Dolphins, Jets: “Your Move Patriots”

With the recent acquisitions of Santonio Holmes by the New York Jets and Brandon Marshall by the Miami Dolphins, the degree of difficulty in the AFC East has certainly been increased. Add to that the fact that, respectively, a 5th rounder and two 2nd rounders were all it took, and you have some alarm bells ringing in Patriot fans heads across the nation.

While many pundits and fans alike will point out that both teams have brought in other teams off-field problems, I’d remind you that the game is played on the field. Their locker rooms haven’t gotten any better, but all it takes is a year of chemistry, and even Terrell Owens is capable of that.

What does this mean for the Patriots? Don’t expect Coach Belichick to be sated by just the signing of Leigh Bodden. He needs three cornerbacks of his caliber now, and while Darius Butler and Bodden have certainly shown the ability, the triumvirate of Shawn Springs, Terrence Wheatley, and Jonathan Wilhite has been incredibly underwhelming. Joe Haden, Devin McCourty, Amari Spievey, and Kyle Wilson are the four guys in the draft that I can see the Patriots targeting at the CB position.

Another consideration is that the Patriots will have arguably the 3rd best WR corps to start the 2010 NFL Season… in the AFC East. Julian Edelman will do his best to replace Wes Welker, but the Patriots have struggled since Jabar Gaffney left to find a legitimate #2 WR to play opposite Randy Moss. Mardy Gilyard, Demaryius Thomas, and Dez Bryant, are three guys in the NFL Draft that I feel could step in right away to that position, while our own Brandon Tate will be in the mix as well.

The Jets and Dolphins have made their moves, come back during the 2010 NFL Draft to see how the Patriots made theirs.

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11 Responses to “Dolphins, Jets: “Your Move Patriots””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kind of disappointed seeing the Jets and Fins only give up a 5 and 2 – 2’s for game changing WRs and we’re still sitting here with a gaping hole on the other side of Moss. Passing on Boldin, Holmes, BMarshall and even a very affordable and motived Donte Stallworth really has me shaking my head wondering what BB is doing over there.

    Our offense as constituted right now is sinking into mediocrity. Not helping out Moss with another WR to keep safeties honest is going to hurt this offense. TO is really the only option now unless we deal up for Dez Bryant with Jax to get in front of Denver who would definately draft Bryant now after dealing Marshall. Damien Williams or DThomas or Benn or any one of these other WRs are not going to have the kind of impact we need to help Moss. Really disappointed in BB, his piss poor personnel moves over the last few years including passing on studs like Clay Matthews really have me wondering if the game is passing him by. He better come up with a magical draft or we will all be looking up at the Jets as division winners for the near future. C’mon BB wake up !

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think in this draft the pats need a wr, either using their 1st or one of their 2nd round picks.I think they should pick Dez Bryant with their 1st round or pick Golden Tate with their one of their 2nd round pick. Branden Tate hasn’t had much of chance to play so he might move up to 3rd string if he plays well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nhamdi Asumugha makes almost twicw what Brady does. I would like to see Morrison here, i would take any LB that can play. I would love to see the pats trade up for a change, but its risky and pricey. You will have to give up a second rnd pick this year and there is starting players in the second round this year. Not to mention more $$$$$$. McClain is the one of the safest picks in the draft and knows the system from playin at Bama with Saban. McClain and Mayo would instantly be the best pair of middle LB’s in the league. If they trade up i dont think it will be for any offense, its a below average WR class. The only offensive talent worth trading up for has more questions about him than answers, ( Dez Bryant). Too risky, especialy with the Pats bad history with picking offensive skilled players early in the draft. McClain is a cant miss, RB Ryan Mathews is a good consolation prize if our defensive board is a mess at 22. Dont trade down!!!


  4. Ryan says:

    They would never sign TO, Chad Johnson, or any other infection to the locker room…I don’t know why people consistently think they will, it just wont happen…

    I see Kirk Morrison coming from the Raiders ILB, Jason Taylor coming at OLB, and I see the possible trade of Logan Mankins either for a couple pix next year, or possible a TE (Sheffler) or RB. Only if Bill picks up Pouncey and Duccasse though.

    I do agree with the Thomas Jones scenario, I just dont think the Jets would have traded him to us. But I guess you never know.

    As for everyone thinking that Bill did a shitty job, resigning our own players. I think thats retarded. Wilfork was one of the highest rated players in the free agency and so was Bodden. It was a very weak free agency this year, and for those who acted quickly will pay premium dollar for those players, ex. Peppers

    As for these trades I see them happening after the draft. One other little note that might get some fans excited. Raiders are reportedly shopping N Asmagoh (sorry i cannot spell)…With our reported history with the Raiders I hope we can steal him a away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jets n phins hav definitely improved…but how much really? The jets lost s kerry rhodes and cb lito sheppard in the secondary and gained cromartie from the chargers. Cromartie one was one of the leagues most dissapointing players the last two seasons. The jets lost their leading rusher the last three years and replaced him with washed-up LT. They do now have the best wr core in the afc east but not for long. B.edwards and s.holmes are both off-field issues and r both in the last year of their deals. Plus no holmes until at least week 5.
    Dolphins lost one of the best pass rushing duos in the league with jason taylor and joey porter. They did gain Dansby from the cardinals who is more solid then both, but they hav no pass rushers. Parcells is shopping his best reciever, (ted ginn). Now they added b.marshall along with a $50 million dollar price tag n lost two top 40 picks.
    I like where the pats are, i agree they could hav signed a couple of pleasing names by now but they inked up the important ones. They have four of the top 53 picks this year, and two firsts next year. They have work to do but they also have the means to do it.
    PS: bring on T.O. and jason taylor…moss on one side, T.O. on the other…edelman in the middle…love it


  6. Anonymous says:

    pats in trouble…no moves worth mentioning except wilfork and bodden and they were mandatory….no lb help yet, no de help and no wr, not much effort in my book…and they are way under the cap-help me understand!

    being forced into a corner of signing TO and then or drafting many wr and HOPE they did a good job…they wont be competitive on aw-fence unless these things work out..thought for sure after having all eggs in one basket w/boldin falling thru marshall was a slam dunk with denver….i dont like it, they havent signed keith bullock, no wr(j avant/ s breaston/chad ocho) and i would have dumped s morris and f taylor-who i do like-for thomas jones the next 2 years at 5 mill and far more consistency at rb…i hope they make some moves top shock the world as the jets/fins are coming like gangbusters.
    peace, have faith in bill!

  7. Ryan says:

    On ESPN insider they were noting that the Jags are shopping their first round pick. They said that their likely bidder is the Pats. While I’m sure there is little truth behind this, anyone with insider I think it would be worthy of your time to check it out. My first impression about Dez Bryant is that he has problems off the field, but my second impression is that it over with. Second thought, he was taught by the same WR (?) coach as Randy Moss.. I dont think this says much but you never know. Using the first round pick on a TE I think is out of the question at this point, now that our needs have increased DE/OLB, WR, and CB

  8. Anonymous says:

    What the Pats have going for them, as always, is Tom Brady, the Dolphins & Jets have two QB’s that show promise, but have proven very little, yet. We have to put pressure on them, this will force the Pat’s hand further in going defense, even drafting a guy higher who is more of a specialist…they have no choice now. Everson Griffin comes to mind, if Kindle is gone, over the smaller, slower guys…just set him lose on passing downs and try to coach him up to OLB.

  9. Patriots Rule says:

    Great article. Couldn’t agree more. The Patriots need to draft a WR and a CB.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My gut, and a bit of a pipe dream, was that the Pats would be moving up to get Bryant. He just makes too much sense…he’s so talented and they need a replacement for Moss, while having that 2nd receiver now to keep the safeties off Moss all day, not to mention Brady having more targets and maxing out his value. It’s getting interesting…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree…I felt all along that 1 of those top 4 picks had to be a CB, now it’s absolutely necessary, and the pass rusher is that much more important to get those young QB’s out of a rythem.

    Also, these two trades, especially the Marshall trade, show how valuable those 2nd rounders are, and affirm what cards the Pats are holding…a full house…loaded for moves and gaining big talent. They are first talents who are coming at a short price; and they will have to run through walls for the next 4 years to earn their money…you OWN them…the picks are gold. they allow the teams that have them to put money in other places…it can’t be over-stated.

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