Changing of the (Offensive) Guard: Open Thread

Logan Mankins Trade

Patriots guard Logan Mankins wants to be traded.

Let’s hypothetically grant Mr. Mankins his wish.  He wants traded, so let’s trade him. Come up with the trade that realizes the most value for the Patriots, but is still realistic and beneficial to the trade partner as well. We’ll get things started…

As we have so often, let’s go back to the well with the Oakland Raiders. After calling on Al Davis, we’d like the Patriots to trade Mankins for Robert Gallery, former LT bust (#2 overall) and current good but not great LG for the silver and black. In addition, the Patriots would receive the Raiders’ 3rd round picks in 2011 and 2012.

This gives the offensive line a proven starter at the NFL level to replace Mankins, and at  the price of $625k in 2010, that is pretty hard to pass up.  Additional draft picks in 2011 and 2012 complete the deal, which gives the Patriots additional flexibility in the upcoming NFL Drafts.

Think you can do better?  Let’s hear it.

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22 Responses to “Changing of the (Offensive) Guard: Open Thread”

  1. Liam says:

    The Seahawks have a new regime, a rebuilding line and have not settled on their roster. They may think that Mankins could help win them the dire NFC West. Could we get a 2011 first rounder from them, maybe using it to draft one of the top recievers to replace moss?

    • NEPD says:

      They’ve dealt with us before (Branch), so that is a good possibility. Without a new rookie scale though, I don’t think they’ll want to sign two top 15 picks in 2011. A 2012 first might work though.

  2. Sean says:

    Dallas has got an aging O-line and didn’t land Mike Iupati in the draft like they wanted and have too many RB’s to field at one time. Most of our RB’s are over the hill or haven’t shown promise (Maroney) and all have contracts expiring after 2010.

    How about Mankins for a 3rd rounder and Tashard Choice (5.3 yd career avg.)? This would give us another Day 2 pick and a younger back that could eventually start and replace either Maroney or Faulk.

  3. Jared says:

    Matt, you may be right. But Gaither& Brown are BOTH comiing off injury-plagued seasons. Mankins is injury free, and in his prime’ I would not take anything less than a 2.

  4. matt says:

    You do realize that the best you can get for mankins is a single 2nd round pick or high 3rd. a team is going to have to be willing to trade value, and give mankins one of the largest contracts on their team… thats the reason why gaither, a top 5 left tackle, didn’t get any takers for a 2nd round pick, thats why Jammal Brown, a former all pro tackle, is dangled for a 3rd-4th… low second at the highest, but should settle for a 4th

  5. JMC says:

    I was thinking two second rounders with no player- but not Oakland-
    If I was looking to make this Oakland trade, I’d rather have one of their rookie OL-s.

  6. Jared says:

    Agreed. That, and a combo of Moss going from a declining vet to a record-breaking pro-bowler.

  7. Jared says:

    By him, i mean Al Davis

  8. Jared says:

    I distinctly remember him saying he was pissed about the Moss deal. Understandable i guess, but then he made the Seymour deal. Your probably right, iys just that every time the Pats need to get, or get rid of, a player…we look to the Raiders.

  9. Sean says:

    If he doesn’t sign by opening day then I think they will probably just move on and go with Kazcur or Connelly ar LG. They can afford to just hold onto his rights and if he signs by week 10 they can Keyshawn him for the last 7 weeks and trade him next year after franchising him.

    Unless someone comes up with a stellar offer there is no reason to trade him this year. San Diego is going through a similar issue with Jackon and McNeill. The teams have all the leverage because there is no cap to worry about and the players really don’t have any recourse.

  10. Jared says:

    Aaron could be right, could be under-estimating Gallery. Only thing about the Raiders people follow around here is crazy Al and the there record. But again, a starter like Gallery(who is no Logan Mankins by the way), and a pick or two, I think is on the right track. Finding a player to meet Bills’ liking is tough I think, tougher than on other teams I think. Could be just Logan for a pick, top-ten pick in the 2nd rnd, lot of bad teams need a pro-bowl guard in his prime. A player and a 3rd rounder, or just a 2nd.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Gallery (I’m a Hawkeye) was a stud. But any stud that crosses over can easily become a decent player; on a awful team. If BB approves ANY (yes any) OL, I will take his word. BB and his crew have found some of the best OL out there and very rarely does he fail. That being said I do not see the Patriots being fairly compensated for Mankins in any respect, I just do not see it happening. He is a complainer who wants a 7-8 million a year, as a guard. So, he is limited, I just hope if he is with the Pats he plays.

  11. Jared says:

    First off, you guys love Raider trade speculation, dont blame you, but how many times will Al let Bill go to the well? I really wish I had something creative and exciting…nope. Its possible, but I cant see the Pats getting a player at any position, of Mankins caliber. I think you guys are in the right ballpark with the Gallery trade. I think if they get a player, it will be a run-of-the-mill starter or role player. If the best thing they get is a guy like Gallery, and a 3rd round pick… ouch. I think unless you land a substantle starter, you need to get a top 64 draft pick. I wouldn’t take anything less than a 2nd rnd pick and a below-average starter. Thats reality I think, in the mean -time…be thinking of more appealing scenarios.

  12. Aaron Gamez says:

    You’re high if you think you can get gallery, who is capable of going to his first probowl this year if healthy, as well as 2 3rd round picks. It’s not going to happen. You are really over-playing your hand if you think that’s going to happen.

    • NEPD says:

      Perhaps a bit ambitous, but Mankins would be a definite upgrade over Gallery. I’d say he’s about 2 3rd rounders of an upgrade.

  13. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Mankins for Dumervil – straight up.

    • NEPD says:

      Not sure Dumervil would be as good in the Patriots 3-4. That said, he is an excellent pass-rush specialist that I’m sure Belichick could find a role for.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      I like his play. The only thing that I see as hurting his stock is his height and weight because we all know how shallow BB when it comes to OLB’s that are less that 6-4.

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