock etc…

      • Ryan says:

        I like the Demarco Murry, any thoughts on him. I think his stock will rise. Leshoure is a good option as well.

      • Jeff says:

        Ryan,as an OU fan I have seen just about every carry Demarco has had over the past 5 years. Here is my take. Runs hard…works hard…great receiver…good pass blocker…runs with power…tends to get tripped up (he doesnt pick his legs up high enough)…tends to take inside runs outside way to much….injuries include 2 knee surgeries, hamsrting injury, high ankle sprain…and I think a shoulder…..end of the he will be a very good 3rd down back and special teams player in the nfl. He can return punts and kicks. With Woodhead here I dont see DM as a fit.

  32. Steve says:

    Well, it would be nice but I’m betting Aldon Smith is long gone by #17, and there’s no way Costanzo is there at the end of the 1st round. The Pats will be lucky to have either player slip to 17, but I just don’t see it happen. One guy is showing to be a starting left tackle with great intangibles/brains, and the other is a freak of an athlete….the very type of player teams reach for in the first. Also, I don’t think Moffit makes it through the 2nd round, but I would like a player like him with their 2nd second round pick. I like that they are saying his mean & nasty…plus skilled. I like the idea of Wilkerson…he sure looks the part…the ideal body for a 3-4 DT/DE in our system…haven’t seen much film on him. He may be a player they take at #28.
    Kerrigan I’m guessing will be there at 17 and this scares me because I can hear it now if we pass on him, and I’m thinking we will. I just don’t see the athleticism in this guy…not for a mid-first round pick.
    So, where is the pass rusher coming from? Maybe they get a guy like Cameron Jordan? Maybe Houston, who I’m liking more now, but that will have to be at #28 the earliest on Houston, Jordan maybe at 17.

    I would be fired up if the Pats walk away with Costanzo or Smith at 17 though…that would be a great start to the draft.

    • Jeff says:

      Kerrigan = BUST…..If Von Miller weighted 255 I think he would be a great pick but at 237 im not sure Bill would even given him the chance on the edge.

      • Steve says:

        I think Von Miller will be gone, but he’s just not a fit for our team/system…not even close. He’s a 4-3 edge rushing specialists…that’s it. I’m not buying into the 3-4 OLB thing…I don’t see it, especially when BB wants the guys to be 6’4 plus and at least 255 and strong against the run.

      • TD says:

        Yeah too small, he’s closer to Rodney Harrison size than Vrabel. Also, I watched Ohio State? run all over his side of the field.

      • Bruschi54 says:

        If Von Miller could come in year one and provide pass rush on passing downs while BB works on his game it would be upgrade over what is going on now. Smaller than what we normally like, but there is no question he has the ability to find the QB vs top college programs for several seasons. Aldon Smith has “potential” and “should” be able to play in space, but has only had one stand out season(2 yrs ago) to project it on. Kerrigan is still the guy with the size, motor & production over multiple seasons that should warrant hard look at #17. I personally would not be upset if whoever is picked there does great job pressuring the QB in year one while the rest of his game is refined to the Pats system. James Harrison was supposed to be to small, not stout enough to play the run and not fast enough to play in space coming out of mid-level program at Kent State. He is not perhaps the most disruptive 3-4 OLB in the NFL. It might be time to look the best PLAYER, not the next 6’5″ Shawn Crable, Pierre Woods non player.

  33. TD says:

    If you believe all the draft analyzers, there are a plethora of DLinemen and edge rushers. If this is true, we are in position to get 1 or 2 of these or if there is a run on these players, a top notch CB, OL or RB will fall to us at #17. Someone say, like Ingram, the Miami CB, Castonzo or Sherrod.

    • Steve says:

      Yes, but only a small handful fit our system…that’s the problem. And, the “experts” love everyone, but the truth is only a small number of these guys will be any good. The question is: which ones??? And, at what value/pick do you risk it? I do think the Pats will end up with an O-lineman, a DE/DT or a 3-4/OLB…one of each with the first 4 picks.
      I realize that’s not that big a stretch, but that’s about as good as we can do right now.

    • Chris says:

      If they take another miami bust im gonna throw myself off a cliff, id like to see them stay away for a change.

  34. cash says:

    Im kinda upset that BB has to coach the pro-bowl. I would much rather him be scouting at the Senior Bowl

    • Chris says:

      Theres alot of coming free agents playing in the pro bowl could spark something in him to go after one 🙂 Always an upside to everything.

  35. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    I’d take that in a heartbeat – although I’m not sure Hankerson makes it to #60.

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