Patriots vs Lions: The Aftermath

The Patriots rallied from 14-3 down on Thanksgiving day to beat the Detroit Lions in a 45-24 romp. Tom Brady ended the day with a perfect 158.3 rating, 10 years after making his debut with the Patriots.

After the jump, we have our Gameballs and Goats.


Grandpa and Grandma NEPD – To Grandpa NEPD for ceding the prime viewing area for the Patriots game and splurging on a sweet 42″ LED TV for everyone to enjoy. Grandma, your pumpkin pie is legendary.

TB12 & The 2nd Half Offense – Tough to say enough about how well they clicked in the 2nd half. Logan Mankins, who needs to be resigned immediately, said that Detroit did some things “that they weren’t expecting in the 1st half defensively.” Glad they got that figured out.

Devin McCourty – I’ve seen many a young cornerback (and plenty of veterans as well) try and pick up Bill Belichick’s defense over the last decade, and DMC is light-years ahead of everyone else. His near complete lack of glaring mental errors is astonishing, considering the level of receivers that he has played against in the last few weeks. Two more picks for Devin should have A LOT of commenters on this site eating crow.


Kid Rock’s Jacket – “Daddy, what is that guy wearing?”

Kyle Arrington – It is hard to get mad at a guy for being short, but Calvin Johnson really made him look bad at times.

3rd Down Defense – Not sure what it is to blame more, the soft zone or the lack of pressure, but the 50% conversion rate has got to stop soon.


5 Responses to “Patriots vs Lions: The Aftermath”

  1. mhaf says:

    I think I would package the third pick or our second pick if I felt that to get one of the best pass rushers required moving up. The order of value keeps changing but Dareus, Bowers, possibly Bailey, Heyward may require moving up.

  2. John says:

    I have two interesting questions to ask the NEPD and Ryan. My first question is if the Pats are picking 16th overall next year and the top DE”S and DT’s are taken, do you consider taking Ingram or a top cornerback at that spot? My next question is if Randy Moss wants to sign a 1 year deal for 2 million dollars with the Pats next year , do you do it? Remember that T. O. signed for only 1.6 million with the Bengals since no one wanted him.

    • NEPD says:

      Top CB like Peterson or Amukamara? Absolutely. Even a smooth cover safety like Rahim Moore would be tempting. Bodden, McCourty, and either of those two gems would be a great starting point for next years db’s.

      Regarding Moss, I’d pass.

      • Ryan says:

        I can totally see the Patriots taking Ingram. I have heard his knee is pretty hard up in a few earlier reports this season. If Amkamura is on the bored, I would take him in a heart beat. I believe he has the overall highest rating as a player 99 on Mel Kipers board.

        I do not feel like the patriots will try and move up unless they see huge value. But also like last year, I’m not sure that they will be “allowed” to move up much either. Sometime teams simply do not want to trade. Also, I wouldn’t nix the option of taking an OLB that early in the draft, espicially a rushing OLB. This is supposed to be another decent draft, so lets hope they just draft for value again.

        As for Randy, reports on ESPN stated that Bill was ultimately interested in him as an option if he came around the second time. Personally, I see him being brought more likely if they were to draft Aj Green or someone of that caliber. One thing I’m sure you all have noticed is that he will bring back older players to mentor, they might not play but it seems to help. Alge, Givens, come to mind.

        My next question is what are we going to do with 6 safeties next season? Page, McGown, Meriweather, Chung, Sanders, Brown

  3. Ryan says:

    On Arrington- Is it possible that Butler has gone down hill so fast? What exactly did he do? I just feel like he was so up and coming last year and this year he couldn’t find the Field with GPS and a helicopter.

    As for the 3rd down conversions, I couldn’t agree more. Our defense has got to stop giving up a 3rd and 8.

    Can’t believe we haven’t brought in someone to help out the CB situation.

    Lastly, as far as I’m concerned we might be needing to look for a new FS next year. For a guy who has been in the system so long, he is certianly making a lot of mistakes. I just do not understand it. Page and Chung, EVEN SANDERS have been playing better. Can anyone shed some light?

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