2010 NFL Predictions: NFC North

NFC North Predictions

Will Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to an NFC North Title?

NFC North Predictions

Green Bay Packers (11-5)

The Packers were the statistical darlings of the NFL in 2009, ranking in the top ten of nearly all offensive/defensive rankings.  The one holdout was the rushing offense, which ranked 14th.  Offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, the Packers’ 1st-round pick out of Iowa, looks to take care of that problem. With a rejuvenated offensive line, the nasty defense just needs to keep defying the sands of time.  Charles Woodson seems like he can play forever, but everyone eventually loses a step.

Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

The Vikings future still hangs on the whims of one Brett Favre.  If he plays, the Vikings will compete for the NFC North title.  They may not win it though, due in part to Favre’s age among other things.  He hasn’t shown too many signs of deterioration yet, but new Viking QB Joe Webb wasn’t in kindergarten yet when #4 threw his first NFL pass.  Toby Gerhart has Chester Taylor’s big shoes to fill, while Chris Cook will be looked upon to shore up a defensive backfield that was the weak link on the Vikings squad.

Detroit Lions (8-8)

The Lions had the worst defense in the NFL last year, and their offense wasn’t much better. How do they make it to 8-8 this year then?  Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and his other targets have a year under their belts, while Louis Delmas looks to become a star in 2010.  Add Ndamukong Suh, Jahvid Best, and NEPD favorite Amari Spievey to the mix, and you’ve got a young nucleus just waiting to break out.  Jason Fox, who could be the starting RT this year, rounds out and impressive draft by the (formerly?) lowly Lions.

Chicago Bears (6-10)

If adding Mike Martz is the answer, the question is not a pleasant one.  In this case, it is Lovie Smith asking himself, “How can I save my job?”  Jay Cutler, who threw 26 interceptions and was sacked 35 times in 2009, will try and implement Martz’ offense.  Perhaps Martz hasn’t realized that Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce aren’t walking through that door, although Devin Hester can do a pretty decent Az-Zahir Hakim impression.  The Bears defense will have to be the leaders in 2010, with Julius Peppers being looked on as the Windy City savior.  With a hefty contract extension already signed, we’re not holding our breath for a Pro Bowl caliber year.


3 Responses to “2010 NFL Predictions: NFC North”

  1. Jared says:

    Heard the same thing, dont watch enough of the Detroit football Lions to to be anything but puzzled. Has all the talent.

  2. Jared says:

    A lot of people have the Packers as ther number 1 team on the power rankings. I see them as a team on the rise, but i dont think they’ve passed the Vikings yet, maybe next year. I think you can make a case that Minnesota’s roster…with Favre…is the most talented team in the league. I would make that case…AP-best RB in the league, Favre-top 5, OL is top 5, DL is top 5, Jared Allen-top 5 passrusher in the league,WR core….yup, top 5.-Dont think im going out on a limb by saying any of that. PS:I do have a slight man-crush on Percy Harvin, look out for him this year. I say Favre comes back, and they make at least one more run.
    The Lions got better last year, brought in a franchise QB, pro-bowl safety, and now a supposed top-notch DT… But why on earth would you trade Ernie Sims??? I must be missing something all the way in Wilmington MA. Kudos to Philedelphia for snagging him, wish the Pats grabbed him,(must have not fit in BB’s “system”).
    I think the Bears HAVE to be better this year. Make or break year for Lovie, 2nd year for Cutler, just spent a boat-load of cash on the top FA in the league. Matt Forte had a disappointing sophomore year, and Urlacher’sarm injury their first game started off what would be an overall bad season. I think the Bears and Lions will both be sniffing around .500.

    12-4.-Vikings win the division
    11-5.-Packers win WildCard
    8-8.-Lions-still too young.
    7-9.-Bears-bad pass protection and lack of WR’s



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