Five In, Five Out: Open Thread

Per reader request, we’re going to look at who NEPD, and our great readers, think will be the last five Patriots to make the 53-man roster.  Conversely, we’ll also speculate on who will be the last five to be seen by “the Turk.”

Five In:

Torry Holt – We see the competition for the the last WR spot coming down to Holt’s consistency against Aiken’s special-teams prowess.  With some of the newcomers likely to play special teams, we see Holt winning out.

Brandon Deaderick – You really can’t have enough young depth and developing players at the 5-technique.

Kyle Arrington – Our true special-teams ace, who can actually fill in for spot duty on defense, at least better than Slater.

Ted Larsen – This hinges on the Mankins contract situation. If he goes, it opens up a spot for a young guard to make the team.

Pierre Woods – If the Patriots think they can sneak a young guy onto the practice squad, I think Bill will want to keep Woods around.  he knows the system and plays well on ST.

Five Out:

Thomas Williams – Promising player at a crowded position.

Sam Aiken – Barring injury to a WR, we don’t see Sam making the team.

Terrence Wheatley – Bill has a fondness for Wheatley, but we have better options on ST and at CB now.

Matthew Slater – I think Arrington out-shone Slater on ST last year, which doesn’t bode well for his chances of making the squad.

Dane Fletcher – Could develop into a decent “Mike” in the coming years, a la Tedy Bruschi.  I’d rather keep him than Shawn Crable or Pierre Woods, due to his DE/OLB/ILB versatility. Could be another Dan Klecko, but I see a promising future for Fletcher.

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6 Responses to “Five In, Five Out: Open Thread”

  1. Jared says:

    3 toughest decisions…
    1. I think Arrington’s special teams play gives him the edge over Wheatley, although Wheatley has had some bad luck…got drafted in the 2nd round…hes supposedly a smart, and good all-around kid soooo…Bill will have a hard time cutting him.
    2. Aiken has been one of the Pats best special-teams players the last couple of years, but Slater is gaining on him. He flashed last year, and made plays consistently on specials most of the year. after beeing around for a couple of years, he should know more tricks of the trade…and maybe even some of the plays on offense, like Aiken last year.( no offense to Slater, but i hope it doesn’t come to that) With Holt, Tate, and Price in the mix this year, Aiken or Slater is gone. I think the youth-movement is here for the Pats…and Aiken, Another vet bites the dust.
    3. Biggest log-jam on the roster, is arguably the weakest spot for talent, OLB. Banta-Cain,Cunningham,Burgess,& Ninkovich in my opinion,all make it. And the 4 MLB spots are all definately in stone-Mayo,Spikes,Guyton, & McKenzie. So thats 8 linebackers, not including T.Williams,P.Woods.S.Crable.& D.Fletcher. Woods would be the favorite, & have seniority for that job. But once again, the turnover of youth, and new faces on the team cant go un-noticed. I have BB only keeping 9 LB’s, he could keep 10. If he keeps nine, i say thomas Williams is the 9th man. If thet keep 10, Woods and Williams make it…Fletcher makes the practice squad.


  2. Jared says:

    In-BJGE…Slater…Arrington…T.Williams…Deadrick.-ps-Ninkovich makes the team too.

  3. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    In – Williams, Crable, Fletcher, Slater, Wheatley
    Out – Arrington, Woods, Deaderick, Aiken, BJGE

  4. Ryan Buske says:

    Thoughts, I love the character of Dan Fletcher, his back ground and work ethic speaks directly to the Patriots organziation itself. I think he is in a crowded position right now, but if he plays like he did in college I think he might be able to make the team. Supposedly, he has some amazing stats, which I will look for later.

    Deadrick – I think has some character issues. But he came from a legit school, with legit depth and played most of the games his last three seasons. Note: He was shot in the arm during a robbery attempt.

    Many of the player that were drafted this year had problems, Spikes, Deadrick, and Hernandez come to mind. But these kids deserve a shot just like everyone else. People can change and if anyone can turn these players into Pro Bowl players BB can do it.

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