Patriots Free-Agency Targets

On March 5th, the Patriots and the other 31 NFL teams will be able to finally begin their annual feeding frenzy, commonly called Free Agency, gobbling up any NFL starts that teams were unable to lock down under long-term deals or franchise tags. Check out the Patriots team needs and then read here for who fits those needs.

Unrestricted Free-Agent Targets:
Karlos Dansby, LB, Cardinals- Dansby would be an ideal SILB for the Patriots, although he has many potential suitors. He will command a very large deal.
Update: Will sign with Dolphins

Julius Peppers, DE, Panthers- You can’t question his athleticism. You can question the ability of a 30 year old to convert to OLB. Might not be worth the money and risk.
Update: Will sign with Bears

Aaron Kampmann, DE/OLB, Packers- Age and injuries have taken their toll on Kampmann, but he is exactly what the Patriots need: a hard-nosed leader that loves to compete. He still has some in the gas tank.
Update: Will sign with Jaguars

Josh Reed, WR, Bills / Derrick Mason, WR, Ravens – Two 2nd-tier WR’s that would help bridge the gap until Wes Welker can come back. The elusive 3rd target that we needed last year.

Alge Crumpler, TE, Titans- Not much of a pass-catcher anymore, but still knows how to block. Would be great paired with a TE in the NFL Draft.

Restricted Free-Agent Targets
Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers- Downfield threat who could be a long-term replacement for Randy Moss. Very physical.

Owen Daniels, TE, Houston- Tony Scheffler of the Broncos would be here too, but “The Code” won’t allow that. Daniels is a very talented TE that would be a huge threat in the Patriots offense.

Leon Washington, RB, Jets- 3rd-down back that would fill in admirably for Kevin Faulk if the Patriots choose to go another way.

Richard Marshall, CB, Panthers- We’ve coveted Marshall since he was drafted out of Fresno State. Would be a great pickup if we can’t re-sign Leigh Bodden, or even if we do.

Marshall Yanda, OG, Ravens- Technically sound inside lineman that packs a punch in the run game. Can also play some RT when needed.

Shawne Merriman, OLB, Chargers- His game isnt’ what it used to be, but he still can pressure the quarterback. Do the Patriots really want the headache though?

Matt Roth, DE/OLB, Cleveland- Didn’t fit in Miami, but has the desire that Bill Belichick loves. Absolutely won’t quit – has an insane motor.

Chris Gocong, DE/OLB, Eagles- Good player, poor scheme. Gocong should shine for a 3-4 team as a rush end.


4 Responses to “Patriots Free-Agency Targets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if the pats could get Vincent Jackson but thats not the patriot way. I dont see them doing that at all. And well the addition of an older defensive player is usually what they get, so lok for the pats to get their hands on Aaron Kampmann. I really dont see the Pats picking up any really big superstars at all during this free agent period. I would like to see them do it, but thats not what made my boys a dynasty. We will have to wait and see what they do! (E. Switzer)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing the unrealistic bloviating that occurs when people do
    not attach their name! Bill Belichick will not be foolish with these picks! Unlike the posts listed! D.Bodak

  3. Anonymous says:

    Vincent Jackson is a Restricted FA – like most of the good FA’s this year!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Patriots will sign Julius Peppers on March 5th.

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