Sebastian Vollmer: Breakout Candiate?

Sebastian Vollmer

Sebastian Vollmer protecting Tom Brady's blindside.

Earlier this week, Pat Kirwan put out his Top 20 Breakout Candiates list, where a certain Patriots OT was listed at #19.  Sorry to break it you Mr. Kirwan, but to put it in Sebastian Vollmer’s native German, die katze is already out of the bag.

After starting eight games (5 at LT, 3 at RT) for the Patriots in 2009, the second-round draft pick has solidified himself as the top outside lineman on the New England offensive line, which already sports three former Pro Bowl players.

Vollmer was at his best playing LT for an injured Matt Light, where he man-handled none other than Dwight Freeney, but played the RT position to a high level as well.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, Vollmer can’t play both positions.   Matt Light is still a legitimate option at LT, but has shown that he is not a swing candidate to play on the right side.  Nick Kaczur, the opening day starter at RT in 2009, just can’t handle speed rushers, most prominently shown by him barely being able to lay a finger on the Colts’ Robert Mathis.

Therefore, the Patriots have three options: Vollmer/Kaczur, Light/Vollmer, or Vollmer/Light.  We feel that the Light (LT) and Vollmer (RT) combination, with Kaczur serving as the backup, provides the best use of O-Line coach Dante Scarnecchia’s current resources.

All of this could change with a trade of either Light or Kaczur, or if Logan Mankins’ contact situations goes south.  What won’t change, however, is that the future for one Düsseldorf-ian offensive lineman looks awfully bright.

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5 Responses to “Sebastian Vollmer: Breakout Candiate?”

  1. Jared says:

    Yaa…hmm is right. I’l take our boy Edleman over all of those guys. Thanks for the answer.

  2. Jared says:

    PS. Did Kirwan have Edleman on his top 20 list?? If not, then the list is junk. Edleman, (who looks to be even better then Welker after the catch), is due to fill the spot of most productive WR in NFL since 07. Welker & Edleman, with and upright Brady, are as close to automatic offense as their is. I know Welker & Edleman can co-exist just fine, but if Welker couldnt play until later in the year…i think Edelman could of had pro-bowl numbers. But with all the options in the slot for the Pats this year…( Welker, Edelman, Hernandez, Gronkowski, even Crumpler and all twelve RB’s)….lotta options, less is more.

  3. Jared says:

    First off, cant say enough about the great improvements to the site-great job.
    I think Vollmer will end up beeing the best pick, in what i think will be concieved when in pans out as one of BB best drafts. Mainly because of the position he plays, you can make a case that after QB, OT, especially LT, is the most important position on the field. Vollmer, started training camp at RT, which is good and bad in my opinion… good because it shows early faith in him over Kazcur, who i think gets more critisism than deserved. But two things make this bad-1. Light still even after his long, succesful career, cant play the other side. Then Kazcur at LG??hopefully just because Logan is playing hard to get during OTA’s. Kazcur is a decent starter, but he would make an above average backup. I say opening day it. Will be Vollmer on the right, Light on the left next to Mankins. I think the dream scenario would be Vollmer at LT, but I dont see it. That could be somewhat of a….less than great situation. It would be a shame to see a talent like Vollmer with all the size and footwork, not be put in the ideal situation for him to progress as much as possible. But him starting full-time on either side will improve the line. So he is poised for a breakout year, but my pick to click is Edleman. For all the reasons I said for Vollmer. Edelman in the Patriots offense will be put in the ideal situation for him to succeed. He will be running the Welker routes that the Pats use almost like running plays. If he stays healthy…call me crazy….but i dont think 70 catches, for 700 yards and 7 TD’s is unrealistic. The recent good news on Welker mite kill my projections for Edelman, but if you asked me 2 months ago… i would of said no Welker until Wk 7, and Edelman could of had 100 rec’s. But Welker looks like hes going to make Belichicks decision in the first week of september a difficult one. Great for the team, bad for Edleman’s numbers.
    Hopefully the Pats have more than one breakout player this year, but my predictions on them in order would be…
    No McKenzie or Tate on this list, and I hope i’m wrong…they both are coming off of injury-ended seasons, and I think better players are above them on the depth chart. Spikes & Guyton, & Holt & Edelman.

    • NEPD says:

      I think Welker and Edelman can co-exist just fine. Moss and Price/Holt/Tate can hold the outside WR spots down, while Wes and Julian can wreak havoc from the slot.

      Four-wide sets should be pretty fun this year.

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