Open Thread: Patriots Draft Needs

Rob Gronkowski

I think that the Patriots can scratch "Tight End" off their list of needs.

As the Patriots have already clinched the #1 seed in the NFL Playoffs, many Patriot fans are going to spend a couple of weeks scouting out some NFL Draft Prospects in addition to watching the 2010 NFL Season finale.

We’d like to discuss where the Patriots will be concentrating their attention on. Name three positions where you think the Patriots need to draft a player in 2011 and tell us why.

We’ll start things off:

Defensive End: With injuries to Ty Warren, Mike Wright, Myron Pryor and Ron Brace limiting them this year, and Gerard Warren set to be an unrestricted free agent in 2011, a stout 3-4 DE seems like a no-brainer for the Patriots to look at. If the Patriots can move Vince Wilfork back inside, the run defense will certainly improve.

Options: Marcell Dareus, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Muhammad Wilkerson

Outside Linebacker: While Rob Ninkovich and Tully Banta-Cain have played decently this year, Jermaine Cunningham needs a legitimate pass-rushing presence on the other side of the ball. Eric Moore, signed from the UFL, has shown some promise, but we expect the Patriots to draft an OLB early this April.

Options: Robert Quinn, Ryan Kerrigan, Jeremy Beal, Aldon Smith

Offensive Line: Unless Logan Mankins and Matt Light are both re-signed, the Patriots need to pay attention to the big boys up front. Stephen Neal could also retire, further weakening one of the best lines in the NFL. Nick Kaczur should be back in 2011, but a LT and/or OG would certainly do wonders to improving the depth in front of Tom Brady.

Options: Anthony Costanzo, Ben Ijalana, Tyron Smith, John Moffitt

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91 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Draft Needs”

  1. Jim says:

    Well, the defense isn’t good, but the offense lost the playoff game.

  2. CC says:

    *This is the year they need to steal it all!
    Does anyone really think that that last superbowl would have been lost by a divine intervention catch at the last minute if the opossing team was able to score so easily throughout the game???? That catch was divine intervention like and cost a newer crown/ring!! It would have never happened if the D was back up2 par, they would have needed two score’s to do it!!

    Trade all those nothing lower level pick’s and lower level guy’s that are to us ultimatelly worthless by comparrison for more higher pick’s and steal it all this year, if they don’t, all the chat about how New England is great….. but they can’t FINISH anymore. Will reign true for year’s 2come.

    Guy’s like Wilhite, Wright, Banta-Cain, Eric Moore, and Landon Cohen, or even Butler are not Rodney Harrison’s, or Willie McGinness, or Richard Seymore, or Brushci’s and/or Ty Law’s. GET THEM OUT!!!

    Depending on the actual talent that’s out there at 17 and then 32 and also 33….., and barring what we can trade 2 get even more new & higher and/or even better pick’s is still up in the air.

    I wouldn’t let go of a thing, NO TRADE’S DOWN PERIOD. & I would deffinetly be working on trade deal’s now 2 add an even earlier pick
    in the 1st without question for lower level guy’s and with all the usless lower level pick’s.
    1st and formost…a true bone cruching DE. Either Ryan Kerrigan or Adrian Clayborn like, maybe even Cameron hayward.
    2nd If McCourty get’s hurt were totally screwed, and I like Chung for sure, but a knock-out CB is neccessary!! The rest sorry 2 say we have are 1/2 way’s and sub par by patriot comparison of past…. GET ANOTHER ONE…………NOW
    3rd an OLB, Either Von Miller or Jeremy Beal would do for me, maybe even Akim Ayers.
    Yes I want my patriot cake and 2 eat it again too!!! I want all THREE. Dumpnig all these 1/2 way’s and project’s will be a bonus.
    4th An O-Guard, Mike Pouncy or even a Rodney Hudson, both would do very well with us, Pouncey can even play center actually if we ever have an issue with our’s now….BONUS.
    5th Yes I’m saying it, ****DT STEPHEN PAEA, this guy can play ANY POSSITION ON THE D-LINE IN A 3-4, and Either side DT on a 4-3… CAN YOU SAY “””DUH'””” KID’S???
    Yah’ DUH’ for the record is spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N P-A-E-A…..
    * Just see what he’ll do 2 us if he’s playing for an opponent, never mind in our conferance……don’t forget ppl., Ron Brace just got his neck squashed in chicago a few week’s ago, Gerald Warren is a free agent is he not soon? and guy’s like Cohen, Wright, Moore, and Pryor arent 1/2 of what Paea is/will be.
    Did I mention that he can play “”any”” possition on the d-line in a 3-4….?
    Not picking this guy up would be future patriot death.
    He’ll do his work and more, and will also let other ppl on the line get back were they belong instead of constant plug-in’s & shifting!!!

    and on 2 the OT that we will need; Gabe Carimi… Anthony Castonzo…
    Derek Sherrod… or even DeMarcus Love would be much better than Levior, as well as needing a guy to groom.
    Keep letting the O-line get away from ya’ due to free agency, injuries and Brady goes down soon enough………………..

    I say the constant shifting need’s 2 stop now, why do you think ppl are getting injured so much…. because everyone is constanlt changing their normal possition to make up for what we have been lacking and missing…….. The Defence Suck’s, and the O-line is middle aged and cracking.

    Oh’, BJ-GE isn’t the answer anymore than maroney was but his combo with Danny Woodhead will do for now, thank’s New york jet’s. he-he-he-he-he : )

    Winning 16 in a row is great, setting record’s, putting up small banner’s and personal acheivment’s are cool as well. Tacking 30 + point’s per game and blowing other team’s out is wonderfull, but taking back that lost ring against Payton Manning’s little sister due to a sub par defence, and shitty draft’s chioces the last few year’s & setting up for a fifth…….PRICELESS.

  3. cash says:

    im looking at Bruce Carter from UNC. Great size for an OLB and is one of the best special teams players in the country, which we all know BB is big on.

  4. jesse says:

    the pats look good because of the great coaching there is still holes at rb,cb,lb,and a tall wide out over 6 feet would be nice and throw in a D lineman

    • prioris says:

      Patriots are rolli9ng over people offensively (30+points a game) and you think they need a wide out over 6 foot … get real … oh wait isn’t Price over … he doesn’t count i guess … Pats have a glut of talent WR

  5. Steve says:

    One more rant then I’m shutting up…

    I’m calling for a boycott of anything Boomer Esiason, and here’s why:

    On the radio the other morning I was listening to this drip, and he is a boring dude…real white bread, and that’s coming from a fellow white bread…he says he’s NOT giving his vote for coach of the year to BB.

    I was shocked…I thought this was similar to Brady being MVP this year…an absolute no brainer. Apparently I was dead wrong, but figured something so stupid would come from the likes of Mortenson, or King…that “type” of ass, but it was Esiason.

    He says he’s giving his vote (done deal…made up his mind already) to the coach of Tampa Bay. Now, this guy did a nice job, but where is the logic here. Is Tampa in the playoffs? How many games did they win? Did I miss something???

    First of all, please use some logic & reason. Take one friggin minute and ask yourself who is the best coach in the NFL? First prize is a date with the newly single Scarlet Johanson (spelling?), second prize the usual set of steak knives: The answer is simple…it’s BB, nearly every year it’s BB; and this year it’s absolutely BB.

    I hate hall of fame arguments, pro bowl stuff, and nothing is worse than the MVP debates in all sports…which I’m going to talk about next. Yet, this really pissed me off…here’s a well respected ex-player, broadcaster, and seemingly, intelligent guy who feels that some coach, not in the playoffs, is more deserving of winning the best coach of the year award this year over BB.

    He should be fined, fired, rediculed…whatever…it’s obcenely stupid, and grossly irresponsible (not sure how many words I just spelled incorrectly?)

    Anyway, speak up on this please…if there’s any justice in this world.

    P.S. Back to the MVP thing: Some idiot years ago decided to title an award to the best player in some league “Most Valuable Player”, instead of “Best Player” or whatever…now we all have listen to the stupidity every single year, in every single sport. The morons saying stuff like, “I realize this guy hit 100 home runs and knocked in 300 RBI, while pitching 7 no hitters, but there was this other guy who is more VALUABLE to his team, because if you remove him (love those hypotheticals!) from the that team they are way worse of than the other guy etc…
    The MVP = BEST PLAYER…the dude who clearly had the best season, and it’s usually clear, yet can sometime be close, but understand this logic on the naming of the trophy. And, if you’re not getting this than please answer this question: Do these same people say, “it’s a team game, and nobody wins alone?” etc…Meaning, nobody can carry a whole team….that’s an illusion…not in any modern day team sport; so stop over-thinking and give these awards to the people that deserve them. Marino didn’t win a Super Bowl, that doesnt mean he wasn’t the MVP in many seasons, and it certainly doesn’t exclude him from the Hall of Fame, or even being considered one of the best ever…it’s a team game…he pulled his weight. But, he’s just one example…one of many.

    BB shoud be coach of the year and Boomer Esiason should be kicked in the teeth for being so stupid

  6. Ken Young says:

    First, Logan Mankins has to signed. He is not only the best guard in the NFL, he is the leader of the Patriots offensive line and you can’t draft that. Second, teams that draft players because of need are LOSER’S. The Patriot’s should draft ‘The Mighty Quinn’ because HE IS a Special Player, even if they have to package their 2 first round picks and move up. After that, players I like are OL; Nate Solder or Anthony Castanzo. Lee Smith, a TE at Marshall and Syracuse RB Delone Carter. On the other side of the ball I like Miss St LB K.J. Wright and Florida St DE/LB Markus White. My late round pick is UConn FB Anthony Sherman, who is the best FB in the draft; good lead lead blocker, good hands (could backup at HB) can run, plays special teams.

    • Steve says:

      I agree Ken…on the “need” thing. It seems that many “experts” in the local media around here feel that there is some law of physics that states that your biggest need will be there when your pick comes around. It’s foolish and shows no logic or reason.
      They all (last year) seemed to feel a rush linebacker was the top need, so, therefore, the Pats HAVE to draft the best available with their pick. It doesn’t occur to these clowns that maybe these players don’t fit the system, or maybe BB (a REAL expert on 3-4 OLB!) maybe knows a little more than them.
      Of course you have to take the best player available, and need comes into play; meaning, you’re not going to take a QB if your the Pats. So, you have to sift through the rhetoric by BB when he says things like, “he was the best player available” because they may have had a QB rated higher, but that’s ruled out do to Brady.
      I love the fact that everyone went nuts after drafting McCourty…Mayock called him a special teams player and everyone lost it…forgetting the obvious: THAT HE’S A CORNERBACK, who happens to be a great special teams player. More so, the Pats had 3 more picks within the next 24 hours!!! Well, what do they do? They trade up and get their TE…TRADED UP…then, they draft 2 linebackers…one an OLB convert with the proper size/speed etc…to make the conversion to their system, Cunningham.
      So, when anyone hears the “need” thing you have to take it with a grain of salt. In the first round you want a solid starter…a difference maker; not another guy (JAG), and not a part-time player, and they have to fit your system.
      Also, what really bugged me about the reaction to McCourty being drafted was the fact that it’s a throwing league now…you NEED two corners to start the game and, at least, 4 on the active roster. It’s maybe the hardest positions to play in the game, and we had (and still do have) a big need for that type of player.
      It showed a complete lack of understanding of football, but more so, a complete lack of logic. Not to mention you’re openly questioning a guy who has won 5 Super Bowls and is regarded as the greatest coach in the history of the game. Wouldn’t you show some hesitance out of common sense…to protect your career???

  7. BIGDAWG says:

    The game is won or lost in the trenches. Offensively resigning Mankins and Light is a MUST DO. They can always draft another OT in the 2nd or 3rd round, Defensive side of the ball is critical and must be taken care of with the first three picks of 2011 DE,LB,CB. In any order depending on what talent in is front of them. Other pics in later rounds would include a big RB, WR and another DE.

  8. Smittyboy13 says:

    prioris, You make some good points except at wide receiver. First off Price has not played a down or even dressed for a game which tells us something and its not good news for him. Edelman has been used very little this year some of the reasons being the Pats use of their great tight ends and the other is he has been dropping the little amount of balls thrown his way when hes been out there. He was QB in college so hes not exactly a natural wr. Tate is a kick returner at best and even now he has not been breaking any the last half of the year. He is suppose to be their deep threat but has done nothing to show us he is in that catagory so far. And if you think that the Pats are going to bring Moss back after what hes done with the other two teams since he left then your dreaming. He’s not even being thrown to any more in Tenn. Check his stats. They may pick up a wr in the late rounds but they need a pass rusher and an o lineman before anything.

    • prioris says:

      Good thing you aren’t coach, Price, Tate and Edelman would be taken by rex ryan or almost any other team.

      • Steve says:

        Edelman was amazing coming in for Welker last year, that’s his position if he can continue to return punts like he did the other day. He does have to start catching the balls thrown his way though…he’ll compete, and I’m not betting against this kid…he’s got an attitude and I imagine he’s working at it.
        I was down on Tate a few weeks ago…thinking the same: just a kick returner, but I’m not giving up on him either…he’s showing me some hands, selling out, and with some more work on routes he could be something…a decent player.
        Price was a casualty of numbers this year…he’s a project, and I’m not giving up on him at all. I’ll wait and see how he does in camp next year, with pads, and let the chips fall….see if he did the work, or can play. He’s very young, fast, athletic and has decent hands from what I can see. I’m sure he’s getting the best coaching in the world, and all he has to do is watch Branch & Welker film and run with it….could be like a Gaffney…not a bad thing. That’s a tough position to just come in and play; especially with Brady…he won’t put up with anything…he notices everything and you simply won’t play or be on the team if he doesn’t like your effort. My point, on another team maybe guys like Tate & Price are running go-routes and having success…making some plays, but here it’s a different game…much more complex and demanding.

    • prioris says:

      >Price was a casualty of numbers this year…he’s a project, and I’m not giving up on him at all. I’ll wait and see how he does in camp next year, with pads,

      You must have missed the Miami game. He did play with pads in a real game and looked really good and played real well. He showed good hands and route running. He is ready for NFL Prime Time.

      Edelman has proven himself over two seasons. He has no more proving to do.

      The only thing keeping Edelman and Price off field now is WR depth.

      Hoyer had 111 rating as QB and looked like Brady. He will be a high quality backup if Brady gets injured.

      Tate has decent stats. The one negative on him is when he tries to catch a ball in his chest when it is aimed at him directly. That is poor receiving mechanics. Saw that in SUgar Bowl with Arkansas receivers. He needs to catch ball with hands first and then pull it in. If he correct that, he will become much better play making receiver and maybe a Yards After Catch monster.

      I can’t wait to see Price. He looks like he will excel in NFL with potentially a high ceiling. He is as fast as Desean Jackson but much bigger so tougher in match up.

  9. prioris says:

    S – NO (WAY JOSE)
    When McGowan return Patriots will have 5 safeties who could start on most teams. Ludicrous to draft player.

    CB – Optional
    Must be a 4 downer who can replace Sergio Brown ST

    ONLY defensive position they really need. Bookend Cunningham.
    Must be 3+ DOWN PLAYER. Forget Pass rush only

    DL – YES
    Maybe Another 330+ pounder. Maybe another Seymour.

    OL – YES
    Just one semi raw versatile player who can be future starter

    If it is a COMPLETE rusher e.g. Adrian Peterson or LT then possibly higher pick otherwise they take one lower rounds


    Patriots have a glut and who are you gonna cut … Edelman, Price, Tate. When Moss gets cut from TEN, he should be available to Pats but finding room will be difficult unless someone gets injured.

    As far as Tate, he is one of the most feared kick returners in NFL.
    If you look at Tate’s receiver stats, they are very respectable for a rookie

  10. Oobeedoo says:

    In keeping with the thrust of the thread however,

    I’d like to see: DE, CB, DT, – the offense seems to have it together and there will be free agency…

    • Oobeedoo says:

      I’d love to see BB make a move like trade up or take Mark Ingram or a WR, but it goes against the interviews I have read of him discussing the draft.

  11. Smittyboy13 says:

    Steve , Take a valium man. Its just my opinion dude. Trade up for who? Make a point not just rant like you are some football genious. I don’t think any of us has any idea what the mad scientist BB will do with his picks so chill out and lets just root for them to go to the Super Bowl. But BB will not use that Oakland pick . Wait and see. Happy New year my fellow fan. PS If your going to call me rediculous at least use spell check. lol

    • Steve says:

      You’re right…I apologize…was out of control. And, how did you know I have valium…dead serious.

      I’m hooked, I’m an admitted Patsaholic…especially when it comes to watching BB build the team, so the draft is a big part of it. I get overly excited.

      I do refuse to use spell check though…I make my mistakes, but generally do well enough to save the spell check for serious emails and letters etc…not here…I’ll wing it.

      Genius doesn’t have an “o”, but I got your point and am sincere about not attacking my fellow Pats fans.

  12. Smittyboy13 says:

    Lets be honest guys. If you look at what BB has done in the past drafts I will fall on the floor if he actually picks someone at that Raiders pick they have. He already has his own first at at 32 and Carolina’s at 33 and hes not going to bother with that middle first pick unless he sees a real superstar in the making. And I’m sure he dosen’t. Last year he passed on all kinds of Linebackers and Defensive Ends and we all thought he was crazy. Yes a crazy genious. He is like a puppet master pulling all the strings. We all looked at each other last year after he picked Devin McCourty. Gee he turned out ok huh?.He must know what hes doing because they just keep on winning no matter who they plug into their system. He’ll trade all his high picks for second and thirds and next year we will be watching them in the playoffs again.

    • Steve says:

      That’s rediculous! You would “fall on the floor” if the Pats use their 1st pick in the first round? Why? You think they don’t want good players? Didn’t they trade up a few to take Mayo…one of the best 3-4 inside linebackers in the league? Didn’t they stay with their pick and simply take Wilfork? You don’t like him? He’s a hall of fame nose tackle in the making…the center of our defense.
      Are you saying that you feel their won’t be talent there worth taking? That’s a different story, but with all the QB’s that could be picked ahead of the Pats mid-round pick they could be looking at a top 10 person on their big board. You don’t think they’ll take such a player…just not “bother” with bringing in more talent…a potential starting corner perhaps that they love???

      “You” maybe thought he was crazy, but “I” didn’t. I assume the guy knows a bit more than me about football, talent, character (seeing he’s looked into this…it’s a mystery to us), and especially, LB talent.

      Just sit back and watch the cheerleaders and talk about Brady’s hair…BB & staff will do what they think is best and it tends to work out, and have a helmet on, if you don’t already, in case they actually use the Raider’s pick. They may use it to trade up, again!!!

      • Patriots Draft Guru says:

        Not to nitpick, but the Patriots traded down (From #7 to #10 with the Saints) and picked Mayo.

        I agree though that the Patriots will use AT LEAST one of their 1st rounders and could just as easily trade up this year as trade down.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks…I had it wrong….I knew they moved, but thought it was up. I do stand by my thoughts though on this year and moving up being a good move, but I’ll sit back and watch BB & crew do their thing. More so, they have been known to sit at their pick and simply use it; I guess that was my bigger point. It’s just become cliche to preface anything on the Pats draft with “they’ll be trading back” etc…not reality. Even if it were a reality it has worked, so at least these people should take away the negative overtones to moving back and gaining picks.

        More so, moving back to gain picks is a sign of humility and acceptance of the stats: that most players (for all teams) just don’t make it. So, the smart thing to do is to increase your picks and, therefore, increase your probability of “hits”…it’s that simple.

  13. Oobeedoo says:

    If Bill trades down with that first pick – I wasn’t implying that its a bad move. Infact, I’m hoping for it.

    No other team takes such economically sound efforts to invest in the future like the Patriots.

    We can thank chef Bill B. for that.

    And if he were to leave the team this moment, it can be argued that no coach has ever left his team in better position for future superbowl entries and wins.

  14. Liam says:

    Also, I’m only just beginning to see the true evil genious of Bill Belichick at work. Not content with merely having the best team in football, he’s started destroying other teams with sleeper agents. First he sent Josh McDaniels to up and coming Denver, causing the most devastating hatchet job you’ve ever seen.

    Randy Moss caused the demise of not one, but two teams. First, he was traded to the vikes. You can just picture him after team meetings: “Hey, brett, Chiily says your wife is hot”. Then “Brad, Old man Favre told me he thinks you’re stupid”. Then he did exactly the same thing to Jeff fisher and Vince Young. Genius.

    I think he even caused the self destruction of Mark Sanchez. It’s no coincidence that Shawn Crable was signed to the Jets the week that they played New England the second time. He spent that week whispering in Sanchize’s ear while he was asleep: “Maaark, You’re goooing to choooke…”

  15. Liam says:

    Agree that Mankins is a priority. They should have the cash without randy’s contract, although the CBA process makes every thing uncertain, one of the reasons they want to wait till after the season. It could help us though as it means Dan Snyder is less likely to come riding into town and pay Mankins 100 Billion to go play for that trainwreck down in Washington.

    I’m not targeting specific players at this stage, I’ll just end up disappointed when they don’t get taken. I just want them to concentrate on best player available. Its a proven strategy that builds winning teams (NE, Indy, Baltimore). A stud 3 down pass rusher would be very welcome though.

  16. Oobeedoo says:

    Bill likes peanut butter sandwiches and bargins.

    He does not like paying first round prices. He would rather get elite talent in the top of round 2 for half the price. At least until the pay scale is addressed.

    With the 16th pick he will trade once or multiple times down until that pick gets close to the 32nd and the 33rd.

    He’ll take rounds 2-4 in this year and next.

    Then he’ll draft the top three he wanted all along that nobody else figured on – 1,2,3.

    and we’ll all go “oooooooooooooo”.

    • Steve says:

      I’m a bit tired of this whole “The Pats will OBVIOUSLY trade down, and do so on every pick they have”. It’s everywhere, and it’s always said as if it’s stupid thing to do. Realize why he does it and what it’s brought to this team. If you don’t see the players than just look at the freakin record year after year after year. They win…and they win with the players they get…via drafting, free agency, or off the streets.

      More so, moving down makes sense. Look at McCourty…not such a bad move. But hearing every mock draft out here preface every pick with this tired “BB always moves down” is just rediculous and not true; but it certainly hasn’t failed…it’s been a complete home run.

      And, they do move up to grab players they like…go back and see how they got Gronk on this team…that’s right, they moved up, gave up a pick to move up to get their player.

      Finally, they have sat tight at their spot many times, especially in the first round, and taken players like Mankins, Wilfork, Seymour, and more…So, what is all this BS about always moving down; especially when they do it’s turned out to be an amazing result?

      This guy (and his staff) is schooling the entire league. Look at the issues on other teams right now…even the good ones. There must be 20 coaches ready to be fired, a dozen GM’s, and more busts and stupid decisions to list. Enjoy what you have…it will last a few more years, or as long as BB remains on the sideline or as GM, then we’ll be with the rest of the loser teams.

      I love it when people question BB’s decions on taking OLB’s in the draft. I liken it to some average asshole sitting at a bar and having Einstein walk in and getting in his face…questioning relativity with him as if you’re on some equal par. If there’s one expert on this planet regarding the 3-4 defense, in particular the OLB within that system, it’s BB. He’s got 5 Super Bowl rings because of it, has been to others, and has coached some of the best ever…like LT! So, somebody like a Tom Curren., to name just one fool, suddenly is going to have some clout in questioning what players BB wants to bring in to play that position? Not to mention BB has the inside scoop on the character these players, their IQ’s, they’re drug use…PED’s (possible suspensions coming, short careers do to injury, coming off them and just sucking???), other bad habits and character issues. We all operate with about 3% of the information needed.

  17. Bill says:

    Costanzo…Watt…Moffitt with the first three picks.

    Don’t resign Light or Mankins. The money can be better allocated a couple of years from now by extending the contracts of Mayo and Vollmer.

    Package a couple of picks to move up in the second round and get Rudolph. He’s not needed, next year, but the Pat’s will be a better team with four quality TE’s

  18. TD says:

    Mankins absolutely is a must if they want to run the ball next year. they will resign Light and with Kaczar, Sea Bass, Koppen, Connolley, Neal and Wendell along with Ornberger in the wings there will be little reason to draft an OL with a high pick.

    I think more DB’s are in the mix also, they seem to go down more than any other position.

    I heard someone suggest we pass on the 32nd pick if we have it, then we have the first 2 picks on day 2.

    • Steve says:

      I feel they’ll sign Mankins…cooler heads will prevail and both sides see the light. Mankins, I doubt, will want to go play losing football elswhere, and the Pats now clearly must see his benefit to this team.
      The only thing (and it’s a big thing) that will cause him to go is some nut GM/owner way over-paying him…like Dallas or Washington, off the top of my head.
      I just think he’ll be back, but I agree with someone above…the O-line is the best hands with Dante. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need talent to work with though. I would bet they use one of their first 4 picks on their best fit…it’s a complete guess as to who that is.

  19. Smittyboy13 says:

    Meriweather made the pro bowl this year which kind of baffles me. He is a great hitter but has been very inconsistant in his coverage. To show how much repect Logan Mankins gets around the league although missing 7 games he also made the Pro Bowl. If they know they are not going to get him back they better have a great plan on how they are going to replace him. If you listen to Brady talk about him I think he’d almost trade his supermodel wife to keep him. [well maybe not] but Brady is a pocket passer and without great protection which right now he may be getting the best in the league as great as he is they will not be the same nor will their running game without him. I say sign Mankins go after a pass rusher with one of their first rounders and if they have to trade down with the other first rounder to save money then pick up another downfield wide receiver to keep things open for their possesion guys. And they are not known for picking up great running backs early anyway so look for one or two good ones with their later picks. But please sign Mankins. Big mistake to let him get away.

    • JMC says:

      That Pro-Bowl pick surprised me too. Meriweather has great physical talent, he is the fastest of secondary but he often seems to play out of control.

  20. TD says:

    Edge setting, pass rushing OLB is priority #1 and since this draft’s strength is DL & LB’s we should get a good one somewhere on the board. If this player does not exist in BB’s mind, then we stand to get some really great athletes all over the roster; DB’s, DL, OL.

    I expect a bunch of picks to be dealt for next year, espcially since undrafted free agents are all over this roster now!

    Not going to pick someone high to hold Brady’s luggage.

  21. mike says:

    Man,i just want to remind some of you. Meriweather was a first round pick and a pro baller at that. He had some tough outtings recently but he will bounce back . Either sanders or page will be resigned. Patriots are NOT in need of safeties. Might i also remind everyone chung is a beast and is a very well rounded player. Meriweather has ball skill, has range and very physical, really isnt many better safeties out there than what we already have.

  22. mike says:

    How? Sanders will sign, we still have chung and meriweather. This is the last position pats need to address.

    Champ bailey is a cb not safety. But ofc i hope champ can come this way too. I think he had enough of losing. Now its time to start winning with us.

    • Steve says:

      I love the idea of Bailey coming in here….makes complete sense and would seem to make sense to Bailey. Would could pay him, and he is needed in a huge way. You would think he would want to win at this point.

      I saw his name on the list of free agents and the wheels started spinning…it would be too good to be true, and he has plenty left in the tank. The system is in place…he’d have help and only his job to do. Meaning, he wouldn’t need to be shutting down one side of the field anymore.

      I also see BB wanting to coach this guy, obvious enough.

  23. samson shillitoe says:

    I agree with PFD Guru about the need at Safety, though knowing BB he’ll addressed that position in Free Agency. I think Pats would be wise to consider Champ Bailey, who is a FA, and must long for a championship by now. Can’t have enough depth in the now pass-happy NFL. Assuming Bill grabs a Safety via FA, my priorities would be:

    OLB – Not sure there’s a 3-down OLB in this draft, but Quinn owned BC’s Costanzo during their 2009 encounter. He’s an OLB, not a DE in the NFL. And whether he’s 100% football as BB requires, we have no idea. (LaMarr Woodley is a FA, and while it’d be tough to pry him loose, I bet, there’s your pass rusher.)

    WR – The TE’s help enormously, but should Branch or Welker go down, defenses can squeeze the middle of the field. It would be wise to add depth here.

    DL – Premier DL players are scarce. With 3 picks in the first 33, I’d spend one here.

    RBs can be found in later rounds, though if Ryan Williams declares, I’d reconsider.

    Same with talented OL—we should be able to find and develop in later rounds. Talented CBs are hard to find, and if there’s another McCourty out there, I’d forgo the WR and grab the CB.

    But the GURU is right. Safety position must be strengthen in 2011.

    • Steve says:

      Great entry…I like the thought process.

      I think the Pats move in this draft, as weak as it is, is to move up and grab Quinn. He’s a superstar, and a perfect fit to play OLB in their system. They have money to spend, free agents to bring in on other positions and plenty of youth, especially on defense. But, a talent like Quinn would change the entire dymanics of this team. The pass rush would be solved, and he would change games for years to come.

      GO AND GET THIS KID!!! Pull an Celts…you have the picks, now use them this year to complete this young team. Help out your d-backs by adding a rush.

      And, I think in past years the dropping back has paid off…the wise move, but this year is different…the draft is weak, and only a few blue chip players. Even if they move up and Quinn is taken ahead of them, that would mean a top 2 corner would be there, a Fairley, or Darius, or even AJ Green. Meaning, they can’t be completely burned for moving up. Toss out those value charts!

      Safety is ok, and Meriweather will be back to fill out his contract…one more year and then gone???

      • Liam says:

        I’d be carefull about putting expecting great things from any one player, like you seem to be doing with Quinn. I’d like to have him too, but putting all your eggs in one basket, and expecting Quinn to ‘change the team’ is not the Patriot Way. I’m going to be happy happy with whatever BB does. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt and knows a lot more about football than you or me.

        Also, you’re the first one i’ve heard who thinks this is a weak draft. I’m not enough of a talent scout to know from watching film, but all other commentators and analysts, even those who don’t have a vested interest in the draft broadcast seem to think its quite strong, especially at CB, WR, RLB and 5 tech, which are coincidentally the positions we need. The O line class lacks top end talent, but is deep, the opposite of last year. Same is true with RB. We could come away with quality prospects in the 2nd and third rounds.

        BTW, this is not in anyway an attack on you. At the end of the day we are all just guessing, and anything could happen on draft day and in the careers of the prospects (Jimmy Clausen? Sergio Kindle? Tyson Alualu? Didn’t exactly turn out like most Draftniks expected).

      • Steve says:

        I’m with you Liam…I watch the draft from the point of view of a Pats fan, and when the day comes I sit back knowing & trusting in what this team does.
        I also realize that the odds of guys making it are slim; meaning, the probability for all teams is the same, speaking in generalities: you hope for a certain % to be hits. That’s why increasing the number of picks makes sense, and I’ve never heard anyone give BB credit for this. The more you bring in the more you increase the chance that some can play; it’s an admission in dealing with reality by our coach/ownership.
        I stick by my opinion on this being a weak draft, but I realize there is talent there, and more so at certain positions, but when I watch these players being mentioned beyond the few blue chippers (about 8-10 approx) I see “ok” players who are undersized, or just not that good to the eye. Thankfully, the corners seem ok, and more tha a few, and I believe we need a few more.
        More so, don’t ever expect anyone, any site, etc…to face the reality of grading the overall draft….every one of these exists, and depends on, the excitement of the potential talent coming into the draft. I do believe they hype the players up, and I do believe it’s in their best interest to do so. Negativety doesn’t sell…

        The other factor is they are human, and they have this same tendancy that we have, and GM’s & coaches have….they get fired up and put on blinders just like us. They get fooled at the combine for the same reasons we do. Look at some of the busts from great combines, and recall Tom Brady’s combine pictures and runs.

        Lastly, this years draft was weakened by last years windfall of “good” underclassman coming out early to avoid this year’s potential labor issues…rookie salary cap restructuring. Last year’s draft was exceptional…literally, it was an exception to the normal of flow of players coming out. Ask yourself where Brandon Spikes would be talked about going in this years draft? Top 20 pick, top of the 2nd end of the 1st, not bottom of the 2nd, in my opinion even with his slow running. Use other players to guage this exercise, and watch the film…they just don’t look to be that good beyond the top 10 (approx)…marginal players at best to me, but I’m sure a few will exceed & succeed, but I see those as exceptions to what my eyeballs are telling me.

      • Steve says:

        On Quinn…and, NO, I will not let this go:

        He’s on another level that guys like Kindle, as good an athlete as he looked before he fell down a flight of stairs and decided to ride around drunk. Quinn could take a kid like Kindle, wrap him in a ball and toss him out the stadium…he’s an ELITE athlete, that happens to play football.
        I keep going back to the film thinking my, usual pessimistic eyes are deceiving me, and I end up more impressed. I see him handling OT’s, if not running right around them, and I see him being able to shed blockers and make plays with ease and regularity, and I don’t think coverage is even an issue, other than having the smarts to know when and where, but his nose for the ball and aggression are second to none in this draft or any player I’ve ever seen….he’s an amimal. He’s what we need, we can get him, so we should. And, we would have plenty of cap money to go fill holes on a very good team with many picks still remaining.

        I would rather have one super player (of need being a huge bonus) than a few (2,3….?) players that may not make the league, nevermind the team.

        The problem is he’s a pass rusher, and if his talents are that obvious to me, they must be obvious to others who actually have a say in drafting players. Yet, he’s not a one trick pony, like a Von Miller, he can play in any defense; so, he’ll be gone in the top 5 I’m guessing, unless stupidity rules the day, or he really isn’t a very good kid.

        If you’re one of the lucid football people out there, and you realize someone like Peppers is a freak of nature and a game-changer…a guy on another level (I”m not combaring his heart either), than this will all make sense….he’s that type of player, a little smaller at 260 or so, but quicker and faster. Now, those are just facts.

      • Liam says:

        Agree with much of what you’re saying. Even in this past draft, which we all agree was very strong, how many first rounders are contributing on their teams at a high level right now? 50%? There are obviously no guarantees, but itrust BB to get it right more than most other GMs out there.

        I really like what I see from Quinn too, and if we have a chance I think we should take him, although remember he’s still a conversion project, and I’m not convinced BB would love that risk high in the first (Cunningham was the highest DE/OLB conversion he’s ever taken). Quinn could be due for a fall in the wake of his suspension by the KGB… Um I mean NCAA… a la Dez Bryant. If he falls to the 10-12 range than I would definately pull the trigger on moving up to take him. I wouldn’t however mortage the house to move up to the ~5 range. At the end of the day, it depends on how the cards fall.

      • Ashto12 says:

        I too like Quinn, but something about him screams vernon gholsten to me. He’s really had one awesome year and thats it. Its a lot to invest a 1st rounder in and we know Bill looks for value in his first round picks. Unless Patrick Peterson or Marcell Dareus was there with the Raider pick, I’d trade down to the lower 20s and take Sam Acho – right size, solid 3 year production, team captian, intelligent (won the Campbell Award recently), proven program (Texas produced Brian Orakpo recently). Remember, in this system and with the Defensive units from 2001-2004, we didn’t need a 12+ sack specialist. This defense actually is succesful when you have multiple guys with 5/6 sacks.

  24. mike says:

    Ya. From a personal standpoint i really want offense done this year through resigning and free agency.
    I really feel we can have the next best defense in the league.

    In a perfect world we ll have a draft pick who consistantly give pressure. Cunningham can apply pressure on the other side. Warren wilfork and a new first rounder DE will destroy the line of scrimage, then you have spikes and mayo like a brick wall.
    Sounds good ? But thats not all, we have mccourty shutting down one side of the field. We have bodden on the other side, arrington and butler for depth. Finally we have two amazing play makers for safeties.

    If all that comes true, NE will be getting couple more super bowls in the next few years.

  25. Smittyboy13 says:

    Besides the fact they need O line help if the worst case scenerio happens with Mankins , Neal and Light when are they finally going to go after a pass rusher? Belichick will never get a better opportunity with the unbelievable collection of picks in 2011 to correct this continuing issue. He needs to put some pressure on the good QB’s because it is without a doubt their #1 weakness and has been for years. They also need a decent backup running back and a wide receiver who can put some down field pressure on teams. Price never sees the field and may never see it again at least with the Pats and Tate I’m afraid will never be a consistant enough threat in my opinion to be that guy. Even his kickoff return average after a great start has gone way down. Sometimes I don’t even know he’s in the game. I just hope for once BB keeps his picks and stops his “I’ll give you this one for two of yours next year” crap” Like I said we may never again see the Pats get this many high picks in one year so lets hope they choose wisely.

  26. bobg says:

    (continuing my previous comment 3b.)…maybe Mike Leshoure or Daniel Thomas. Even a Ryan Williams, though smaller, is still a bigger back than the dynamite duo and can run between the tackles.

  27. bobg says:

    Any of the following regardless if they’re top 10 or may fall

    1. DE: Robert Quinn, Allan Bailey, Marcell Dareus, Cameron Jordan, etc.
    A DE to finally replace Richard Seymour.

    2. OL: Stefan Wisneiwski, Derrik Sherod, Mike Pouncy, etc.
    OL to replace Logan Mankins, Neal, etc.

    3. OLB: Von Miller, Robert Quinn, Jeremy Beal, etc.
    Haven’t had a true rush backer since Rosey Colvin and Willie McGinest.

    and, because we have 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds, and would like to see the following formula from their 3 SB run…

    3b: A big back in the mold of Antowain Smith/Corey Dillon. Even though I love the dynamite duo of Benjarvus-Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, we need to Pound the Rock!

  28. NEPD says:

    Lots of great discussion guys – just wanted to remind everyone that Leigh Bodden should be back next year as well.

    Defensive backs (either CB or S) are certainly an option, but a healthy Bodden blunts that need immensely.

    • Steve says:

      I think CB may be their greatest need, and certainly their biggest weakness right now…McCourty goes down and they’re screwed! Bodden is a skill player coming of an injury…and, he’s a hair above average. I like him, but he’s not great by any stretch. So, with Arrington & Butler both showing they can NOT cover I say this is a top need…either through the draft (Jenkins) or via free agency…spending some money on a veteran who fits…there are several who will be available…if not a top free agent.

      • JMC says:

        I think Richard Marshall CB at Carolina is a Free agent.

      • Ashto12 says:

        To say that Bodden is a hair above average is incorrect. Last season, he had one of the best overall ratings for corners in the NFL based on who he was facing, receptions & yards allowed. He is a great fit for this system. Also his injury is a shoulder injury, so will not affect his ability as a corner. I do agree with you however, that CB is a need, since teams have moved the ball against us this year when they spread the field. I would try to get Brandon Harris with the first 2nd rounder we have, if he’s still on the board.

    • Steve says:

      More on this cornerback issue:

      I was absolutely shocked last year when most of the media went nuts after the Pats took McCourty. Most of this illogical, and embarrassing, response, was caused by Mike Mayock’s comment right after the pick…calling McCourty a great special teams player, gunner, or whatever. These “experts” couldn’t think for themselves and come to the obvious conclusion that McCourty was a CORNERBACK, and also a very good special teams player. It was rediculous…not to mention (and I’m about to mention) the fact that within 24 hours the Pats had 3 picks in the deepest draft in over a decade.

      Also, where’s the understanding on the importance of this position. Hasn’t the NFL evolved to become a throw first league??? The answer is yes, of course it has. Not to mention corners can’t breath on a receiver or they’ll be flagged. This is one of the toughest and most valuable positions in the game, and every team needs several, or at least 2 qualified starters, and they’re not easy to find.

      I agree with NEPD’s point…to a point, but we need some talent at that position…it’s a huge whole right now. Matt Flynn just killed us. Arrington has done “ok”, and he’s very tough…love the kid, but he’s not able to cover that well….it’s an issue. Butler, the same….and, he and others, are claiming he had a good game last week??? He was beat on several key plays and was only saved by terrible, unprofessional, throws. He’s a liability and isn’t getting the “coverage” part of his position (sarcasm, yet true).

  29. mike says:

    I dont like your picks for the linebackers. I think best case scenario is if we can land ryan kerrigan or robert quinn.

    DE is a huge need, likes of allen bailey or marcell dareus sounds good. Love, brace and dederick is simply not good enough. They simply role and depth players. The o line has the talent as is. The d line LACKS the talent.

    with jets, miami and all the good secondaries in the league. The patriots offence need to keep up by drafting new talents at wide out, such as michael floyd from notre dame

    • Sciz says:

      I see Bailey as a horrible fit and Dareus as a not ideal fit for a top-10 pick

      • mike says:

        Bailey is a freak athlete that will impose his will on others rushing game, your right about dereus, not realistic that he can drop that far. But i just dont see houston as an elite talent. I worry it can become a bust

      • mike says:

        And honestly, just think of how solid our line can be. I know fred jackson and kuhn both burning our defense so it is a need.

  30. Sciz says:

    OLB is the biggest need. I really like Justin Houston and Aldon Smith. DE is a minor need, in my opinion. TWarren’s return already means Deaderick, Pryor, or Love is gone, and drafting a DE means two of the three are gone. OL youth is needed, with Light and Koppen nearing the end of their careers. WR is a minor need unless they decide Price is useless. With Woodhead and the TEs, the Pats truly only need 3 starting-caliber WRs. They’ll get a mid-round HB, but he’ll be an STer only unless Benny or Danny gets hurt.

    • mike says:

      I dont see houston or smith as great fit.

      • Steve says:

        Houston seems over-rated, but maybe I’m missing something on him. I would say I agree on him not being an option. Smith looks very raw, but extremely athletic with all the measurables…love him as a project, and think he’s a perfect fit for OLB in their system…almost ideal. Akeem Ayers looks like a stiff to me, although he has the body/speed thing going…I’d pass. Von MIller is not a fit at all…only a one move/speed pass rusher.

    • Ryan says:

      I think all three of those guys might stay. Ty Warren might be gone next year, with his stint this year.

  31. mike says:

    PS for those of you who doesnt know who scarnechia is. Thats our o line coach. Extremely underrared likely the best linemen coach in the league. That’s why every time one lineman had to step in. The difference is minimal. Like connolly or wendell, and btw! Remeber vollmer?
    Dont overreact with patriots linemen situation.

    • Steve says:

      Amen to that…

      I do see them looking for some talent though…Dante needs something to work with, but I sit back and let them work their magic on the O-line. We can only guess at who that player is out there…guys like the Penn St kid are flexible…guard/center…that seems to make sense. Again, on the Pats, this position is very much about smarts…he doesn’t put up with mistakes.

  32. mike says:

    I get a good feeling about mankins resigning or franchised. I think o line is perfect as is. I think pats will draft one lineman at most. I dont think ppl realize scarnechia’s line is solid. Every single lineman is extremely well conditioned. So if you ask me if i have confidence in connolly or wendell, my answer is absolutely.
    I guarantee you wendell can start for many teams, yet he chose to stay for scar’s workout and friends.

    The real need is on outside linebacker, a great pass rusher along with cunningham hopefully continue to improve next year to take patriots defence to a new level.

    Then there is a less pressing need, to take a defensive end of real talent. Is pryor or brace solid? Ya. Are they good? No. With the outside linebacker picked earlier. This can give us as good of a defense as ravens, steelers.

    Think about solid first round pick DE along with warren and wilfork. Then linebacker we can get a first rounder with cunningham, spike and mayo. Anyone else excited about our would be shut down defense?

    For that kid who wants to draft a safety rahim moore, it just shows you know nothing of the patriots. We have 3 solid starter safeties with meriweather, chung and sanders. All of which can be excellent. Plus we have depth with jarrad page.

    Second and third round i personally think need good talent wide receiver. Who do we have behind welker and deion? Tate. Really? Plus what about a 5 wide set for shotgun. Can you even name a receiver? Maybe edelman. Still this area need depth.

    Aside from the need of WR , remember deion is more than 30. We need depth there.

    What do you guys think?

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      In a five-wide set the Patriots will employ Gronkowski and Hernandez. Tate is developing and Price will be done with his redshirt year.

      WR in the 2nd or 3rd would be fine, but definitely isn’t a must.

      • mike says:

        How about speed and WR depth

      • Steve says:

        I was thinking the same thing on the wideout position…tough adjustment to the pros, but maybe they reach if they see a fit and someone smart enough, and on this team it’s all about smarts at that position. I see them bringing in a veteran to play alone with Branch. Tate has shown little and Price is a project…they’ll bring in a few guys and see who fits…drafting one high is a huge risk, and they don’t seem to be dumb enough to risk like other foolish teams. They’ll take a player, and fill the position in other ways..

  33. John says:

    I would like to see them draft DE JJ Watt and CB Janoris Jenkins or Brandon Harris in the first round. Then I would like to see them trade their 33rd pick to get a future 1st rounder in 2012. Lastly, I would like to see them take a chance on RB Mikel Leshoure with their 64th pick in the second round and the best OL available with their 75th pick.

    • Steve says:

      Mikel Leshoure will not be there at 64, unless he’s got off field issues…major ones, because he’s a first round talent…it’s just that the position is more of a luxury and the life of a RB is short. That being said, he’ll be gone by mid second round, if not the first. I would love to see the Pats take him at the end of the 1st, if he’s there.

  34. mike boston says:

    I think OL, DE, OLB is a great combination to look at early. I think resigning Mankins in the offseason is a near must. Light is a good player and has been for years but he is getting long in the tooth, so his replacement needs to be drafted unless the Pats think Seabass and Krazur can man the tackle spots.

    DE is a must bc nearly all of our DE’s are getting older and the 3-4 BB runs depends on them holding up at the point of attack and occupying blockers.

    I really like the way Cunningham has played this year as a rookie and if he can add some strength/pass rush moves this offseason he will be a force on the strong side. TBC is best left to a sub-role bc IMO he doesn’t set the edge as well as Ninko and Cunningham. I would love a physical specimen at this place in the LT mold, will not only help our pass rush which has been inconsistent at best but also help our secondary.

    Later in the draft I would love to see a RB drafted, Law Firm is a great pound it between the numbers guy who I think will be a consistent 1000 yard a season rusher for several years to come. A guy that is a threat to break big runs to rotate in with BJGE and have woodhead in the shotgun/3rd down back would be great.

    Overall, I love the Pats position in this draft especially if Taylor Price emerges as the 3rd receiver behind Wes and Deion next year. They have the luxury of picking the best player available and push more picks into the future which is a great strategy even if it is not as sexy as trading up.

    My 2 cents

  35. BK says:

    Mark Ingram!

    • Steve says:

      I love Ingram, but taking a RB that high is not happening…highly doubt it, but I would be BB loves this kid’s talent. To me he seems to be a larger Kevin Faulk…a vision runner, but beyond a 3rd down back, and a need to play along BJGE and Woodhead.
      Hope he runs very slow at the combine and he’s there in the 2nd…maybe they’ll make a move to grab him, but stop the delusion of taking him with that 1st pick.
      My guy is Mikel Leshoure, but he won’t be a secret for much longer….no idea why he’s not mentioned more by the “experts”…he’s an explosive version of BJGE….maybe he doesn’t come out, or has issues???

    • TD says:

      After the Maroney debacle, I think BB has learned that he can create a dynamic backfield by getting UFA’s. There are so many backs out there that a rook cannot bring value in first round for Pats.

  36. My top 5 positional needs:

    DE – Brace has emerged and Warren has provided a solid stop-gap, but the return of Ty Warren won’t really bolster the Patriots line because he plays the same game as Ron Brace. Now, if the Patriots want to have a Warren – Wilfork – Brace line, where they all occupy two blockers, they may need to invest in some solid pass rushers. If they want quarterback pressure from the defensive line, they’ll need to find themselves a defensive lineman who can get to the quarterback. (first round pick)

    OG – Guard. This all depends on whether or not Mankins leaves for a different team (large possibility) and whether or not Neal hangs up his cleats (I wouldn’t blame him). That would leave Connolly and Wendell as the starting guards, which I wouldn’t be fully confident in having high production. This position hinges upon where Mankins goes. If he stays, this position is not a need. If he leaves, they need to take one with their first three picks. (first or second)

    OT – Matt Light will probably receive a 2-3 year contract a la Neal, but the Patriots could definitely utilize a prospect to groom behind Light for a season or two. Demarcus Love has the most upside and could go through the Scarneccia School and be a dominant lineman, or Sherrod could come and start right away. Either way, the Patriots might want to invest in a tackle of the future. (first or second)

    OLB – Not as high on my list as it is on other peoples’. This draft is actually really deep in potential OLBs for the Patriots. They could take a first round flier on Justin Houston, Robert Quinn or Ryan Kerrigan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited for Jeremy Beal in the second. The Patriots have a solid tandem in Cunningham and Banta-Cain, with Ninkovich coming off the bench and Moore playing on sub packages. I just think the Patriots need solid offensive line play more than they need additional pass rush. (second)

    Ideal draft:
    1a) Cam Jordan
    1b) Stefen Wisniewski
    2a) Demarcus Love
    2b) Jeremy Beal

    • Steve says:

      I like the thought process here, but I’m not a huge fan of Jordan that high. This is a weak draft, and the guy would be talked about as a 2nd rounder in last year’s draft.
      That being said, I believe Beal is one of the top prospects in this entire draft…and, more so, I feel he’s a perfect fit for the OLB position.
      He’s explosive, and has the measurables to set the edge.
      I hope they see the talent in this kid…he’s special.
      I doubt other teams are missing the obvious on Beal…he’ll be gone if he’s a good kid.

      • TD says:

        Hard to figure out BB as the only position he has big time prospects singled out is if we are in positions 1-10. He likes his outside LB’s at least 6-4 with long arms and able to take on OL’s. Most of these college DE’s only penetrate gaps or speed rush around the edge, which makes it difficult to project to our 3-4 parameters. I really like Ingram too, but does BB and does he bring value at a No. 1 pick.

  37. JDW says:

    Send the early first round (from Raiders), the higher second round, and the Randy Moss third round picks to Carolina. Get the number one pick and take Luck as Brady’s heir in waiting. You still have the late first, second and third round picks. Just like a normal draft. Let him sit for three years, learn the system and take over for Tom down the line. Why always stockpile picks if you never use them to move up? Yeah, it won’t happen and it’s an unneccesary luxury. But Carolina would probably go for something like that. It’d be nice to move up and just get some stud at whatever position in the top five or ten.

    • patriotdew says:

      thats just plain stupid why would you pay big money to sit him till his contract is up then have to resign please use your head

  38. Jon says:

    Honestly, I think it’s wide open. I don’t think there are many positions on the team I’d be adverse to seeing them stock up on after QB, TE and maybe WR. Depth is so crucial.

    If I had any say whatsoever I’d personally lean towards the D line, O line and – believe it or not – the secondary. I do think you grab another RB at some point as well.

  39. Ryan says:

    Defensive End, Cornerback, and OLB

    DE: Need the depth as well as run support and interior rushing
    CB: Depth, Butler will hopefully play better
    OLB: Tully sucks, but Cunningham needs to stay uninjured.

  40. Coach Bill says:


  41. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    I’ll take OLB (Kerrigan or Quinn), Safety (Rahim Moore), and RB (Ingram or Thomas).

    DE will be fine with Warren coming back.

    The Patriots should sign Light and Mankins, and if they do, I’m fine with waiting until 2nd/3rd round for OL’s.

    • Ryan says:

      Love the Kerrigan decision, I’d love Prince Am. (sorry on the spelling) – I think he is the best cornerin the draft. I’m also thinking some sleepers maybe the UNC players kicked off the team. I also think that MANKINS is a must sign. Since he came back the team has been completely different. He is a must sign.

    • mike says:

      Your out of your mind with the safety pick. How much do you really know about the pats. Pats are more than top 4 with safety talent. The only chance of pats taking a safety in this draft is somehow chung and meriweather died in a car crash.

      • Patriots Draft Guru says:

        Page will be an UFA after this year, Sanders after next. Meriweather has been in and out of the doghouse and just isn’t that good.

        Chung is a great safety, but Moore is the pure cover safety that the Patriots need beside him.

    • mike says:

      Meriweather started the last 2 games despite his woes. He’s not in the doghouse anymore. He’s got great talent and potential. I really think sanders will stay.

      • Steve says:

        I see Meriweather playing out his contract, but he’s a talented stiff…has the ability to put his head through a wall, but takes rediculous angles and makes some serious mistakes. It’s a tough position to fill…it’s a passing league and you need to be able to think, hit, run and tackle…he does a few of these well enough.
        There’s a reason he’s on the pro bowl…the biggest is there aren’t many good ones out there because of the demand.
        He is what he is….BB won’t bring him back after his contract…he’ll be replaced, but not by Moore…don’t like his game at all.

    • Steve says:

      I agree…Quinn is the play here. He’s Peppers with less size and more speed…a freak of an athlete. I feel he’s a better prospect for the OLB position for the Pats system than you could possibly design.
      The kid seems to have made a mistake, and he most likely did what most star NCAA players do, but he did so on a team that seems a bit obvious with their violations and got caught.
      I watched the film on him and was blown away…and not just highlights…his size/speed and explosion is amazing to watch.
      I then went on to watch the video (youtube) on his battle with a brain tumor in his senior year (I believe) of high school. He won that battle and went on to win his 3rd state wrestling championship…amazing story, and I’m not one for sappy stories.
      My point is he seems like he has some serious character, and he made a mistake. I’m not overly concerned that someone didn’t play a few months of football. This kid can play!
      Love Kerrigan too, but his running is unathletic and coverage may be an issue.
      I’m not crazy about Moore at all, but maybe I’m missing something…just doesn’t seem tough enough…very unimpressive.
      Yes, sign Light & Mankins. Why do so many want to part with Light so quickly…am I missing something? He’s a very solid LT sitll, and can always swtich with Vollmer…I want that guy on the team, both of them.

      • Steve says:

        OK…here’s my take on JJ Watt: HE SUCKS! There’s no way in hell this guy is drafted before the 3rd round by the Pats, and I wouldn’t waste the pick. He’s a stiff, plays hard, unathletic, gets push around like a rag doll and is not close to being a DT in any 3-4 defense, and he certainly can’t play outside standing up.

        So, take him off your list, and please take him out of any first round.

        More confirmation that this year’s draft is just not so hot.

      • Steve says:

        Here’s my take on Cameron Jordan: ok player, but what position is he playing for on our defense…tackle, OLB??? He’s not big enough to start at tackle, so are you thinking he’s playing outside? I highly doubt it.

        He looks like a 4-3 guy on the end, at best. Again, I don’t see a first round value on this guy…lucky to make the team and stay in the league.

      • Steve says:

        My take on Aldon Smith: very special player…ideal for the outside in the 3-4. He’s on such a different level than Cameron Jordan that it’s not really worth talking about if you don’t see this. He’s extremely athletic and explosive with all the measurables you could want. If our strength & conditioning guy has him for a year, and he’s coached along (if he’s a good kid?) he is a super star waiting to happen.

        After the combine he’ll be near the top 10, or in it.

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