2010 Patriots Offseason: 5 Impact Moves

The Patriots off-season has been incredibly exciting, with a great 2010 NFL Draft, setting themselves up well for the 2011 NFL Draft, and some great free agent signings.

Resigning of Vince Wilfork/Leigh Bodden

Wilfork and Bodden represent two things that went well on 2009’s defense that never lived up to expectations. Both were resigned to contracts that benefited the players and the team, leaving both sides feeling good. With Wilfork back in the fold, the Patriots were free to focus their draft efforts away from the defensive line.

Drafting of Brandon Spikes
Brandon Spikes will bring a “culture change” to the Patriots. He is a hard-nosed tackler that enjoys being physical, something that few people would have called the Patriots in 2009. Spikes will allow Jerod Mayo to flow to the ball more, with Spikes lining up at the Mike. Don’t be surprised if Spikes moves to OLB on 3rd-down, as he is a proven pass-rusher.

Three New Tight Ends
With the addition of Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and veteran Alge Crumpler, the Patriots have completely remodeled their TE position. Crumpler and “Gronk” bring the physicality in the blocking game that the Patriots have missed since Daniel Graham left, while Hernandez and Gronkowski were deadly in the NCAA passing game.

Releasing Adalius Thomas
The evil is gone.

Drafting Zoltan Mesko
How does a punter make this list? If the Patriots do have to punt, which hopefully doesn’t happen to often, Mesko is an incredibly adept directional punter with a powerful leg to boot. The biggest impact, however, will hopefully be the lack of an impact on pro-bowl kicker Stephen Gostkowski, as former Patriots punter Chris Hanson has held for Gostkowski the last few years. Mesko was a great holder at Michigan and has performed well so far in mini-camps.

Honorable Mention: Torry Holt
Signing veteran WR’s makes Patriot fans nervous, especially after the “Galloway Incident”. Holt has shown no signs of being that bad, and has the potential to be a reliable #4 option for Tom Brady.

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9 Responses to “2010 Patriots Offseason: 5 Impact Moves”

  1. Ryan says:

    Jared-Suprised you did not have any comments on the new coach, and the leaving of another coach. The guy we got is Corwin Brown, and some other sap left.

  2. Jared says:

    Two reasons I put the AD move low. Most of all, he was absolutely useless on the field last year. Second, it was a beyond obvious move coming. 3rd of all, If one, underacheiving, overpayed, overhyped bum that does nothing on Sundays' comments about a coach have effect your team THAT much… you got far more problems than that one guy.JNIMS

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'd put in two ahead of Satan's release (altough him being gone helps the team a lot). Cunningham seems to be a pass rushing beast and McCourty seems smart enough to make some great contributions right away. Hopefully this new version of the Pats will be more physical than the last couple.

  4. Jared your crazy if you dont think AD being released was a GREAT move and should've been higher IMO. This guy single handedly ruin most, if not all, locker morale last season. And I wouldnt be mad if they cut Springs, too. Some of his comments to the media last year was unbecoming of a veteran with his pedigree.

  5. Admin says:

    We like the McCourty pick a lot long term, but not sure he'll have the immediate impact that releasing AD (team chemistry) will hopefully have on the team.

  6. Jared says:

    I do agree with most of the list, 1 thru 3 mostly… but Adalius??? Top 5 impact moves??? Maybe headline-wise, but a guy that doesn't make ANY impact on sunday, shouldn't be missed enough to be on this list. And the punter, i like the name(Zoltan!!), i like the pick(maybe a round too early), but if he impacts the team more than a certain other few – the Pats offseason wont be as succesful as some hope (including me ). Moss's contract, Welkers' knee, and I think most of all- overrall disappointing offense in key losses(Jets,Dolphins,Broncos to name a few), forced them to get help at WR. So they end up with Torry Holt and Taylor Price, two players that could really help their offense this year. I believe that with the addition of the 3 TE's & the 2 WR's, the offense will be better this year WITHOUT a healthy Welker. I do think they could be stuck with same problem they've had since Donte Stallworth left- which is the lack of a deep threat opposite moss. But the combo of Holt and Price COULD be the answer, and dont forget about Brandon Tate who because Brady said "he liked" is now everyone's pick to have a break out year. My other beef with the list is… where is Devin McCourty??? Obviously you guys dont think much of Devin slooting him in behind the Zoltan. But if he comes as advertised, and ends up a complete starting corner, he belongs near the top of this list. My top impact moves go as follows…1. Big Vince getting paid.2. Gronkowski,Hernandez,Crumpler acquisitions.3. Brandon Spikes pick.4. Leigh Bodden getting paid,( if he left, McCourty pick would be No.2.).5. Kevin Faulk contract.6. Holt signing & Price pick @ WR.7. Devin McCourty pick.8. Gaining a top 45 pick in 2011( for moving down 5 spots to take the same guy, McCourty).9. Tully Banta-Cain contract.10. The releasing of Adalius Thomas. The biggest free-agent signing of BB tenure… is maybe his biggest mistake. Bye-bye Adalius, thanks for nothing.Other notables: signing of DT's Damione Lewis & Gerard Warren – signing of G Stephen Neal – drafting of Jermaine Cunningham – drafting of P Zoltan Mesko – drafting of QB Zach Robinson.JNIMS

  7. Jared says:

    Combination of Vince getting signed and drafting Spikes makes me believe that Bill is sticking to the 3-4…which is what always worked for him. I think Spikes is their best move because if he is as advertised…and is the other half of our starting MLB's. He will help the team more than a TE or even corner would. You always need corners, and they definately needed TE's, which they got. Crazy to say but the Pats won 3 rings with defense, and it starts up the middle. Spikes will help Mayo play his position, and let Guyton play his as a cover-backer on 3rd down…while Spikes maybe moves outside??? Love all of the resignings & picks, but Vince and Spikes up the middle of the defense will be huge… soory Ray Rice, not happening anymore.JNIMS

  8. Anonymous says:

    Gronk all day baby, this guy is gonna be awesome for the Pats. Best draft day decision in a long time moving up to snag him

  9. Anonymous says:

    lol. i think the best impact was drafting spikes

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