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1. Eric Berry, Tennessee (6-0/195)
Berry is a once in a generation playmaker. He doesn’t miss tackles, and is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. Berry will have an immediate impact in the NFL.

Pros: Ball Skills, Speed, Athleticism, Tackling
Cons: Strength
Verdict: Top 10

2. Earl Thomas, Texas (5-10/195)
Thomas is a very fluid safety who is extremely consistent. Rarely out of position, Thomas has great range when in zone, and can match up man-to-man very well for a free safety. His small frame might scare off a few teams, but we don’t think it will limit him in the NFL.

Pros: Speed, Quickness, Fluid, Instincts
Cons: Size, Run Support
Verdict: 1st Round

3. Taylor Mays, USC (6-4/225)
Mays is a human highlight reel. Unfortunately, only half of the highlights are good. Mays tackles poorly, always trying to deliver the knockout blow. His athleticism makes up for false steps and lack of instincts, but that might not be the case in the NFL. Buyer beware with this boom or bust prospect.

Pros: Athleticism, Hitting, Size, Strength
Cons: Technique, Tackling, Instincts, Hands
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

4. Reshad Jones, Georgia (6-2/215)
Jones’ draft stock will depend on what time he runs at the NFL combine. A 4.4 time should move this physical safety into the late 1st round. Jones has decent hands to go with solid coverage and run support skills.

Pros: Range, Instincts, Athleticism
Cons: Speed
Verdict: 1st-3rd Round

5. Nate Allen, USF (6-2/205)
Allen is a fluid safety that tackles well and deliver big hits. He struggles matched up man-to-man against wide receivers, but excels in zone coverage where his instincts help him make plays. Great work ethic and leadership.

Pros: Fluid, Strength, Tackling
Cons: Speed, Man-to-Man
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

6. TJ Ward, Oregon (5-11/200)
Ward is an all-or-nothing safety. He will often eschew the sure tackle to try and deliver the big hit or gamble for the interception. His 4.6 speed will hamper his play more in the NFL than it did in college.

Pros: Hitting, Tackling, Run Support
Cons: Gambler, Speed
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

7. Chad Jones, LSU (6-3/230)
Jones has all the tools to be successful in the NFL, he just needs some coaching. His athleticism has masked a lot of his deficiencies, as his false steps and poor reads get erased by his 4.4 speed.

Pros: Size, Strength, Athleticism, Speed
Cons: Technique
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

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