2010 NFL Draft: Patriots Draft Recap

For the second year, the Patriots made 7 trades and picked 12 players. Here is the list of the players that the Patriots Drafted in 2010.

Check out the NFL Undrafted Free Agents as well.

The Patriots also gained a 2nd Rounder in the 2011 NFL Draft from the Carolina Panthers. We have all of the Patriots 2011 Draft Picks for you to look at.

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20 Responses to “2010 NFL Draft: Patriots Draft Recap”

  1. Jared says:

    Haha??? Who won the division last year….again. pats had their weakest team in yrs and we still won the division. The Patriots are building for the future, the jets have to win now. Jets have more talent than the Pats. But to me… Bill n Brady are still the trump card. I think the Jets improvements r overrated… Faneca for Ducasse-younger but worse. LT for T.Jones-worse. L.Washington for J.McKnight-worse. You did get and Cromartie who I think could be a good pick-up but has sucked the last 2 yrs. But they lost Lito Sheppard and Kerry Rhodes. And Jason Taylor HAS been washed up and lazy. Jets' are basically leasing Holmes and Edwards who both have issues AND expiring contracts. Jets are paper champs…. would you ever pick Sanchez and Rex to beat Brady n Belichick in a playoff game… I wont. This is your year Jets fans…it better be, cuz next year the Pats are gonna be officially reloaded. See you in week 2 @ the meadowlands.JNIMS

  2. Freddy says:

    Haha boys the jets r the new kings of the AFC East. What ya say???

  3. Anonymous says:

    guys just remember this name ,Dane Fletcher out of montana state he led the big sky in sacks for a reason !!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Jared and All who care:I liked the draft as well. To say these players will not be impact players I think is a little unfair. Here is my insight, a player in one system could be awesone however that same player in a differen system may not be as good. Example, Deion Branch, Matt Cassel, Asante Samuel, I still think these guys played better in NE. I think the Spikes Mayo tandeum could be more than electric. Have one good OLB could make the world of difference for the line. I guess my point is that, each piece once placed together can create the rush, or the interception. I expect good things this year. I think some of you forget we had some pretty close games last year. It could have easily been a 12 win season maybe better. Maybe I'm just being unrealistic. However, I have some negativity I have been waiting to exhale. WHERE THE HELL IS DEXTER MCCLUSTER, AUSTEN LANE AND TONGA (UNDRAFTED FA). McCluster would have gone crazy in our Offense, Lane I STILL think is a freak. I also think we need a good FB, plow the way while we are in the redzone. I dare all of you to stay positive and hope. I think things will be alright this year. Maybe even better than alright.One note, do not forget how adding A SINGLE player can change a teams entire dynamic. Trading is not over yet. Say we were to get Darren McFadden, Deion Branch or Usi (Jared i know you dont like him). The team's dynamic is completely different.

  5. James says:

    I think the Pats did a very solid job this year as they drafted 12 more players. I especially like the first 7 picks they made. McCourty is probably my favorite out of the group. He is a phenomenal tackler (unlike Asante), good cover guy, and a special teams ace with a knack for blocking kicks. He is big and physical, a common factor among all of these draft picks. He should contribute immediately on special teams and I think he will compete with Butler for a starting spot. I also love the fact that all of these picks are big, physical guys who will bring toughness back to this team. Even Zoltan, who is 6-4 240!!! Overall, I think BB and co did a great job. Hopefully these guys can contribute this year and in the future to bring another championship back to New England!!

  6. Jared says:

    I agree the Pats will not make it to the SB this year( Baltimore was my SB pick before Kindle,Cody and the TE’s). the Pats had a good draft and filled their GLARING needs, but are less talented than past years. But more talented and well-rounded than last year. They’re defense this year will be far better then last year. And they’re offense will be better also I think. I know Welker WAS most of the offense last year… But If EITHER Holt or Price, or even Tate step up… With the the additions of the two tight ends, I think our 3rd down and Redzone passing will improve. Welker was the man on 3rd down, but had a record breaking amount of receptions last year without a redzone TD. Hernandez will be the mismatch guy on LB’s, and Gronkowski will be a big target on 3rd down and in the endzone brady has…..well, never had. Holt or Price have to be an upgrade from Galloway and company last year, and I think the sky is the limit for Edleman this year. Dare I say hes better after the Welker after the catch??? If both sides of the ball improve as much as some of us hope… you still got the best QB/coach tandem in the league. So who knows about next year. But I agree with the other post that said the 2011 will be a Super Bowl team. If this draft was as good as we think, and they avoid any crazy injuries to a certain few, along with FOUR TOP 40 picks. 363 days from now, this team should be stacked with young talent…and loaded up for Bradys’ last couple of years.


  7. John says:

    New England is no longer the Super bowl team we are accustomed to. I can’t forget how quality teams like the Colts and Saints scored points at will on them. I also can’t forget the pitaful performance against the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs. The patriots had so many holes to fill that even with the good draft that BB had, won’t get them to the Super Bowl this year. If most of the rookies play well this year and if they
    plug up the remaining holes(RB,DE,WR) in next years draft, they could be a Super Bowl contender.

  8. dslave says:

    First of all, Cummingham can hold the point of attack off the edge. Bill is going to give Crable a shot.The fact that McCourty was given a late first round grade by many crediable draft sites, shouldn’t surprise anyone that he was drafted where he was. “McCourty is a 4 down player.” The offense in the middle of the field as far as the passing game in now more physiall with Hernandez and Gronkowsi.Welker’s replacement Look to be filled by Edleman whom is also a larger target than Welker. Welker’s career may not be as productive as it once was.Somthing to consider.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is possible that the following players could start next year:

    1: Mccourtney – Does it really take that much to be better than Butler, Wilhite, or Springs?

    2: Gronkowski – Crumpler can only start on run downs

    3: Cunningham – Just has to beat out Adalius

    4: Spikes – Hmmm, Guyton who can’t play the bull role or Spikes who is a Bryan Cox comparison.

    5: Aaron Hernandez – 5 receiver set puts Gronskowski, Moss, Welker, Hernandez, and Price

    6: Price plays if Welker isn’t healthy and should press Edelmen. Sam Aiken may not make the roster.

    7: Zolton – You don’t draft a punter unless you’re sure he will start.

    Yes – Hernandez and Price might be situational starters, but they will see the field regularly. This might be the BB draft we’ve been waiting for the last 3 years. Not sexy, but very solid.

  10. Jared says:

    An injured lifetime lineman with a bad knee and a worse contract tring to play OLB………im good. P.S. all you genuises and Belichick *ss-kissers, was trading down last year for nothing and passing up Clay Mathews and shutdown corner Vontae Davis brilliant???? Fans and media weren’t angry or puzzled because of only this pick, its just like a broken record. And wen I say high picks at “DB” no shi* there two different positions. I am sayin look at their picks the last couple of yrs on defense in the first two rounds… Besides Mayo, all mostly corners and safeties. McCourty, Butler, Chung, Meriweather, Wheatley. Front seven…… Brace, who sucks.-and your defense, up until now, has gotten progressively worse.
    DB’s are like RB’s… no matter how much talent they have. The rest if the team has to be doing their job well for you to be effective. no running lanes=no running game – no pass-rush=no pass defense.


  11. Anonymous says:

    to the last guy that made a comment and question ,yes i heard about that rumored trade between the pats and giants for Osi he wants out of New york thats a known fact ,something could happen soon ,that would be a great pickup if his knee is healthy enough ,now we could talk about a pass rush and how !!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i do agree with the last comment in my opinion as well it was a very good draft for the pats ,and BB might still not be done with trades there is a rumor of a possible trade between the pats and the Giants involving Osi omenyora i think i spelled his name wrong though and i believe all it involves is a 4th round pick ,we’ll see if its just a rumor or if there’s more to this story but its floating around thats for sure ,as anybody else heard or read anything regarding this possible trade ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    More on the top pick: We have Bodden (slightly above average, at best), Springs (old, and will have to make the team), Butler (very raw with big skills, but has to learn & earn his playing time), Willhite (nickle back who will have to make the team), Wheatley (most likely gone).

    So, WE NEEDED A FREAKING CORNER YOU ASSES!!! This guy should replace Willhite right away, and possibly push Butler and Springs for the 2nd starting spot over time. And, more news to all the brilliant fans, there are injuries in football and CB is a top skill/pay position.

    One last thing, Safties & Cornerbacks play different positions!!! Yes, they are all DB’s, but they have different skill sets…hence the name difference.

    Jesus, I’m losing it with all these fans in Boston. I hope this kid is an instant stud and some people lose their jobs in the media.

    Great draft by the Pats, in my opinion, but the jury will be out for a few years, obviously.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Since when is there some law that states you have to address your (perceived) top need with your first round pick. Listening to guys in the media (Tom Curren plus all the others)and hearing them freak out after 1 pick that wasn’t a pass rusher was embarrassing, as a fan, and a person with a brain.

    If teams took that approach they’d always be taking lesser players. Life isn’t so simple, and neither is the NFL draft…players of need to fall on your lap so conveniently, you may just have to take a top CB; which happens to be a huge NEED in this new pass crazy league, with many teams the past decade taking them throughout the 1st round…searching and reaching for such talents like we got at 27, while picking up another top pick.

    All this drama while you know they have 3 picks moments away in a very deep draft.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cunningham, Spikes, Banta Cane, Mayo, plus others should equal more pressure, that’s the system…with better players. But, Cunningham will be key…we need this pick to be a homerun…he’s the OLB/hybrid pass rusher they chose.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well Jared, and other whiners, Cunningham was not “unrated”, unless you get your info from silly mock sites. He was a stud DE for one of the top teams in college football; he wasn’t hiding out in Div III.

    I’m still pissed off at Pats fans, Boston media and others, for acting like a bunch of fools because the Pats took a CB with the 1st pick and calling the draft a failure. Not just because it was rediculous, but because it was illogical…the other dozen or so picks were coming up within hours! How stupid can fans be? The media, I’m hoping, was just trying to create ratings, but I’m not sure they arent’ as stupid.

  17. Anonymous says:

    even though im no expert far from it but i would rate the job BB did in this draft a B+ the 2 TE’S i think are both gonna be really good ,i also like that kid price from ohio he’s got really great hands catches everything thrown his way ,and next year with 2 picks in the 1st round the pats have a really great chance to grab the RB from alabama Mark Ingram ,in my opinion the best RB in next years draft ,but then again things could change !!!!!

  18. Ryan says:

    I like your overall rating. To be honest, I think for a 3-4 OLB the market was pretty bare with Bill’s high expectations. Cunningham might be an every down player, and I think if he didn’t believe in him that much he would not have taken him that early. Between Urban Myer and Bill, two fantastic winning coaches, they for sure have me beat on how to grade talent. But I’m excited to see how everything pans out. As for Zoltan he could have probably waited but I think it was such a need that they had to risk or give it up. As for the rest of the draft, I think our TE situation shaped up PERFECTLY. Sad to see Jimmy Graham did not make the roster, oh well. As for Spikes, I wanted him the whole time. I agree he could be one hell of a player. I think our D just got considerably younger and better to say the least. As for a running back, personally I think this was a terrible draft for a running back. There is always McFadden hanging out in Oakland, and Lynch and some others. We will see, I think the O line needs a couple picks next year but our O-Line is decently young at this point. Happy with the QB in the 7th my opinion one of the best in the draft. Still have a long time before the first game. But to me, and this is my opinion, WE GOT PLAYERS WHO WANT TO PLAY, WORK HARD, LISTEN AND GET BETTER DAY IN AND DAY OUT. Those players make the system what it is. I’d give the Patriots a B+.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i have to agree that the need for a pass rusher wasnt adressed in this draft ,but who knows maybe just maybe this guy cunningham might turn into one i doubt it but it could happen ,obviously BB saw something in him ,i do think that BB is not done making deals i think he might have a trade in the works ,maybe Osi from the giants !!!!

  20. Jared says:

    I mite have ripped BB for drafting a DB, but big-picture wise i think the Patsreally got it right this year. I think they hit every need except the pass-rush. They had a need at OLB, they got what is hopefully an unrated talent in Cunningham. But hes not a pass-rushing specialist, hes more of a well-rounded LB. I think spikes was our best pick, Mayo and Spikes are going to be great up the middle. I think Guyton can be a starter at OLB, but hes not an NFL-MLB. I like the Hernandez pick as much as Gronk- just because of the injuries. And Taylor Price…. nothing but good things are beeing said about him. The punter….. i dont kno….in the 5th rnd??…..ZOLTAN!!!! He better be good. Rest of the draft predictable….two hogs on each side. And their token 7th rnd QB.
    Before week 1, somebody will be here to help our pass-rush…. probably of the washed-up variety like Derrick Burgess. To get pass-rushers… u either draft them high or pay big $, or have some good blitz schemes and cover guys. Once again, we didn’t draft one high- or pay big $ for one. Adalius Thomas ****ed them, he was supposed to be a fast Willie Mcginest- but Ray Lewis didnt have sour grapes…he was tellin us then, what we know now.
    In the worst year in a long time to have so many needs( no free agents). I think they did a great job of filling needs solely in the draft. Running back and Pass-rusher are now the two biggest needs going forward along with a restocking of the O-line. I think Bill has at least one or two roster shake-ups in the future before August. A- I think if the right OLB was their in the 1st, they would of grabbed him. It seems like they stayed away from the group of OLB’s everyone was gonna be their guy. I think when we look back on this draft… McCourty and Spikes will be our best picks… and i think.Cunningham will be the worst. But McCourty, Gronkowski, Spikes, Price and Hernandez. And as a bonus…a top ten pick in the 2nd round next year for nothing is huge. And hopefully the Hungarian sensation will be worthy of a 5th round pick. ZOLTAN!!!!!


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