2010 NFL Predictions: NFC South

NFC South Predictions

Will a different helmet inhabit this spot in 2010?

NFC South Predictions

New Orleans Saints (12-4)

The defending Super Bowl champions aren’t looking to end their magical run anytime soon.  The #1 Offense in 2009 looks to continue dominating the scoreboard, hardly losing anything from last year. Their defense disappointed statistically last year (25th in yards allowed), but to be honest they were on the field quite a bit due to Drew Brees and company scoring so quickly.  They add speedy corner Patrick Robinson due to a defense that already had “take-it-to-the-house” threats at multiple positions.  The Saints will again be the team to beat in the NFC.

Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

After a disappointing season that saw them miss the playoffs after a magical 11-5 season in 2008, Matt Ryan and the rest of the Falcons seem to have rededicated themselves to the cause.  Michael Turner is now in better shape and will have to dominate once again if Atlanta wants to make it back to the promised land.  Unfortunately, the Falcons are in the same division as the Saints – and merely adding Sean Weatherspoon and Dominique Franks isn’t going to cut it.

Tampa Bay Bucs (6-10)

Simply put, this team needs more good football players.   They added a few during the NFL Draft, with the likes of d-linemen Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, along with receivers Regis Benn and Mike Williams joining the fold.  The defensive linemen will be expected to make an impact right away, although it’s going to take a while for the new receivers to gel with their quarterback.  Josh Freeman will need to cut down on his 18 interceptions and 20 sacks.  That might be a tough task, as little was done to solidify an offensive line that gave up 33 sacks last year.

Carolina Panthers (6-10)

Jake and Julius have moved on to northern pastures,  so Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen will be fighting it out to see who can start the rebuilding process in Carolina, while Greg Hardy and Eric Norwood will be looked on to fill the pass-rushing role left vacant by Peppers.  With a tough division and a possibly lame-duck coach, this doesn’t look like the Panthers’ season. Steve Smith has proved us wrong before, but (insert flag football joke here). Jon Beason and Charles Godfrey will need to keep the defense on point if they are going to win some games in 2010.


6 Responses to “2010 NFL Predictions: NFC South”

  1. CJ Jones says:

    I don’t think the Saints will repeat as NFC South champs again. Sure, they will be good this year, but not as good as they were last season. They’ll win 9-10 games. I look for the Falcons to win the NFC South in 2010 because with the addition of Dunta Robinson via free agency, Sean Weatherspoon from the draft, a healthy Michael Turner returning from injury and Matt Ryan entering his 3rd season at the helm, this team is poised to make a playoff run and possibly make a Super Bowl run. I see them winning 10-11 games this season. When you at the Panthers, the loss of Julius Peppers and Jake Delhomme, you can make the agrument that they could struggle this season. John Fox in the final year of his contract, two unproven QBs in Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, no legitimate No. 2 receiver opposite Steve Smith, and a defense that could struggle rushing the passer with the loss of All-Pro Julius Peppers. But, what they do have is
    the best running back tantum in the NFL in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and a outstanding O-Line with Pro Bowl tackles Jeff Otah and Jordan Gross, guard Travelle Wharton and center Ryan Kali, and pretty good secondary that ranked 4th in pass defense. The Panthers have what it takes to be a competitive team in 2010. I see them winning 8-9 games this season and don’t be surprise if they clinch a wild card spot in the playoffs. As for the Bucs, not much you can say about this team, except that they drafted two d-lineman Gerald McCoy and Brian Price and two WRs Arrenious Benn and Mike Williams, but other than that this team doesn’t standout to well. Expect another rebuilding year from Tampa Bay as they are still recovering from previous miserable drafts. I see them winning 5-6 games this season. BTW. No team in the NFC South has ever repeated as division champs!!! So get your facts straight.

    Atlanta 11-5
    New Orleans 10-6
    Carolina 9-7
    Tampa Bay 6-10

  2. Maxwell says:

    I watched the entire division each week in 2009. It’s surprising how everyone seems to have overly high opinions of the Saints. Atlanta would have beaten the Saints if a bad call where their CB Grimes intercepted Brees wasn’t called back. And one of the two games they were missing Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and their 1st & 2nd round draft picks.

    The Saints were getting killed by the Vikings 500+ yards to under 200 yards offense. If it weren’t for some sloppy ball handling by AP and an OT kickoff return penalty, the Saints wouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl. And quite frankly, the Colts outplayed the Saints in the Super Bowl as well. Thanks to some skill, a lot of luck, and an onside kick – they prevailed.

    So while the Saints are a good football team – and a great story. They’re no Indianapolis or New England (of the past). They do have phenomenal depth in their secondary and a potent offense. They are well coached. But that team was a .500 team with essentially the same parts not long ago – how quickly we forget the past & expect last season’s results to continue.

    The Falcons on the other hand – have a much more balanced team. They are returning their 2009 1st & 2nd rounders back – who were out nearly the entire 2009 season. Their slot receiver who was extrodinary as a rookie is returning from a season where he didn’t play a snap due to injury. They brought in the #1 CB in free agency & kept 21 of 22 starters in place. They have a pheno safety (DeCoud) and a middle linebacker who led the lead in tackles for the first 2/3rds of the season. They’re so stocked now with players returning from injury & their draft picks that they have depth at nearly every position except DE & TE.

    Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, Tony Gonzolez on offense with John Abraham, Sean Weatherspoon, Curtis Lofton, and Dunta Robinson on Defense. That’s an extremely solid group of players to have for a Super Bowl push. Plus, the division will be settle on Dec 27th on MNF at the Georgia Dome.

    Atlanta 11-5
    New Orleans 10-6
    Carolina 7-9
    Tampa 5-11

  3. Jared says:

    When you say NFC South, I think of the Saints, and then I think of the second round pick the Pats have next year that BB stole from Carolina. A couple of months ago- Peter King released his post-draft, and free-agency NFL Power Rankings…Carolina… 8th!?!?! I dont mind P.King as much as some people, but having Minnesota-12th,and the Pats 13th?? The first words King writes in his Panther analysis…”Dangerous team”, Why?? Besides their two RB’s…what so they have?? Matt Moore?Jimmy Clausen? Because Julius Peppers isnt going to give that defense 15 sacks next season.(not to mention they also lost D.Lewis to NE, who also started for them last year). That defense was why they won games, and that defense cant be as good as it was a year ago. I think your prediction of 6-10 is right on. Which would make the Pats pick somewhere between 38-48.
    Tampa bay in my opinon has a legitimate chance of being the worst team in the league this year.
    Atlanta didn’t improve much…but I think they sweep the Panthers and bucs to get a Wild Card spot
    New Orleans…best team in the NFL going into next season, but repeating his for the all-time teams…and I dont think they’re one of them.
    New Orleans is the best team in thee league…with Favre, Vikings could be the most talented. I say they clash again, only Brett doesn’t break QB rule number 1,-and blow his season this time

    New Orleans. 12-4
    Atlanta. 10-6
    Carolina. 5-11
    Tampa Bay. 3-13


  4. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    The Saints WILL NOT be Superbowl champions again.

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