NFL Draft Prospect: Tony Moeaki

Sometimes the stars align just right. Tony Moeaki experienced that feeling his Senior season for the Iowa Hawkeyes, going through the season relatively unscathed after many injury-laden seasons for Black and Gold. Capping it off with a great win in the Orange Bowl sealed the deal for this talented tight end. Tony was gracious enough to chat with us a bit about his time at Iowa and the upcoming NFL Draft.

Tony, you’ve been banged up a lot over your career at Iowa. Are you all healed up after your big bowl win against Georgia Tech?
Yeah, I’m all healed up.

Every starting Tight-End under Coach Ferentz has made it to the NFL. You’re in some pretty good company right?
Yes there have been some great tight ends that have played for Coach Ferentz and im hoping that i can join their company!

I know you were recruited to Iowa as a Tight-End, do you have any experience on the defensive side of the ball?
I played linebacker in high school before i switched to tight end. I thought i was a better linebacker then tight end but my defensive coached switched to offense and brought me along.

We feel that one of your biggest strengths is your in-line blocking ability, what do you feel you can contribute to an NFL team?
I feel like my receiving skills are just as good as my blocking. I take pride in doing both as well as i can and work hard at both aspects of my game. I love to do both and try to be the best at both blocking and receiving. I think i can bring a lot to an NFL team. I feel like I’m versatile on the football field. I played h-back also which is like a fullback and also lined up on the line at tight end. I did blocking and receiving out of the h-back position too. Off the field i can bring a lot also. I love the game. I love watching and studying football.

Does Coach Doyle have you pretty rocked up? What event at the combine do you think you’ll make a splash in?
Yes, Coach Doyle is the man and he’s got all of us excited for the combine. I’m excited for all events at the combine.

What NFL player can you identify with? Why?
There are many great tight ends in the NFL right now and in the past but i think I can identify with Jason Witten and Heath Miller. I’m not saying that I’m on the same level as them but they are every down tight ends and they are good at both blocking and receiving. Hopefully one day I can play at their same level.

What was your biggest highlight at Iowa?
Winning the Orange Bowl in my last season, finishing in the 7th in the nation and doing it under Coach Ferentz was really special because he’s an unbelievable coach.

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3 Responses to “NFL Draft Prospect: Tony Moeaki”

  1. abass4u9 says:

    take him

  2. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    The Patriots need to draft Tony Moeaki. The Patriots have zero TE’s.

  3. Hawkeye Nerd says:

    Great post. Moeaki should do well in the NFL.

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