Tedy Bruschi on Sean Lee

Penn State linebacker Sean Lee isn’t a name that many fans have heard linked to the Patriots this spring, although one prominent former Patriot thinks it could happen. Tedy Bruschi stated on ESPN’s NFL Live that, “Sean Lee, a little bit, reminds me of myself, not the biggest, strongest or fastest . . . but he’s got the instincts. He finds the ball. And he knows how to play football. I like that kid.”

Sean Lee is a bit lighter than Bruschi, but has a bigger frame that could still fill out some. Both players have a nose for the ball and incredible leadership qualities. That said, 235 pounds is pretty small to be taking on guards in the Patriots 3-4 defense.

While we’re not buying the “Lee in the 1st Round” hype, Tedy Bruschi might be on to something. Lee’s 40 and 3-cone times were excellent, especially coming off an ACL injury. Any team can always use some more speed.


6 Responses to “Tedy Bruschi on Sean Lee”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why not just wait til round 6 and get Mike Mcglaughlin frm b.c. Sam mold as lee only bigger and stronger.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t see it for two reasons: injury issues & size. I don’t want any injured guys with these top 4, and BB doesn’t like small LB’s.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lee has a strong desire to play football and a motor that never quits. I would take him in a minute at #44. too bad the patriots dont have 6 more picks in the first three rounds:)

  4. Jared says:

    McClain is an obvious first choice but after him i got Brandon Spikes as the next candidate. Spikes is a smart, instinctive playmaker with size and toughness. Fast LB’s dont usually cut it SILB, Jamar Chaney is a sleeper. Could get him in the 3rd or 4th rnd. Plus, hes one of Mayos’ best friends.


  5. Admin says:

    I also think AJ Edds could play ILB for the Patriots.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m biased because I’m a hawkeye, but if the Patriots take any ILB, I would like them to take Pat Angerer.

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