McNabb Trade Impact on Patriots

While the now completed trade of QB Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins (#37 in 2010 NFL Draft, 3rd/4th in 2011) seems to only effect just two NFL teams, the implications are much more widespread. Let’s look at how the trade will impact the Patriots.

With the deal consummated between Philadelphia and Washington, the hopes of Raider Nation to land a real quarterback this off-season appear to be dead. Since the Patriots own Oakland’s 1st Rounder in the 2011 NFL Draft, we should be very happy that Jamarcus Russell is still the apparent starter.

Another implication, slightly more obscure, is that with Washington having their QB position locked up, former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen is lacking a suitor in the top-5 of the draft. While Cleveland and Buffalo could be targeting him, if he remains on the board past the 9th pick (Buffalo), he could be in for a Brady Quinn-esque freefall. We currently project Clausen to be a 2nd round pick in our 2010 NFL Mock Draft, but in all fairness he probably won’t last until the 2nd day of the Draft.

What does that have to do with the Patriots? Many teams, such as Kansas City, Cleveland, Buffalo, and even Denver might be in the mood to trade back into the 1st round to get their hands on Clausen. When Brady Quinn fell to pick, what do you know, twenty-two, the Browns gave up high 2nd round pick and a 1st-rounder the next year.

Perhaps history will repeat itself and the Browns will give up #38 and their 1st rounder in 2011 to pick another Notre Dame QB.


7 Responses to “McNabb Trade Impact on Patriots”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Odrick looks quick and athletic, he gets off the line and into the backfield as well as anyone in the draft. But he often misses the tackle, and on occasions where the blocker can lock up with him, he gives a lot of ground. Not sure if I would take him that high, but he is a good player.

  2. Les Taylor says:

    There is no scenerio that would have had McNabb ending up in Oakland. This is the final year of his contract, so he could simply refuse to sign an extension with any team he did not want to play with – something he had publically stated in relation to Buffalo (He was a Syracuse grad, so that seemed like a possible fit). As far as Oakland was concerned, he took it a step further an announced that he would retire rather than go to the Raiders (Something he probably does not to do, but why would a team trade for him and take that risk?). “2 Minutes To Midnight Green,” debunked the trade to Oakland last week by stating that Oakland was talking with another NFL team about a trade for a quarterback not named Donovan.
    So, how does the trade affect the Patriots? The Redskins will not draft a quarterback in the first round, taking a player off the board (they have some similar needs to the Pats)who might otherwise have increased the pool available to the Pats further down the list at 22.
    Anonymous. What does Clausen’s ability to be successful in the NFL have to do with his older brother’s success of failure. Neither of them was highly regarded coming out of TN. Have you seen his stats? He played in a pro-style offense under Coach Weis, starting in his freshman year. He suffered two injuries, one to his throwing arm and last year played with the toe injury that he is still recovering from and prevented him from performing at the Combine. He also had one of the worst offensive lines protecting him during his three years in South Bend. Perhaps you don’t think he is tall enough or you don’t like his throwing motion, but “Goober Clausen will stink it up wherever (cor) he goes” sounds like you are either a Clausen hater or a ND hater. You obviously did not follow his career with the Fighting Irish.

    Pat Patriot

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the biggest impact McNabb to Washington has on NE is clearly that McNabb probably would have won Oakland at least 4 more games… I hope they don’t trade back again… The buzz is starting to ramp up on Jared Odrick (the guy I want them to take at 22)…


  4. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t trade back again. Next years draft is weak. already have 2 first rounders in 2011 trade 1 and get brandon marshell or move up hook Brady up

  5. Anonymous says:

    Goober Clausen will stink it up where ever he goes..couldn’t be too much different than his 2 older brothers who are not in the NFL, and never made it past training camp..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Clausen is pro-ready, and is getting slammed by bad PR. If Buffalo passes on him they are a lost franchise; and that goes for any other team passing on him if they don’t have a solid QB. Bottom line, he’s not going to last…he’s a much better prospect that Brady Quinn. Don’t listen to the media and all these sites…they all copy each other, the pros know he’s good.

  7. ctpatsfan says:

    Good point. Hope the Patriots get a huge deal trading back from someone wanting Jimmy Clausen.

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