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1. Russel Okung, Oklahoma State (6-4/305)
This year’s can’t cant miss prospect at the left tackle, Okung is a bit undersized. He doesn’t let that hurt him, as his technique and strength more than make up for any bulk issues. Will anchor a team’s blindside for the next five years.

Pros: Strength, Technique
Cons: None
Verdict: Top 10

2. Bruce Campbell, Maryland (6-7/310)
An athletic freak, Campbell really doesn’t have any weaknesses. Teams will love his ability to make blocks downfield, and rarely lets a DE get the best of him.

Pros: Size, Strength, Feet, Technique
Cons: None
Verdict: 1st Round

3. Bryan Bulaga, Iowa (6-6/315)
After going through some thyroid issues, Bulaga took a game or two to regain his stride. His Orange Bowl performance against Derrick Morgan was dominating, showing he can run-block and protect with the best of them.

Pros: Size, Strength, Technique, Experience, Mobility
Cons: None
Verdict: 1st Round

4. Anthony Davis, Rutgers (6-6/325)
Davis is a beast in all aspects of the game, but his technique and balance fades as the game goes on. With some improved conditioning, Davis will be a pro-bowl caliber OT in the league.

Pros: Size, Strength, Initial Punch
Cons: Motor
Verdict: 1st Round

5. Charles Brown, USC (6-5/295)
Played with the best at USC, and can really block well on outside runs. Moves well, but will need to build and use his strength more at the next NFL.

Pros: Mobility, Speed
Cons: Strength, Balance
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

6. Trent Williams, Oklahoma (6-5/305)

A speedy guy that has trouble with close-quarters quickness, Williams is a guy were not as high on as most. Plays with leverage, but just doesn’t have the feel for the game that we want from a top-tier OT.

Pros: Speed, Strength
Cons: Quickness
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

7. Ciron Black, LSU (6-5/327)
Black excelled at both run and pass blocking as a junior, but his play tailed off as a senior. His technique got sloppy, and the competitor we saw last year, wasn’t present. Good Senior Bowl.

Pros: Size, Motor
Cons: Technique
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

8. Jared Veldheer, Hillsdale (6-7/325)
Veldheer has been able to dominate on his athletic ability at Hillsdale College, but he does have the technique to hold up at the next level. He does get a bit upright in pass-protect (limited footage that we’ve seen), but we feel that he will get coached out of that sooner rather than later.

Pros: Size, Strength, Mobility
Cons: Experience, Weak Opponents
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

9. Chris Marinelli, Stanford
Marinelli is a RT that will boost the run production of a line, with some expense to the pass-protection. His technique isn’t crisp, often letting ends get under his pads. Great against speedy, finesse ends, but susceptible to the bull-rush.

Pros: Run-Blocking, Strength
Cons: Bull-Rush
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

10. Jason Fox, Miami (6-7/320)
Fox is great in pass-protection, rarely giving up a sack during his tenure at the U. Will need to use the strength he has with more efficiency in the run game.

Pros: Size, Experience
Cons: Strength
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

11. Kyle Calloway, Iowa (6-7/315)
Calloway uses everything he has to the best of his ability, coming from the Kirk Ferentz o-line academy. His feet occasionally will get heavy though, and allow quick DE’s to get around him. Might be suited well for guard in the NFL.

Pros: Strength, Technique, Experience
Cons: Feet, Speed
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

2 Responses to “2010 NFL Draft: OT Scouting Reports”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How does a thyroid condition that every doctor says is completely cleared up make Bulaga a durability risk?

  2. Oscar says:

    Bulaga for the Patriots would be great. Hope he is not a reach in the 1st because we need a left tackle for the future that can excel against pash rushers and make run blocks for our rbs.

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