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1. Mike Iupati, Idaho (6-6/330)
Iupati is an amazing athlete that can dominate the interior of the line of scrimmage. I haven’t seen this gifted of a guard in a while. He rarely loses at the point of attack, and is smart enough to read blitzes and stunts.

Pros: Run/Pass Blocking, Athleticism, Size, Footwork
Cons: Quick DT’s
Verdict: 1st Round

2. Vlad Ducasse, UMass (6-5/330)
Ducasse is an OG that could end up playing RT as well in the NFL. He hasn’t played a ton of top-level football, so he will have some catching up to do.

Pros: Size, Initial Punch, Versatility
Cons: Inexperience, Weak Opponents
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

3. Mike Johnson, Alabama (6-5/305)
Johnson has held up well at multiple positions against the best college defenders. He is a great run blocker, but his lateral movement hampers him at times in pass protection.

Pros: Initial Punch, Run Blocking, Versatility
Cons: Pass Blocking, Feet
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

4. Jon Asamoah, Illinois (6-5/315)
It is tough to get a good read on Asamoah, as the rest of his Illini line was just putrid. Taken in isolation, Asamoah shows that he has the skills to be a pro-bowl caliber guard if he continues his development. We look forward to seeing him in the Senior Bowl, to see what he does with some competent linemates.

Pros: Speed, Feet, Initial Punch, Pass/Run Blocking
Cons: Weak Supporting Cast
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

5. Matt Tennant, Boston College (6-4/285)
Tennant is the best Senior center, showing that he can excel on a passing team with Matt Ryan, and a running team without Ryan.

Pros: Instincts, Line Calls
Cons: Initial Punch
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

6. Roger Saffold, Indiana
Coming Soon!

7. Mitch Petrus, Arkansas (6-4/305)
Petrus had the pleasure of blocking for Felix Jones, Darren McFadden, and now Ryan Mallet. He has great feet and mobility and solid hands, although sometimes he can lose his balance on stunts and blitzes, negating his strength advantage.

Pros: Mobility, Feet
Cons: Technique
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

8. Brandon Carter, Texas Tech (6-6/345)
Carter is the slightly insane looking guy that shut down Ndamukong Suh. He is a real big, strong guy, whose technique could use a little polish.

Pros: Size, Strength
Cons: Technique, System Experience
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

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    Sergio Render of VT should get some looks

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