Derrick Burgess Re-Signs with Patriots

The Patriots have re-signed defensive end / outside linebacker Derrick Burgess to a one-year deal. Burgess, a two-time pro bowl invitee, spent his first year with the Patriots in 2009. He played the previous seven years in Oakland and Philadelphia.

Burgess was widely considered a bust for the Patriots, who gave up valuable 3rd and 5th round picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. However, Coach Bill Belichick praised his performance in 2009, where he totaled 35 tackles and 5 sacks. Other than fellow OLB Tully Banta-Cain, nobody put more pressure on the opposing quarterback late in the season: Burgess notched a sack in the three of the last four games.

Although this signing will be met with groans by many a Patriot fan, we think it was the right call. Signing Burgess gives the Patriots some flexibility in letting Jermaine Cunningham develop in the 3-4 OLB position. Look for the former Gator to get more reps as the season unfolds.

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3 Responses to “Derrick Burgess Re-Signs with Patriots”

  1. Jared says:

    Ya? Plaxico should help the young OLB's a lot??

  2. That's a solid signing by the Patriots. Burress gives them time to develop the other OLB's.

  3. Jared says:

    I guess we have to wait another year to get the next OLB of the future. I don't mind the Burgess signing based on the lack of talent they have at that position at all, but at what point will BB ever seriously address this issue?? The trading away of Mike Vrabel still leaves me scratching my head, i still think there was something more to that move than strictly being a personnel decision. Vrabel wasnt due to make big money, and they had no significant talent at OLB then, either. Going into last year, Tully Banta-Cain was a signing to add depth, he thankfuly exceeded realistic excpectations and was their best player at the position. J. Cunningham was drafted to play there, but putting pass-rush hope in him could be asking a lot in his rookie season. Tully had a career year, with half of his 10 sacks in two games against Buffalos' worst OL in the league. Burgess also added 5 sacks against mostly terrible teams. Forgive me for being tired of hearing( and saying ) they need a difference maker there… it seemed so easy to find one… we were spoiled all those years watching W.McGinest make big plays, and finding R.Phifer & M.Vrabel for almost nothing… Three, big-time, super-bowl winning players that I appreciate more now that its takin 4 years-running to replace them. Tully & Burgess mite have decent production in the reg season.. but neither one is a guy to expect a big-time play in a big-time game from. Another year of watching Tully & Burgess play patty-cake with tackles of good teams, and getting sacks against the garbage makes me….sigh, and say once again…they need to get one next year.JNIMS

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