Aaron Hernandez Signs 4-year Deal

Aaron Hernandez

Tight End Aaron Hernandez runs with the ball at Patriots Rookie Camp.

The Patriots have signed 4th-round draft pick Aaron Hernandez to a four year contract.  Full contract figures are explained well here, but the Patriots inked Hernandez to a a deal that minimizes risk to the team, while allowing Hernandez to earn some good money if he stays out of trouble and performs well.  After the drug-use flap this spring, this is not unexpected for the ex-Gator.

Hernandez has the promise to be a versatile weapon in the Patriots offense, with the ability to play traditional tight end, receiver, and H-back.  The former gator will have more of an opportunity to play the latter two, with Alge Crumpler and the newly drafted Rob Gronkowski in the mix.

The Patriots have now signed four of their 2010 picks: Thomas Welch, Taylor Price, Ted Larsen, and Hernandez.

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3 Responses to “Aaron Hernandez Signs 4-year Deal”

  1. Jared says:

    No mark against our new guy Alge, but the more Gronkowski & Hernandez are seeing the field….the better. Hopefully they will help the offense on 3rd down & in the Redzone, Patriots have lacked those miss-matches on opposing LB’s.


  2. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Hernandez and Gronk are going to be awesome.

    • NEPD says:

      First of all – love your new pic. (Gravatar.com if you want yours)

      Secondly, Gronk and Hernandez will show their worth where it counts… in the red-zone.

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