Patriots Draft Trends

With four picks in the first two rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft, Patriot fans are desperately trying to figure out in what direction Bill Belichick and company are leaning, position-wise.

We’re going to take a look at the trends to see what positions the Patriots have favored over the last decade in the first three rounds.

Offense – 13 picks
RB – 1 time (Maroney ’06)
WR – 4 times (Tate ’09, Jackson ’06, Johnson ’03, Branch ’02)
TE – 3 times (Thomas ’06, Watson ’04, Graham ’02)
OL – 4 times (Vollmer, ’09, Mankins ’05, Kaczur ’05, Light ’01)
QB – 1 time (O’Connell, ’08)

Defense – 17 picks
DL – 5 times (Brace ’09, Wilfork ’04, Hill ’04, Warren ’03, Seymour ’01)
LB – 3 times (McKenzie ’09, Mayo ’08, Crable ’08)
DB – 8 times (Chung ’09, Butler ’09, Wheatley ’08, Meriweather ’07, Hobbs ’05, Scott ’04, Wilson ’03, Williams ’01)

What conclusions can be drawn?

1. The Patriots will probably draft a defensive back somewhere in the first three rounds of the draft. There is already some good depth at the position, but save for the top two on the depth chart (Butler, Bodden), nobody should feel too secure in their job for 2010.

2. We won’t be shocked if the Patriots draft Tim Tebow. The drafting of Kevin O’Connell and Rohan Davey (4th round ’02) show that the Patriots don’t mind spending a high pick to improve parts of their team where they are already set.

3. The Patriots will take at least one offensive and one defensive player. After 30 picks in the first three rounds, the results are pretty evenly split from an offense/defense standpoint. Only once in the last decade (excluding years with only one top pick) did the Patriots spend all of their top picks on one side of the ball, the ill-fated 2006 NFL Draft where they took Maroney, Chad Jackson, and David Thomas.


4 Responses to “Patriots Draft Trends”

  1. Jeff says:

    I have zero clue on who BB will draft…wouldnt be suprised to see a Guard or Center drafted in the first(Pouncey).
    Wish List
    R.MClain, Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle at LB
    Damian William, Golden Tate, Carlton Mitchel at WR
    Germain Gresham at TE
    Get three of out of these I will be happy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see them trading up to get McClain he is the top prospect in his position and is said to be the next Ray Lewis he’s tough and plays through injuries too good to pass up there’s no other player in his position that’s close to his value. Then you go after sapp, Hughes, alualu, Williams, Nate Allen, misi, moeki, McCoy, Roberts, or CB priests.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope the pats dont trade down again this year. They passed up a couple of good ones last year, Clay Mathews for one. The most impactful defensive player the pats could get would be ILB Rolando McClain from the faniliar system of Nick Saban at Bama. The pats would most likely have to trade one of their second rnd picks to move up and grab em. My other guy on defense would be big 3-4 DE Jared Odrick, could finally replace big Richard next to Vince. I do think passrush is their biggest need but value at the 44th pick mite be better than at 22.
    On offense, the only player that i can see making a worthy impact in the first round is Ryan Mathews. Wideout and tightend are pressing needs but once again, the value isnt there at 22. Mathews was the nations leading rusher and could change the the patriots offensive philosophy instantly.
    McClain,Odrick or Mathews in the first rd. Passrush, tightend and reciever will have to be addressed in the rest of the draft.


  4. Ryan says:

    I agree in part and respectfully disagree in part. I think this year is quite extraordinary at the OLB position, while we did sign Tully (can he be counted on), Adalius will most likely be out. Therefore we not not only 1 but 2 OLB, aside from that our DL is awful and Bill knows that.

    Personally, I see the Patriots taking OLB in the first round, if not, trading out and getting a 2 and 3 or somthing else. However, that being said,if Pouncey is there, it might be possible to take them, ship Mankins, and get either picks or a player.

    I think its important to note the market as well. CB market terrible, DE bad, OLB (Jason Taylor), ILB (Morrison), OL(Bill likes his own guys). But honestly, I dont see the Patriots taking anyone in the first (because no OLB will be available) with such value in the second, espically if he can get some picks.

    I do see them taking an OL in the second, Vlad Duccasse. He is exactly what Bill likes, rough around the edges, with a huge upside. Similiar history to Vollemer.

    If the Pats dont pick up a WR in the first few rounds, expect them to go after Dion Branch. Same if no ILB is picked up in the late rounds, expect Morrison from the raiders trade. Lastly, no OLB in the first 4 picks, Jason Taylor hopefully will be on his way.

    Check out what Steve Muench picked, I hate almost all of his picks.
    Everson Griffen
    Rob Gronk
    Damine Williams ( I like this pick)
    Sean Lee

    I dont really see them taking a TE so early, unless they think there is great value. With such a deep draft at TE i would expect them to wait espcially with such a terrible history. My thoughts, Tony Moeki and Jimmy Graham.

    Everson Griffen does not seem like a Bill B guy at all. But I’m probably wrong

    As for ILB in the 2nd I dont think its as necessary as an OLB.

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