Revisiting the 2007 NFL Draft

Brandon Meriweather sacks Matt Leinart

Meriweather is the only 2007 Draft Pick still on the Patriots roster.

It’s now June in 2010 – after three seasons, many feel that one can accurately assess the success of a particular NFL Draft class. When a certain group of fans and media pundits look back at the 2007 NFL Draft for the New England Patriots, many see one of the worst drafts in history.  We are not members of that group.  Here are some notes on how each of the picks ended up.

1st Round (24) – Brandon Meriweather

Meriweather has been a tantalizing player for the Patriots – alternately great and ghastly.  Overall, he has been a player that has improved each year and looks to have a solid future. (Update: The Patriots released the former Pro Bowl safety before the 2011 NFL Season.)

Grade: B+

Hindsight Pick: Meriweather

1st Round (28) – Traded

This pick has given the Patriots a lot of value. In exchange for the 28th pick, the Patriots received pick #110 (Traded for Randy Moss) and San Francisco’s 1st Rounder the next year – which resulted in the selections of  the spectacular Jerod Mayo and the disappointing Shawn Crable after a trade down.

Grade: A+

Hindsight: Trade

2nd Round (60) – Traded

The Patriots used this pick to trade for Wes Welker, formerly of the Miami Dolphins.  That worked out okay.

Grade: A+

Hindsight: Trade

3rd Round (91) – Traded

The Patriots received a 7th round pick (Oscar Lua) and a 2008 3rd round pick, which was later turned into Ron Brace and Matthew Slater through a series of trades.

Grade: B-

Hindsight:  Kevin Boss, Tight End

4th Round (127) – Kareem Brown

Brown was not a good fit for the Patriots.  Marginal skills and a poor work ethic led to his pre-season release.

Grade: F

Hindsight: Steve Breaston, Wide Receiver

5th-7th Round

Seven players were drafted by the Patriots in these rounds, with only one ever seeing any legitimate playing time (Richardson).  The paucity of talent found in the other players  in these rounds speaks to overall talent level of the 2007 NFL Draft.  It is very possible that the Patriots were unable to unload these picks, as no team wanted to trade up.

Grade: NA

Hindsight: Out of the 120+ selections in the 5th-7th rounds, Legedu Naanee, Brent Celek, Pierre Thomas (UDFA) and David Clowney are the only players that would have had a chance to make the 2008 Patriots roster.

Overall Draft Grade: A

The Patriots landed four Pro Bowl players directly or indirectly from this draft (Mayo, Moss, Welker, Meriweather), so it is very tough to give them bad marks. The poor results of the late rounds is definitely off-set by the utter void of good players available.  The 2007 Draft set the Patriots up to compete for the Super Bowl for the next five years.

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6 Responses to “Revisiting the 2007 NFL Draft”

  1. Allen says:

    I am sorry but this draft class was terrible.No way was it that good.

    • NEPD says:

      Past the first 20 players or so, the whole draft was terrible. So getting 3 pro-bowlers and future picks is pretty dang good.

  2. Jared says:

    Your right, Hernandez was a bad example because of his unique situation. My point was simply the 07 draft was pathetic from the last half of the 2nd round on. Players picked in the first ten picks of the 4th round, in this past draft, could have been chosen in the last ten picks of the 2nd round in the 07 draft. A proven talent like Hernandez, wouldn’t of lasted through the 2nd round of 07…stoner,or not.


  3. Jared says:

    100% agree with an A grade.
    The 07 draft was filled with top-tier talent, and then a bunch of busts. Some of the leagues best players now, were takin in April, 07. Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Darrelle Revis, Patrick Willis,( all arguably the best player in the league at their respective positions), also top talents like Joe Thomas, Laron Landry, Jon Beason, and oh ya…Brandon Meriweather. For the Pats to end up with one of the best 10 players in the draft, while picking behind 23 other teams, that in itself is deserving of an A grade. I would give Meriweather as a player thus far a B+, but as a pick, A.
    For the rest of the draft… I don’t think it could have worked out better than it did for the Patriots. Players like Aaron Hernandez,(who were takin in the 4th round this year) could have easily been chosen in the middle of 07’s 2nd round. Rounds 2-7 were filled with hopeless prospects, a few starters sprinkled in, but the failed, to made it, ratio was etremely high in this draft. Pats recieved the best WR duo in team history, and the class of the NFL in 09…for a 2 and a 4, highway robbery, crazy Al must still have a bad taste in his mouth (not to mention Parcells showing up and bitch slapping whoever admitted they wanted to trade Wes Welker within the division).
    The clear-cut icing on the cake is waiting an extra year, moving up 18 slots, to take future pro-bowler Jerod mayo with the 10th pick of 08. Thank you San Fran, too bad Crable turned out to be useless.
    The one negative of BB’s 07 class, was rounds 4-7. Kareem Brown beeing the worst of all of them because of where he was takin. But overrall, I think it was more a testament to the lack of talent, more so than faulty drafting. After the first round, this draft was a role of the dice. Which makes BB’s trades, all look smarter than ever.When you can play the ” who would you take now” game, and most of the decisions would stay the same…You have to take your hat off to the decision makers(or maker), down in Foxborough.


    • Ryan Buske says:

      One comment, Hernandez could have went in the first round or second round this year. Maybe I missed your point, but his lack of discpline around the purple sticky punch is what cost him millions of dollars, because I assure you it was not his physical ability. (I think I missed your point).

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