Modern Family: Sports Edition

If you haven’t done yourself the favor of watching ABC’s “Modern Family”, give it 30 minutes this Wednesday and you’ll be hooked. As a preview, here is how we would cast the show using figures from the world of sports.

Manny (Usain Bolt)
The most dominant man in sports (untouchable in the 100m) with the most dominant character on TV today. I would pay $12 to watch these two race. Right now.

Jay (Brett Favre), Gloria (Vikings)
The old grizzled man, coming back from a gig with many highs and a few lows (Married… with Children), steps up and comes back with what might be his greatest season ever, all with a brand new team.

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Mitchell (Brian Scalabrine), Cam (Jon Asamoah)
I can’t look at Mitchell without seeing Brian Scalabrine for some reason, while Jon Asamoah is the only University of Illinois offensive lineman that I can think of. Evidently, Cam was quite the blocker.

Phil (Wade Phillips), Claire (Jerry Jones)
Phil, who thinks he is in charge, is the guy found whooping it up, trying to fit in with people half his age. Meanwhile, Claire is the one that is really calling the shots.

Luke (Rich Ankiel)
Have you seen either of these guys try and pitch? Not pretty.

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