2011 NFL Draft Order Coming Into View

Andrew Luck

Will this be the new face of the Carolina Panthers?

With Carolina falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers combined with wins by Cincinnati and Denver, the Panthers are now officially on the clock with the 1st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

What that also means is that the Patriots have clinched the #33rd pick, or the 1st pick on Day 2 of the draft.

Check out the current 2011 NFL Draft Order for all teams here.

This 33rd pick is valuable for so many reasons. The difference in talent between #32 and #33 is typically negligible, however, the difference in money is substantial.

In addition, having the 2nd round of the NFL Draft take place on a different day than the 1st round means that other teams, as well as the Patriots, will have time to reset their draft boards and determine if they want to make a play for a certain player.

The Patriots will have the pick of the litter, taking bids for the pick all night, or drafting whichever player they would like. It is certainly an enviable position, all thanks to trading pick #89 (QB/WR Armanti Edwards) in the 2010 NFL Draft to the Panthers.

Click here or a list of all the Patriots 2011 Draft Picks.

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2 Responses to “2011 NFL Draft Order Coming Into View”

  1. Steve says:

    What I love about these situations is the response by Pats haters (on the national stage) when it comes to their attention that the Pats have all these picks. This one will be fun, when these fans find out the Pats are picking first on day 2.
    These are the same fools that react as if they know more than BB when he trades down. Well, here’s what happens when you trade picks to these other desperate, and poorly run, teams.
    I loved what Mike Lombardi, of NFL Network, said last year when he spoke with passion about how NFL GM’s love these 2nd rounders…called them “gold”.
    You have to figure that many 2nd round draft picks thought they were going in the 1st round…or were sold on the prospect of this happening; not to mention their egos playing a major role (not an entirely bad thing seeing you want confident players).
    These picks get little money, as stated above, yet you own them for 4 years, or so…they HAVE to run through walls to make their money…their first big payday; and in football you need guys who sell out.
    Also, you probably have a young guy who’s a bit pissed off…motivated to show everyone they were wrong. The fact that someone has to be the 33rd pick, and the 1st to fall out of that 1st round glory, is only a bonus…must really cause some players to hit the gym.
    Personally, I think these 2nd round picks may too little and I’m hoping this changes a bit with a restructuring, but it’s great for fans and teams like the Pats who have realized the value/talent ration is in their favor in a huge way.
    The new scheduling of the 2nd round on a separate day only ads to the value; again, as stated above, the new day calls for more time for the pick to be shopped and fought over.

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