A Female Touch: Week 5

Randy Moss Goodbye

Goodbye to you too Randy.

Randy Moss is just gone? Really? Seriously… these are the thoughts went through my mind when Mr. NEPD broke me the bad news.

  • I’ll be perfectly honest, I look GOOD in my Moss jersey.  Whose to buy now… (rummaging through Mr. NEPD’s wallet)
  • I really wondered how Tom felt about the whole situation.  If my best friend was transfered, I think my work would suffer.  Thankfully, I’m not Tom Brady.
  • The hand in the air thing was awesome – one of the most exciting things in the game was when you saw Moss raise his arm and call for the ball.
  • No more deep bombs… I love Welker and Edelman, but watching those deep passes was something that made the former cheerleader in me just giddy.
  • After Mr. NEPD explained to me about getting good value for the aging Moss, I understood the trade.  Hopefully he doesn’t get any ideas about me. (just kidding…)

Anyways, still up by four games over Mr. NEPD in the Pick’em Contest – so I’ve got that going for me.

DEN @ BAL (-6.5)

JAX @ BUF (+1.5)

CHI @ CAR (+2.5)

TAM @ CIN (-6.5)

ATL @ CLE (+3.5)

STL @ DET (-3.5)

NYG @ HOU (-3.5)

KCC @ IND (-8.5)

GBY @ WAS (+2.5)

NWO @ ARI (+6.5)

TEN @ DAL (-6.5)

SDG @ OAK (+6.5)

PHI @ SNF (-3.5)

MIN @ NYJ (-4.5)

One Response to “A Female Touch: Week 5”

  1. NEPD says:

    “Hopefully he doesn’t get any ideas about me.”

    You’re not getting off that easy!

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