2010 NFL Picks: Week 3

NFL Picks Week 3

These two teams were better than I was last week. Yikes.

A dismal 5-11 performance in our NFL Picks for week 2, punctuated by a Patriots loss was almost too much to handle for us last week.  Falling two games behind Mrs. NEPD in the overall standings nearly pushed me over the edge.

We are riding the favorite train this week, counting on some hot teams (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Houston) to stay hot, and some lukewarm teams (Philadelphia, New England, Baltimore) to finally heat up.

CLE @ BAL (-10.5)

CIN @ CAR (+3.5)

DAL @ HOU (-2.5)

SNF @ KCC (+1.5)

DET @ MIN (-10.5)

BUF @ NWE (-13.5)

ATL @ NOS (-5.5)

TEN @ NYG (-2.5)

PIT @ TAM (+2.5)

PHI @ JAX (+2.5)

WAS @ STL (+3.5)

OAK @ ARI (-4.5)

IND @ DEN (+6.5)

SDG @ SEA (+5.5)

NYJ @ MIA (-2.5)

GBY @ CHI (+2.5)


3 Responses to “2010 NFL Picks: Week 3”

  1. Jorgo says:

    Im just saying guys =P

  2. Jorgo says:

    I love how Mr., Mrs NEPD, and the Patriots Draft Guru are at the bottom of the standings. But yeah I guarantee everyone on the game picked the Pats over the Jets.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      You’re hating on the two people putting on the contest? (and some random guy)


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