Shrine Bowl: Flashing and Falling

After having to suffer through the last two minutes of the Middle Tennessee State vs Western Kentucky game, which took 16 minutes by the way, we finally got to watch some great NFL Draft prospects in the East-West Shrine Bowl in Orlando. Here’s our Shrine Bowl scouting report:

O’Brien Schofield, OLB, Wisconsin
Schofield, playing his first game as an OLB, showed two very important things. He has some coverage skills, which will only improve with additional training. He showed that he can shed blocks and get to the ball carrier, while showing decent ability to tackle in space. His nice interception of Max Hall (QB, BYU) was just icing on the cake.

Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech
Chancellor did show good closing speed on a couple of plays, although that was helped by Todd Reesing’s (QB, Kansas) poor arm strength. Chancellor laid the wood on a couple of occasions, taking Dennis Pitta’s (TE, BYU) helmet off with one vicious hit. Chancellor showed that he could be a good fit for a hybrid LB/SS slot.

Blair White, WR, Michigan State
White just doesn’t make any mistakes. He ran his routes the right way, getting open seemingly at will. A team looking for a consistent slot receiver will love White.

Kyle Calloway, OL, Iowa
Calloway didn’t have a good week of practice, but regained his technique during the game. He kept his hands tight and was solid in his drop-step and at the point of attack. This Hawk still needs to sit down against the bull-rush a little better.

Chris Marinelli, OL, Stanford
Marinelli had a solid day, stoning Lindsay Witten (DE, UConn) and Willie Young (DE, NC State) multiple times. Marinelli is susceptible to the bull-rush, and Young did get him off balance on one play.

Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss
This former Rebel could have been on both of these lists today. He had a good sack and set the edge well on a couple of plays. On the other hand, Hardy disrupted one run play early in the 2nd half, but whiffed badly on the tackle and got into a war of words with Brandon Carter (OG, Texas Tech). Other times, it was hard to tell that he was on the field. Hardy is a great talent, but is holding himself back with his immaturity and inconsistency.

Todd Reesing, QB, Kansas
If there was any doubt that Reesing would never QB an NFL team, those doubts were put to rest by consistently under-throwing SMU WR Emmanuel Sanders. Reesing just doens’t have the size, accuracy, or arm strength to make it at the next level.

Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers
Haslam was beat on the bull-rush a couple of times, only being bailed out by his mobile QB. Haslam got caught on his heels and failed to maintain balance in pass protection. Haslam was solid in run-blocking, but overall it was not his best game. Update: It has been brought to our attention that Haslam played the 2nd half in severe pain with his wrist, explaining his momentary dropoff.


6 Responses to “Shrine Bowl: Flashing and Falling”

  1. kj says:

    Actually Haslam got beat only once. There were back to back plays that looked like he was beat but in first play his assignment was an inside block which he did. The DE came from the outside but was not Haslam’s assignment. In second of the plays, #66 did get him. Other then that one play, Haslam pretty much stuffed his man. TW- Haslam tweaked his wrist in first series and played 2nd half with severe pain in one wrist. He had a very solid performance and answered most questions that scouts had about him.

  2. Niner fan says:

    Avoided sack turns into great play..then throw a GW TD later in that drive..just something I thought a Pats fan could relate to. 🙂 I actually forgot this was a Patriot’s blog, which is a good thing, because you’re versatile as Belichek would want a Pats blog to be.

  3. Admin says:

    Why did you have to drop the Eli in SB42 reference… that was cold. 🙂

    Quarless is a fine player, he is just off my (and I would assume the Patriots) draft board for his numerous “discretions”.

  4. 49er fan says:

    Thrown at 3 times
    3 Receptions
    2 1st downs
    1 Game Winning Touchdown
    And by now we all know the great blocker he is.

    2 Late 4th quarter drives
    both led into the oppositions territory
    1 drive was squandered by a dropped 1st down pass to Blair White on 4th down
    After methodically moving the ball in the mist of the second attempt to comeback, a near sack was made, but Kafka honed in his Eli Manning SB42 escape tackle to turn a 7 yard loss into a 9 yard gain. Then went onto throw the game-winning touchdown. Kafka on the last drive displayed a great amount of poise and adaptiblity handling a unique game clock.

  5. Admin says:

    One play does not a game make.

  6. 49er fan says:

    No mention of Andrew Quarless? or Mike Kafka?
    Quarless had an amazing catch, where he stabbed at a ball with one hand as he caught flatfooted.
    Kafka’s scramble to keep the play alive at the end of the game.
    Then the Kafka to Quarless hookup for the GW touchdown

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