Fantasy Football Team Names: Patriots Edition

Now that it is Fantasy Football time again, we’re breaking out this list again.

Fantasy Football Team Names for Patriot Fans:

2009 Team Names (Editor’s note: This list was originally published in 2009)

Vince Wilfork You Up
Dan Koppen A Feel
North By NorthWes
Sebastian Vollmer is Hans Gruber’s Love Child
Sam Aiken to Kill Manning
Ron Brace Yourselves for Impact
Everybody Pat Chung Tonight
Let there be Matt Light

2010 Team Names

My Maroney Has a First Name
Darius The Butler Did It
The Space Emperor of Space
David Patten’s Army
Taylor The Price Is Wrong Bob
Brandon Spike’s Deadliest Warrior
Myron Pryor Offense

2011 Team Names

Toy Solders
Stevan Ridley’s Believe It or Not
Pissed off Spanish Teachers
Huge Westicles
Ellis Island > Revis Island
It’s a Tarp(-inian)!
Don’t Mess With the Zoltan
Danny Woodhead’s Scrappiness
Every Edelman, Woman, and Child

2012 Team Names

The Bolden and the Beautiful
Dont’a Hightower Wilfork You Up
Siskel and Jeremy Ebert

Please add your own below!


4 Responses to “Fantasy Football Team Names: Patriots Edition”

  1. Michael Chicarella says:

    How bout going old school!!!!
    “The Brady Bunch”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those are some great fantasy football team names – I’m using the Huge Westicles one.

  3. Paul says:

    I am aganst this one but other will like this but
    Maroney Dancers

    this is one I like

    The LawFirm Hits the Hole

    The Opposition is always tasting Mayo

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