Patriots Extend Gary Guyton

Gary Guyton

Gary Guyton tackles Dolphin RB Ricky Williams.

Gary Guyton, one of the many successful undrafted free agent signings for the Patriots over the last few years, signed a two-year extension with a signing bonus of $650,000, according to the Boston Globe.

Guyton’s agent Richard Kopelman cast away some of the stereotypes of the New England front office, saying “They’ve always been true to their word with us, which is great.”  The Patriots could have kept Guyton this year with a simple $470k tender.

Guyton totaled 85 tackles in 2009, adding two sacks and four pass breakups from his inside LB spot opposite Jerod Mayo.  Where the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket will line up this year is anyone’s guess, as Brandon Spikes is likely to earn some playing time inside as well.

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4 Responses to “Patriots Extend Gary Guyton”

  1. Jared says:

    84% of the snaps…obscured slightly by the Mayo injury. Still, 17 out of every 20 plays is too much.

  2. Ryan says:

    BB stole Guyton.
    Agreeing with Jared:
    1. He is a cover backer, who just happened to play ?84%? of the snaps last season. Let him excel in third down packages.

    2. He is a good person, he did off season mentoring and etc. A good role model.

    3. With run stopping ILB’s such as McKenzie or Spikes in the mix, it could help everyone involved.

    4. A little over 2 million for two years, for player will play more than 50% of the snaps in the coming years.

    • NEPD says:

      Would love to see Guyton in 3rd down situations – sub Spikes out or put him at OLB and let him rush some. Guyton could also be a special-teams beast if he isn’t starting.

  3. Jared says:

    How does the fastest LB in the draft go undrafted? Who knows, but I like it, chalk another diamond in the rough up for Bill. I like Guyton as a player, but he isnt suited to be a 3 down backer in my opinion. Whenever Gary is in on run sitiuations, the team struggles. Hes fast, but he is one of the worst LB’s ive ever seen at fighting off blocks, or avoiding them. once a player gets a-hold of Guyton, its usually all over. Most think that the drafting of Brandon Spikes isgoing to immensly help Mayo out… I agree, but I also think Guyton will be able to lay a role more suited to his skill-set. 3rd down mostly, he is a great cover-backer, and I would like to see the team use his speed to get to the QB more. Whichever way it plays out this year, the rotatio of MLB’s should be an asset to the team, not s hole… A huge step-up from the last two seasons.


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