Your Nightmare Draft Pick?

After listening to a multitude of commentators, and perusing the comments here from our great readers (Jeff, Ryan, Jared, AP, etc…), there seems to be a growing consensus around a cast of characters that people would approve of if the Patriots selected them in the 2010 NFL Draft.

If we could flip the script for a moment, who are you praying that the Patriots avoid on draft day? Sound off below on who will you cause you to throw things at the TV if you hear their name.

We’ll get things started with our nightmare draft pick:

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
Gresham is coming off a bad injury. His in-line blocking is sub-par. He doesn’t run very crisp routes. These things do not jive with my view of a Patriots tight end that should be picked in the 1st round. That said, he runs well, creates separation, and has good hands. Why spend a 1st round player when you can get a similar product in the 3rd or 4th round like Tony Moeaki, Dennis Pitta, or even Nate Byham or Clay Harbor in the later rounds.


31 Responses to “Your Nightmare Draft Pick?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kindle – not worth a first in my mind, but gifted athlete. Look at production form two years ago with orakpo commanding double teams, to last year, 10+ sacks to 2. Much rather have hughes or wait for Sapp in the the second.

    Odrick would be the ideal first, in order to establish a pass rush, you have to occupy the OL, he is very comparable to seymour, just slightly less talented, then take Sapp in the second to get the versatily to rush the qb, but also drop into coverage, and also damian williams – very branch like, amazing athlete and route runner, then maybe Walton as the new C, so koppen can move to guard. ANY PICK ON TEBOW IS A WASTED PICK – he is fourth round talent at best, doesn’t fill a position of need, only going so high to help teams struggling financialy to sell tickets, and this is the deepest draft in decades, first round talent found to the end of the second , and its like spending 1st round pick on a 5th rounder

  2. Anonymous says:

    we need to trade for a daft beucase we need a DE we have not got a DE that is good since we traded richard seymour

  3. Jeff says:

    Dennis Pitta would be the perfect pick for the Pats at TE…in the late second or trade into the third for him.

    I can see the Pats taking C/Guard Pouncey wth the first pick…and taking an OLB and Wr in the second..I never have a problem with improving the O-line but if they pass on Graham/Kindle/Hughes and they turn out to be elite pass rushers I will be pissed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please…stay away from Dez Bryant and Taylor Mays!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State

    The Pats issue is not first and second down. Its getting off the field on third down. Pats need “playmakers” not another Ty Warren. I would love if Pats could acquire Osi or draft someone like Jerry Hughes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    TE is just such a mismatch position, and RED ZONE, as in TD’s…first downs etc…

    That’s why the Pats, and others, are always chasing these guys, and it’s why the would have to use Vrabel as a TE…to make sure they got the 6 points.

    It’s about the mismatch…opens up other areas also when they have to defend these guys.

    Graham is one sweet looking athlete, but the injury is a big concern, obviously.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gresham would be a pretty bad pick, even if it weren’t for all the injuries just because the Pats don’t use the tight end in the offense, which is the reason a decent receiving tight end (Watson) is no longer here. Another terrible pick in round 1 (or anywhere) would be Jahvid Best, as we already have a running back made of glass (Maroney) who we wasted a first round pick on.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Renaldo McClain is still on the board – I would trade with Jacksonville – move up to take McClain – in exchange for Patriot’s 1st round and one of the 2nd round picks. I would then use one of the other two 2nd round picks to get best available edge rushers + a wide receiver.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tim Tebow is the ultimate nightmare pick he cant throw, cant read coverages, and has bad pocket presence

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve come to realize that most drafts are hit or miss…it’s just reality, but you’re hoping for some luck here. I agree…

  11. Ryan says:

    Honestly, I get the feeling that this is a make or break draft for the Pats. Maybe it is, may it isn’t. I hope like hell, Crable, McKenzie, Tate, Brace, Orhnberger, Pryor or atleast 2-3 of them can make a jump, because if not that draft was a terrible one for the Pats. I hope that we can hit on a few positions this year, so that next year we can use our high pick to solidify WR/RB/QB.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If they gamble on one player it should be Bryant…he’s not too slow at all, and he’s a serious player that would only be center stage for years with Brady throwing him the ball. If they see him as a bit immature and not a punk…help him grow up and watch him score many TD’s for years…he’s a freakishly great positional player, worth the gamble with the other 3 picks behind him.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok, here’s my list of players I want to avoid:

    -Tebow: no way!!!
    -Dunlap: not a fit, and a big stiff
    -Roberston CB, Fla St …over-rated!
    -Jahvid Best:small RB with head injury…pass!
    -Regus Benn…too stiff, not a route runner
    -Gronkowski (injury)…I want Pitta!
    -Dwyer: not with the a top 4 pick
    -Cox…too stiff
    -Taylor Mays…no position
    -Chad Jones …over-rated
    -Jacoby Ford…track star

  14. Anonymous says:

    I say the Pats avoid players with serious injuries. If this draft is so deep, as I believe it is, then why not max out the probabity of getting 4 big healthy talents in here? Let the other teams gamble, we should be smarter with these 4. Guys are being traded for 5th rounders…good starters, these picks are gold, don’t risk it, as much as I like Gresham.

  15. AFC East Royalty says:

    I agree, Ryan I see the Pats trading out of that spot, for some reason. I keep thinking they will trade that #22 pick for a pick somewhere between the #33-#41 along with another pick. Maybe a 3rd or 4th.

  16. Ryan says:

    I think for DE and TE and OLB wait till Second Round or later.
    Earl Thomas if he is there, I’d take him. He wont be there.
    I see us trading out of this round.
    Getting some more picks. But thats me, just have to wait and see

  17. Anonymous says:

    As far as pick 22 goes I would hate it if they took Gresham or Graham. I think Graham can be a solid player in the league but I just don’t think his skills fit the Pats defense. If Kindle isn’t there at 22 I think they would be better off waiting on an outside backer until the second round where they can probably get Ricky Sapp. Tebow with one of the second round picks would be a nightmare for me too. My ideal draft would be Kindle at 22, Golden Tate at 44, Jhavid Best at 47, and Al Woods at 53

  18. Jared says:

    Odrick is my guy, only legit 3-4 DE in the draft.


  19. Ryan says:

    Not to change the subject, but now that we all know who do not want? Who is it that everyone would like with the first draft pick?

  20. Anonymous says:

    That tight-end from Arizona. He has bust wriiten all over him. You can put Gresham on that list, too. The player I hope they get is Kindle and if he not available then Pouncey of Florida. Because Brady cant continue to take big shots like he did last year.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Gresham as our 1st rd pick I agree would be my worst nightmare.As one of our 2nd rounders I would have no problem selecting him.Taylor Mays I would rank right up there as well.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Completely agree with Gresham. Another thing to consider is that the Patriots have shown a complete inability to develop tight ends. Over the past 10 years, they have taken too many tight ends to name, and yet were unable to develop a single one into a consistently productive, top-end player. Given that record — and given our many needs this year — it would be a huge mistake in my view to spend a first round pick on a TE in this very deep draft. In addition, it seems like TE is the best example of a position at which lower drafted (or even undrafted) players can emerge as stars.

    I also have a real fear the Patriots may draft Devin McCourty. He just seems like their kind of guy (intelligent, aggressive, versatile, good special teams player). I don’t hate him, I just don’t want to see us spending our first round pick on a guy who will, at least this year, likely be a dime CB at best.

  23. Ryan says:

    My nightmare picks:
    ANY TE in Round one
    Any player coming off an injury last season
    Dez Bryant

    I want players who are ready and will be able to play next season. And will contribute.

  24. John says:

    I agree. I cringe when I see Gresham in mocks going to the pats. My nightmare pick is Dez. The guy is slow and a head case.

  25. Jared says:

    I agree with everyone above really. I left E.Griffen and C.Dunlap off the list but shouldnt have. 100% agree with the Vernon Gholston comparison…hope the jets draft Griffen with their 1st pick.

  26. Jared says:

    In my last post i wrote i had 2 exceptions for drafting a DB at 22. I stated Haden. The other would be if Earl Thomas fell to them at 22 it would be hard not to take him.

  27. Jared says:

    First off. Love the recognition at the top of the story… Also, jus want to say I found the site a week ago and with all my posts’, i never wrote how much i love the site. Im addicted, great site.
    About the nightmare pick… I have 100, there is always 5 times the guys who are bad fits than who are good fits. I couldn’t agree more with Gresham beein a nightmare with about five other well to touted receiving TE’s that you can draft in the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th round. I’l just give you my couple of common predictions that I dont think make sense:
    1. Tim Tebow- Pats need what he brings work ethic and leadership wise, but with his draft stock is rising… Patriots have too many holes to spend one of their first four picks on him. I think Bill loves him, but its too big of a draft for their franchise too take him this year. Two years ago yes, not this year.
    2. Jermaine Gresham – for reasons already stated. If they dont trade for Olsen…Gronkowski, Hernandez, Pitta or Maeoki in 2nd or 3rd.
    3. Any offensive lineman on the first two rnds, lot of people disagree with me here. If Mankins is suddenly traded than yes, ive already stated in a diff post that i think the pats and Logan can come to a contract agreement. Hes not trying to break the bank, his agent is. Pats have six starters for five postions including the LT of the future. They need to find a replacement for S. Neal at guard. Mankins is the only 1st rnd O-lineman Bill ever drafted, and he is good friends with the Fresno St coach-( look out for Ryan Mathews at 22). He felt he had a lock, pro bowl guard. No O-line in first two rounds… Depth at guard this year, next year they can address it more if they want. Not a lot of depth O-line wise where they pick in the 2nd.
    4. ANY SAFETY- I know our safety play was less than stellar last year..We watch them get burnt and we think they lack talent, Pats have talent at safety. Brandon Meriweather if the free saftey of the future and Chung was drafted last year to be the strong safety of the future…its as simple as that. Not to mention Brandon McGowan who played great in the first half, and James Sanders who played great in the second half.
    2 predictions… Earl Thomas will be a stud-and Taylor Mays will fall and end up beeing one of the biggest busts in the draft.
    5. A corner at 22, i have two excepetions… if Joe Haden is around in the teens and the pats want to trade up to get him, sounds good to me. Shutdown corner, no other corner is virtually risk free. Wilson and McCourty are first down worthy but not a lock to be a shut-down type corner. I think the Pats need a nickel back, im saying that with the confidence in D.Butler to be a starter. If they take a corner in a 2nd,3rd, or 4th round this year and still haven’t solved it. Bill will be able to take the best DB in the country with Oaklands pick next year. If we had the front seven we had on our last SB team, we wouldn’t watch them get burnt half as much…Front seven!!!…please


  28. jonm25 says:

    Pretty much anyone with a character or durability issue is cause for concern.

    My nightmare pick would be Tebow. I have nothing against him as a person or athlete. Heck, I even think he can be a starting NFL quarterback given proper coaching in the right environment. What I can’t deal with is the team blowing a pick on him when they could be picking up someone who could potentially fill an immediate role and plug one of the many leaks on this roster.

    I don’t really care about his ability to play Tight End. I’d rather just pick up a tight end.

    Tom’s got another 5 seasons in him so I don’t see how drafting the ‘qb of the future’ is needed right now.

  29. AM says:

    Tim Tebow-questionable as a quarterback, and not worth the effort to convert into a tight end (assuming he would even be willing).

    Everson Griffen-having prototypical 3-4 OLB size isn’t worth much if you have a mediocre work ethic and motor. Seems like another Vernon Gholston waiting to happen.

    Ryan Matthews-there is a difference between a true “all-purpose” running back, who balances speed and strength and does everything well, and a running back who is deemed “all-purpose” because none of his qualities particularly stand out. Matthews is the latter, and would just be a Maroney clone.

  30. Anonymous says:

    you don’t see “it” with Graham? really? I’m sure you’re not talking about pass rushing or intensity, maybe “it” refers to pass coverage because the only thing that’s a question mark is his coverage abilities.

  31. AlexR5111 says:

    I do like Gresham a lot…but I agree, I don’t know if I’d wanna see our 1st in such a deep draft go towards him. I’m a fan of Anthony McCoy and he may be in for a drop after the positive drug test at the combine.

    I’d say my nightmare pick would be Graham, to be honest. I just don’t see it with this guy. Kindle at least played in a position more close to what he’d be asked to do in New England.

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