2010 Patriots Needs: Offensive Line

2010 Starter Need: Medium/High
2010 Depth Need: Low
2009 Unit Grade: B-

Sebastian Vollmer
Signed Through: 2012 ($707k, 822k, 962k)
2009 Grade: A-

Logan Mankins

Signed Through: Restricted Free Agent
2009 Grade: B+

Matt Light
Signed Through: 2010 ($4.7m)
2009 Grade: B-

Dan Koppen
Signed Through: 2011 ($5.0m, 3.5m)
2009 Grade: B-

Stephen Neal
Signed Through: Unrestricted Free Agent
2009 Grade: B-

Nick Kaczur
Signed Through: 2012 ($3.6m 4.3m, 5.0m)
2009 Grade: C+

Mark Levoir
Signed Through: 2011 ($740k, 880k)
2009 Grade: C+

Dan Connolly
Signed Through:
2009 Grade: C

Rich Ohrnberger

Signed Through: 2012 ($515k, 600k,685k)
2009 Grade: I

Kendall Simmons
Signed Through: 2011 ($815k, 1.0m)
2009 Grade: I

Ryan Wendell
Signed Through: 2011 ($402k, 488k)
2009 Grade: I

George Bussey
Signed Through: 2011 ($480k, 565k)
2009 Grade: I

The Patriots offensive line, once a stalwart that protected that Tom Brady with savvy and strength, had its share of problems during the 2009 season. The Patriots were able to develop a top-10 run game, but had trouble converting in 3rd/4th and short situations. Granted, some of that was an issue with play-calling.

Pass-protection was shored up near the end of the season, but Brady didn’t have as long to find WR’s this year as he did in 2007. Injuries played a part in this, but the emergence of Sebastian Vollmer as a great LT prospect deadened the blow of losing Matt Light.

With Stephen Neal on the precipice of retirement, Logan Mankins a RFA or UFA depending on the CBA machinations, and Matt Light in the last year of retirement, this is the year to shore up the offensive line. Tom Brady will thank you later.

2010 NFL Draft Potential Targets: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati, Vlad Ducasse, Mike Johnson, Jared Veldheer, Roger Saffold

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One Response to “2010 Patriots Needs: Offensive Line”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely need some O Line. Good protection will make the need for a WR less, and since we won’t be getting a newe impact player at WR, certainly not a rookie, we need strong O line play

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