2011 Patriots Mock Draft 2.0

Aldon Smith

Is this Tiger ready to hunt some AFC East quarterbacks?

Our first Patriots Mock Draft was done a couple of weeks ago, although with all of the NCAA Underclassmen declaring for the NFL Draft, it is time for us to give it an update.

1st Round (#17)

The Patriots number one need at this point is a consistent pass-rush. There are a lot of options to look at in the 2011 NFL Draft, but nobody has the potential to wreak as much havoc as Aldon Smith (DE/OLB, Missouri). Robert Quinn will almost certainly be off the board here, but he and Ryan Kerrigan would round out three of top pass-rushers.

Smith, like many of the Patriots rookies this year, would have some serious acclimation to do in the NFL. He will need to diversify his rush moves, as his incredible swim-move will eventually become predictable. His strength will also need some work, but as a redshirt-sophomore, he still has room to grow some muscle.

Both of those negatives pale in comparison to his top-notch speed, motor, and versatility. Smith excels in coverage, is great rushing the passer, and has the skills and technique, if not the strength, to play against the run. He bats down a lot of ball due to his freakishly long arms and his versatility is an added bonus. Smith played some DT, DE, and standing up during his two seasons at Mizzou.

1st Round (#32)
Marcel Dareus would be an ideal 3-4 defensive end prospect for the Patriots defense, but he will certainly be gone within the first 10 picks. After him, a variety of options in the five-technique department open up for New England. Our choice for the Patriots is Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple), an ideal example (6-5/305) of what the Patriots look for in a DE.

He sheds blockers with ease and can anchor against double teams when called on. Most draft analysts have Wilkerson rated in the 2nd or 3rd round, but Bill Belichick has never been shy about going out and getting the guy that they want.

2nd Round (#33)
Until we know that Logan Mankins has been re-signed, offensive guard is a high priority for the Patriots. Stefen Wisniewski (OL, Penn State) is a competitive blocker that can play all the interior-line positions. His solid technique, fitness, and football IQ make him tailor-made for Coach Dante’s blocking academy.

His center skills are decent, but his lone ding comes working out of the shotgun – something the Patriots do pretty often. Mike Pouncey and Ben Ijalana are other options here if this Nittany Lion doesn’t fit “the Bill.”

2nd Round (#64)
Danny Woodhead and Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis have done a remarkable job at the running back position for the Patriots in 2010. However, with Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor approaching their “sell-by date”, the Patriots would be wise to add some quality youth and depth at the position.

Demarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma) would be a good fit for the Patriots, with his experience in the passing game (71 receptions in 2010) being an added bonus to his running prowess.

3rd Round (#74)
The Patriots always like to draft a defensive back or two, so why should this draft be any different. Kenny Tate (S, Maryland) is a hidden gem right now, and we hope that he stays that way. He has 1st-Round talent and the size (6-4/220) and speed combination that would look great in a big-nickel or three-safety scheme. We think that you’ll be hearing much more about Mr. Tate here after the NFL Combine. We have the Patriots using their 5th round pick to move up to pick #70 to make sure they get their guy.

3rd Round (#96)
With Matt Light’s contract up and tackle depth being somewhat questionable, Danny Watkins (OT, Baylor) is certainly a player that will warrant some thought. The Patriots scouting department has made at least one trip to watch Watkins play this year. He has played the guard position as well, which merely adds to his value. The only knock that we have on Watkins (6-5/310) is his age. The canadian-born Watkins would turn 27 during his rookie season.

The other option would be to trade this pick into the future, which the Patriots front-office will certainly explore. Currently, the Patriots have no extra picks in 2012, a situation that rarely lasts for too long.

4th Round
Coach Belichick is always preaching to his defensive backs about getting a good jam at the line of scrimmage. Davon House (CB, New Mexico State) is a corner that excels in that arena. He may struggle a bit if he has to turn and run with some of the speedier receivers in the NFL, but his durability, tackling, and size will make him an attractive target in the mid-rounds.

6th Round
Dain Taylor (DE/OLB, Drake) is a small-school prospect with big-school talent. He projects well to the Patriots 3-4 OLB position, where his athleticism and motor could make him the next Dane Fletecher to make the team.

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58 Responses to “2011 Patriots Mock Draft 2.0”

  1. Justin H says:

    I think the Patriots should draft a Olb/DE to help out in the passing rushing game they should also get a Defensive Back to make their defence a more complete in the divisional game it looked like they had an aged receiving corps so they should think about getting a recevier to help Tom Brady win another super bowl.

  2. Common Cent$ says:

    If local kid Jordan Todman of UCONN (Dartmouth,MA) is still available with our second pick in the second round or even better, our first pick in the third round we should really consider taking him. He was second in country in rushing yards per game by a running back, runs a 4.41 forty, can catch the ball and he fumbled once in 300 plus carries. Most scouts expect him to run in the mid to high 4.3s at the combine. He is a north south runner with a lot of power for his size. Green-Ellis style runner with Jamal Charles speed and elusiveness. Pounded out 120 yds on 30 plus carries in the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma for an over matched UCONN team. He’s a tough ,durable and fast back who’ll fit right in with Green-Ellis and Woodhead.

  3. TD says:

    We don’t need high (over) priced players because the media builds them up, we need football players that come ready to compete and eat, sleep, breath football. This excludes the likes of Moss, AD, Burgess, Springs, et al. I think we’ve learned this year that rookies and UFA’s bring those qualities and they come cheap, letting BB build real quality depth.

    Want a comparison: Indy pays stars big money and has no quality depth. What happens when injuries strike? Barely make the playoffs and 1 and done in the playoffs. What happens to NE when injuries strike? The next in line steps up and we go 14-2.

    • Steve says:

      TD, Great point, and as we’ve watched the Patriots the last decade under BB one thing sticks out to me, and that is he learns…he evolves. What you’re saying about how he has stripped this team of all the egos etc…is very true, and it’s something that has come along somewhat gradually. I think last year was the last straw, and it took some time, and motiviation, to finally get rid of Moss, and regain control of his team.
      More so, with the salary cap, and the nature of injuries in the game, he’s learned that depth isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity, and a serious competitive edge…along with positional flexibility where it can be had.

      I think many forget how badly injured the early Pats Super Bowl teams were…they were much like the Colts this year, yet they won; and it’s pretty amazing still.

      This year’s success should shape the type of player you see come in here for the remainder of BB career. He drafted McCourty…a solid kid, and I very good talent, but he’s coachable. I just think he’s has his last experiment and flirtation with high maintenance players. They’re just not worth it in such a team oriented sport. He’ll look harder for the character guys and coach them up, and it may take some failures, and some time, but we see the results, like you said….in their wins.

  4. Ralph says:

    I really like Casey Matthews, he will go in the end of the 4th or 5th round, I think he has a good game, I like his pedigree.
    I would like a running back too in the 3rd, 4th.
    I also like the potential from 2nd year players next year like, Dane Fletcher, Ryan Wendell. Add 1 or 2 Steals in the UDFA’s we find.
    Add Ty and Leigh, we can have a very solid D next year.
    Im also very curious about WR’s next year, can Taylor price step up and be the vertical threat?

    • Steve says:

      I agree…I’m very curious to see how well Price develops when the camps roll around. If they take another mid-round receiver that will say something right away, kind of. I’m hoping he has a 2nd year like Chung had…a huge off season of hard work, then results on the field.

      I see him potentially becoming something like a Gaffney, wiith more downfield potential do to his speed and young legs. That’s saying a lot, Gaffney drop those key passes, but was a good receiver for us.

      Wendell & Fletcher, and a few others…Sergio Brown will be up against more competition next year; they will be fun to watch also….see if they can make the team again…see how, and if, they improve.

      It will be an interesting camp next year…lots of expectations from young players.

      This will be a critical time for Butler & Brace…they have to show some big improvements. They will have had the coaching and the playing time, now it will be on them. If they don’t come in showing big improvements the team may cut ties altogether…project over. Brace I see having more of an edge with his play this year; Butler has these playoffs to show if he can cover or not; so far he just can’t cover. He simply got lucky against Buffalo with bad throws….he was beat several times. I’m pulling for him to make the jump, but it’s getting late…his chances will run out shortly.

    • TD says:

      We will be better on D even w/out a draft as IR’d players come back. Agree w/ assessment on Butler & Brace; if they step up, what a D we will have.

      TPrice looks more like DGivens to me. We don’t need vertical WR’s; our O has transformed to a horizontal one. We make defenders like Revis & Cromartie defend the whole field, not just straight down the hash marks via Moss. Our Off. attacks their weakness-defending horizontally. We don’t have someone “take the top off” a D, we attack the top w/Gronk, Hernandez & Alge. Mismatches all over the place!

  5. cash says:

    this year BB will be all about the trenches. OL, DL (most likely DE), and OLB. Pouncey has patriots written all over him. Bruce Carter of UNC is an option at OLB. BB knows games are won and lost in the trenches with the front 7s controlling the game. Thats why he values them so much.. I dont see a RB before rd4, maybe one in the 3rd rd somewhere. GreenEllis is everything BB wants in a back, doesnt fumble, picks up positive yardage, and can block and catch..

    People keep bringing up Kerrigan but he would have to switch to OLB in the 3-4 so im not sure BB will want to take a project that early in the daft

    • prioris says:

      Pouncy performance has dropped into toilet according to many scouting reports. Maybe he’ll be a guard drafted in 5th round.

    • Steve says:

      Carter blew out his knee, I would say that puts him toward the end of the 2nd at the highest, maybe we could take a risk like we did with Tate, we have the picks to gamble on a few. He’s a very good player…maybe he’ll bounce back after a season of recovery…on the IR etc…build it back up. He would have been a 1st in this draft without a doubt.
      If Pouncey is 75% of what his brother is, and I’m not saying he is, then he’ll go in the late first early 2nd…His brother is dominating, and he did have a nice bowl game.

  6. prioris says:

    CAM NEWTONS draft rating had to plummet after BCS game.
    BCS QB’s played like high schoolers
    Whoever takes Cam Newton first round will really be left holding a bag
    of manure

    • Steve says:

      I don’t like one QB coming out this year, but teams will be forced to take one if they don’t have, but I wouldn’t be shocked if many slipped. I hope that isn’t the case, and teams take at least a few high so more solid player falls the Pats.

      The kid from Missouri looks way over-rated also….funny release. Rivers has an unorthodox release, but not like this kid…I don’t like him in the top 10, or even in the 1st.

      • prioris says:

        i’d take a qb that at least has a decent arm and shows some mechanics. mallet and locker are prospects. locker had terrible OL and receivers so I would not worry too much about his stats. i would search those small obscure schools also.

  7. CC says:

    ***Bottom line is that this year, even thought it’s not the norm…The Pat’s need2 shock the NFL and they need 2b willing to draft UP!
    Sound’s hard to say when they have two pick’s in each of the first three round’s huh’!
    But there will be 2 much clear & needed talent gone by the time we get to number 17 & then 32. (Even when barring a win in the superbowl the Pat’s stand to have two(2) pick’s in a row given Carolina’s #1 round2 pick @ 33 overall as well. Still much will be lost by the time 17 comes around……
    I’d personally collect a host number of lower style pick’s & see who want’s them “almost” regardless of the team they go2.
    This and including trading some uneccessaries with lower level pick’s, will “Up the anti in the earlier round’s”, “guarantee starting style talent now” and “forgo and project player’s”. This is the specific and needed year 2do it.

    With Injuries galore, uncertanty at certain possition’s with pending free agent’s and old age…..It’s the right thing 2do and the time 2do it.

    Clearly the Defensive side need’s consistancy,( we can’t keep plugging hole’s and praying….amen). The Pass russ is in need of top notch consistant care,
    We need a true running back after dumping the Taylor/Morris waste. We need to replace “guard” super bad…, Who knows if Mankin’s is going to be signed and that leaves Neal who’s older… Even if mankins stay’s…..We need a Mike Pouncey, Rodney Hudson, or Orlando Franklin 2 shore up that possition NOW.

    You think we can afford an injury next year with a veteran who’s got no real back-up?? NO.

    Personally; and with respect to injury, uncertainties and need………….
    Some of my wish list and fit’s:

    1st-DT Stephan Paea. Do almost whatever it takes 2 get this guy!! A replacement for the injured neck of Ron Brace and look to the future with youth while dumping all the extra’s we’ve been keeping around. This guy is a must for us & 2not go 2 another team-never mind in our division!!!

    DE Ryan Kerrigan, We havent had a bad ass DE since trading you know who? !!

    OG Mike Pouncey, maybe even a Rodney Hudson.

    OT Gabe Carimi, or even Stephen Shilling.

    6th OLB Jeremy Beal. Although a tad slower than Von Miller, he’s an inch taller and almost 25lbs bigger than Von.

    and yes, I would clearly consider taking the CB who just got cut from the Raider’s! He’s a shut down guy who never get’s the ball thrown his way because opossing QB’s know he’s a major threat and he would do very, very well for us on the other side of McCourty.

    We’ll see what happen’s with the off season?

    • prioris says:

      There is plenty of rawer talent further down and cheaper and just as good.
      BB is not stupid to trade down in a major way outside of top 5. This does not preclude going up a slot or two. I can see BB trading 32 or 33 pick or maybe both for maybe 2013 1st picks.

      • Steve says:

        That’s what I’m afraid of, that he deals one of these 1st rounders, or the 33rd for a future 1st, with a pick in the 3rd this year. Something like that. It’s a good move, but it will ruin my fun for the day(s).

        I say he shocks the world and goes up to get a blue chipper….I won’t mention it again because I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.

      • prioris says:

        the blue chips are top 3 and that would cost too much.

        He would need to trade the 17th and 32nd plus a third to get that plus more.

        blue chip would be peterson, bowers and fairley. after that, no one is worth going high for. i see trading up 17th (950) + 32 (590) = so maybe 7th round pick and throwing in 3rd (210) maybe 4th. unless those players are there, it may not be worth it.

        patriots certainly got ammunition to get easily to 4th

        of course the blue chip bb gets would suffer a torn quadracep and have a severe case of toe turf in training camp and pats fans would be bummed out

      • jake says:

        For years all BB has done is traded down to get more picks. The important thing this year is to get a guy or guys who will be potential roty. Last draft’s teams with two 1st round picks both got really good guys. Seattle’s rookies helped them to get into the playoffs (even if it was in the fineprint). Bowers would be a dream pick, and I think Arizona, Carolina, or even Cleveland would be willing to trade down to the Pats so they can get the pieces they need but aren’t necessarily top 5 prospects.

    • TD says:

      What, the last 10 years not working for you? Do want to have a knee jerk organization like Jerry has built in big D? He took JJ’s super bowl ready team and has run it into the dirt because he is King!

  8. Neon-Deion 21 says:

    i think drafting a RB is a good chose, because RB kevin Faulk is getting aged, and also RB Fred Taylor is getting aged and is more prone to injuries( which is unfortunate).

    —-Neon-Deion 21

    • jake says:

      I sort of agree with that, but with the power of Green-Ellis and Woodhead’s speed, I think signing an aged (not old) running back (Ricky Williams might be a free agent this year) to mentor the young backs would be better than drafting another youngblood.

  9. mike says:

    I think drafting a safety is stupid as we have the best safetu rotation in the league.

  10. NEPD says:

    Question for you awesome commenters out there… how many of you would want to see a NEPD Podcast? I can make it with live call-in questions/discussion, mailbag style questions, or both.

    What say you?

  11. Ryan says:

    Any thoughts ona CB Asamoguh (spelling) coming to the Patriots that would change our entire draft! Imagine our three deep at CB’s
    Asamoguh, McCourty, Bodden

    • Neon-Deion 21 says:

      hey, that would be awesome. CB Asamoguh ( spelling) coming to NE, yet, i dont think Belichick would give him that much money because he’ll will be asking for money.

      • Ryan says:

        I was hearing of ESPN that because he failed to make his incentives he would be getting 15 million less than normal.

    • Steve says:

      He’ll be asking for a boat load of cash, I would rather see Champ Bailey come here for a couple of years and go nuts in this system picking off balls and winning a few Super Bowls…on discount.

  12. John says:

    It’ll be very interesting which running back the Patriots get and in which round. I’m hoping for Mikel LeShoure of Illinois. I’m guessing that he goes in the middle of the 2nd round which means that I’d like to see them trade up their 64th pick of the second round to snatch him up. Since running back is a need but not a necessity, they should wait until the end of the second round or early third round unless someone good slips down too much. For example, if Mark Ingram was still on the board at #26 pick, BB might grab him like he did with Gronkowski in the 2nd round last year.

    • Steve says:

      Amen…I’m a big LeShoure fan, but I’m thinking he may be gone at the end of the 1st, or top of the 2nd. He reminds me of BJGE in many ways; he’s just bigger and has more burst to get to the 2nd level. He’s a downhill, one-cut runner who seems to be very powerful and protects the ball well.
      The cats out of the bag though…his talents are now known; just hope he runs a little slower and slips a bit. I’m hoping the same thing with Ingram. Those are the two backs I would want on the Pats, after that I would wait till the 3rd round and beyond to take the guy they like the best. They’re not desperate…you can find FE running backs and low draft choices. Our two guys are undrafted…what does that tell you about the position? It screams: don’t waste high picks on this position, ever! Not to mention the life of a running back isn’t that long. It’s a passing league now also; so they’re just not that valuable.

    • Steve says:

      I have sounded like I’m contradicting myself…I think that some very talented running backs will still be drafted high because there are coaches & GM’s who’s jobs are on the line, and they need 1st downs…have to move the chains somehow to get a shot a wins. They are desperate, and maybe a little stupid in many cases; so they will draft a running back with the hopes of just handing the ball off and making something happen. They don’t have job security so it changes their thinking a bit….all benefits the Pats, because they don’t need to do such things…BB is secure, and Brady can move the chains.

      It would be a luxury for us, and with all those picks I wouldn’t be shocked if they took a running back high, but I would be surprised a bit.

  13. Ryan says:

    I hate the word “reach” but this year I think will be the year the Patriots need to “reach” there are plenty of good players, but in all honesty I think we have plenty of good players who have yet to even shine. I think if it were me, I would try to get up in the top 5 area and snag Robert Quinn, if there was not any luck there I would aim for Prince or Kerrigan. Then hopefully John Clay will be in there in the second. I like NEPATS choice of the Murray pick as well. Dain Taylor will ultimatly become my Austen Lane for this year; The underdog I hope the Pats snag.

    • Steve says:


      I’ve been screaming this for the past few months….the play this year is to cash in these chips (package some picks) and go up and get Quinn. Even if they still miss on him they can grab a DT, Peterson, or AJ Greene.

      I see the value chart as garbage this year…throw it away and grab a top tier player. Quinn is going to be a super star, especially if BB coaches him up and puts that athletic freak to work on the outside.

      I see this as a no brainer in this weak draft, and it seems to be getting weaker and weaker by the day. No Jenkins now….

  14. John says:

    It looks like we have the Hard Knox New York Jets with all the big talkers and their so-called all star quarterback Sanchez. I hate the Jets more than any other football team and I couldn’t ask for a better game. Payback time to all the Jet fans.

    • Steve says:

      I was hoping the Jets got bounced in week 1, but the Colts getting bounced is almost as good, and now we don’t have to worry about Manning.

      The Jets offense looks just terrible…it will take a lot for them to come in here and out score the Pats. There D will have to hold Brady to under 21 or so, and I just don’t see that happening at all.

      We can’t lose to the Jets….that won’t be good for my health.

  15. JimC says:

    This draft sucks!!!

    I don’t see any of these players breaking into the starting lineup. When you have two first rounders you need to think outside the box. The Patriots still need another top cornerback and more help on the OL. Light and Neal are old and Mankins is up in the air with his contract. The Pat’s could go from having one of the best OL to one of the worst.

    There are 2 excellent Left tackles and decent quards in this years draft and they need to get a couple of them.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      Seriously? You asked for OL help… Wisniewski and Watkins. You asked for a CB… House + Tate plays safety.

      Light will get resigned and hopefully Mankins too. Neal is probably done.

      Connolly, Koppen, Kaczur, and Vollmer will all be there. Pretty solid with those guys plus the two picks here.

      • Steve says:


        I agree…and, I just don’t worry abou this offensive line. I’ve said this before, but Dante seems to pull the crew he has together, and fast….year after year. He’s got such a track record you can almost put it out of your mind…he’s on the job.

        They’ll fill the spots and the guys will be coached and worked to where they’re in top shape. Our line is tough, smart and in extremely good shape…you see it in the 4th quarter every game.

      • JimC says:

        Hey Guru,

        When you have basically 3 picks in the first round…usually top 35 are considered first rounders you don’t draft projects. Smith lacks the experience, he has really only played 2 years in college. Smith to me is like Jerry Hughes who by the way has done nothing for the colts.

        Wilkerson has not played against any top level talent. Both these player are 3rd or 4th rounders…possibly higher if they perform at the combine.

        Wisniewski is too small to play left guard, he has the tools but there are better linemen in this draft.

      • Coach Bill says:

        If Wilkerson and Smith are both there in the 3rd round – I’ll buy you a cheese sandwich.

      • Steve says:

        I disagree with what JimC is saying below, and here’s why:

        Often teams reach in the 1st round, we did it with Ben Watson (not successfully). Guys like Aldon Smith, Jason Pierre Paul etc…are reaches, not to mention almost every receiver and many other players. The game is about mismatches, and certain athletes can make it happen, and they usually have “measurables”…strength (Mike Mamula infamously), Robert Galleries, tons of QBs (Brady Quinn to name one recent).

        Teams have to find great players, and they all reach, and often in the first round. Go back to the old drafts and you see the failures everywhere, with all teams. It’s part of the draft…part of the game.

        The safer picks come in the 2nd round…you tend to know what you’re getting…a solid guard, a slot receiver, an ok running back. You still want these guys in all rounds to win jobs and excel, but you need those 1st rounders to be difference makers…starters, pro bowlers…etc…So, teams do reach….as a rule very often.

    • Steve says:

      Don’t panick Jim, we’re a lot better off than you think, and way better off than most, if not all, of the other teams.

      Light should be back, and maybe he could switch to the right side and prolong his career, but I would be happy to see him back on the left side…he certainly did a great job, again, this year.

      Mankins will get big money thrown his way…it will come down to him wanting to stay here and I believe the Pats will make him a very good offer (the CBA thing will have to play out). They won’t franchise, I’m told, because he’ll get the average of all O-lineman, which includes tackles, so that won’t make sense to the Pats, and I doubt they would do that to him anyway. Meaning, he signs a new deal here or elsewhere…hope it’s here. But, I see them covering their butts and drafting and/or picking up a guard in the draft.

      At 17 I’m starting to think that Costanzo may be a good pick. He’s a nice player, but he’s also got room to gain strength, and he’s extremely smart. He’d have a year or two to develope and build some strength.

      Who knows what they’ll do, but they are in amazing shape!

      2 MVP, Super Bowl winning, QBs out of the playoff on day 1…that’s great news for the Pats!!!

      • Steve says:

        Can’t believe I spelled panic with a “K”…need to edit this stuff.

      • TD says:

        I agree, we are well off: G-Connolly, Wendell, Ojinaka; OLB-Nink, Jermaine, B-Cain, Fletcher; DE-Pryor, Brace, Deadrick, Warren, Moore. And these are mostly the backups! We could always use a top rusher or run stuffer, but to dedicate a significant amount of money to; maybe, maybe not.

        I would suspect a reduction in draft picks as our roster is starting to resemble that of ’06-’08; solid football players and only a few spots open, only the roster is mostly 1st & 2nd year players. Why did we have bad draft results in ’06-’08? There were almost no roster spots for rooks as we had a stacked roster with a lot of Vets.

    • Steve says:

      I agree…it does suck, I’m glad someone else is seeing it and saying it. They all came out last year, and now many are staying in because of the CBA…makes complete sense…the talent just isn’t there.

      All the more reason to package a few picks to one of these loser franchises and get one of the few blue chip players and be done with it. Use your remaining picks (many more) and do your best…bring in some talent and competition.

      That’s the best you can do…or, push off till next year, which you may see.

      • TD says:

        I have read articles (Mayock, McShay) that now say that there are not a lot of “real” 1st round talents this year. If that is the case I would expect BB to trade down in round 2 to get “value”, not reach for higher priced athletes and also trade some of these picks for slightly higher picks next year that yield a 49ers or Carolina type payoff (Mayo & 2011 33rd pick).

  16. prioris says:

    Without Luck, CAR got the worst draft choice position. Then they are humiliated by BB using their second round pick.

    Drafting A. Green would really s u c k. For any football team, it all starts in the trenches. Look at CIN with TO etc with big name receivers, they fell flat. Look at Patriots and New Orleans with no name receivers. They did well.

    Unless CAR defense is rock solid, I’d take the best defensive player in draft if I were them.

  17. TD says:

    Lot of question marks in the top of that mock. 1st pick has 2 yrs of college ball and the 2nd guy plays at Temple, not exactly SEC or Big 10 competition, even though I went to Syracuse. I think everyone gets caught up in finding a guy that can come in and get sacks, sacks and more sacks. Most of those guys in college can only do one thing, rush the QB.

    We need athletic, ultra competitors that live, eat, breath FB at any and all positions. If that means OLB or DE when we pick, then so be it. I saw Cotton Bowl last night and Von Miller did not have a good game, LSU ran the ball at and around him.

    I think we may get another good CB or OL in 1st and/or 2nd rounds since ever team will be jumping at the chance to pick all these DL’s and LB’s.

  18. Steve says:

    I’d be pretty happy with that draft, mostly focusing on those first 2 rounds. The later rounds will be beyond even guessing so it’s not worth looking at.
    Smith will be a project, but he seems ideal because of his upside…his talents & measurables are off the charts for the position, to me. The story of Smith will come down to his testing in the interviews…what kind of kid he is, and I wasn’t impressed with the few interviews I saw. If he’s doesn’t have that maturity and smarts the Pats will pass on him. Moving to OLB will be challenging enough, it will take a big step up and a lot of effort and focus on the kid. I hope he has it and they take him…they need that kind of talent at that position.

    • NEPD says:

      Personally, Smith’s interviews haven’t seemed bad at all. Here is an example. Send a link if there is a bad one out there.

      • Steve says:

        Nice going NEPD…I agree 100%, I think the one I watched he was talking about his Gumby haircut etc…it set off alarms. He sounds like he has his stuff together in this video.

        I’ve been sold on him going near top 10 for months….he’s a special, elite, positional talent, in my opinion.

        So, I would be very happy to see him playing for the Pats, but I’m also saying he won’t be there….not at 17. I doubt an elite pass rusher, 3 down player, makes it that far. And, I think he’s ideal for the 3-4, but not limited….could easily go to a 4-3 team; which makes it less likely he slides.

        Stranger things have happened…

        I still love Quinn, but this guy is #2 on my wish list…he’d be fun to watch…see him coached up.

    • Steve says:

      I would love to see more film on this guy…playing film…I only saw a few on Youtube, and I believe one was from 09. I saw him play a few quarters earlier this year and was wondering who he was…he stood out in a huge way, but there isn’t much on him.

      At least he declared…makes this draft a little stronger, and it needs all the top talent at this time (the draft that is). I consider him one of a handful of blue chip players, then it’s a big drop off, almost like 2nd round talent after that….a few 2nd tier players only.

    • Mike S. says:

      This is the draft I would like to see. I think the “D” will be much better next year with the return of the IR players and a few key additions. WHen I think of the last 3 playoff games I think of Brady getting bashed around too much. ALso I think it may be time to bring in a QB for grooming that has the skill set the league is evolving towards – namely a faster athlete and the kid at Nevada fits the bill. He could sit for 3 even 4 years and learn from TB & BB.
      1st #17 Nate Solder OT Colorado 6’8″ 315 4.9
      1st #28 Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois 6’1″ 230 4.53
      2nd #33 J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin 6’6″ 292 4.87
      2nd #56 Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College 6’4″ 245 4.7
      3rd #74 Benjamin Ijalana OG Villanova 6’4″ 320 5.3
      3rd #84 Austin Pettis WR Boise State 6’3″ 201 4.59
      4th #112 Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6’6″ 225 4.5
      5th #140 Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech 5’10” 186 4.38
      6th #164 Lawrence Guy DT Arizona State 6’5″ 300 4.9

  19. Coach Bill says:

    Absolutely love it. DL’s, DB’s, OL and a solid RB.

    • Steve says:

      Here’s a thought…think of all these lousy NFL teams thinking of how they are going to slow down this Pats offense, this year and going forward. Then, they realize the Pats young, and improving defense, could bring back Bodden & Ty Warren, and make all 3 of their top 33 picks on the defensive side.

      The league is in trouble…this team is going to be a going concern for several more years.

      What I want is a stress test on Belichick, some blood work to see how is cholesterol is doing, then I want him to drop a nice 15lbs in the off season. I want this guy around for the next decade!

      • jake says:

        Don’t go for any offensive players until late 2nd or 3rd round. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. What is broke is our cornerback/safety position: Bodden isn’t going to be up to par next season. McCourty’s a star, but he’s all we have in man to man. Another HUGE problem is our d-line. The jets showed us that they could pick up almost 5-ypr. I’d say release Wright/Warren, move up in the draft (give #17 and 2nd round) and try and get Bowers or even Fairly. Another decent linebacker would take the pressure off of Mayo, and Banta-Cain is getting up in years. If it were up to me, go for linemen, d-backs, linebackers, and a bigger, possession wideout later in the draft.

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