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1. Rolando McClain, Alabama (6-4/260)
Rolando McClain is the best ILB prospect to come out of college since Patrick Willis. He reads plays like a 10-year veteran, and also has the talent to track the ball-carrier down and tackle him. There are no holes in his game, as his coverage (better in zone than man) is nearly as good as his tackling skills. This prospect will not disappoint you.

Pros: Football IQ, Instincts, Athleticism, Size
Cons: None
Verdict: Top 15

2. Brandon Spikes, Florida (6-3/255)
Spikes is a tenacious tackler that rarely lets his man get by him, unless he happens to be covering him 1-on-1 that is. While his coverage skills do need some work, Spikes makes up for it with his good angles and sure tackling. Brandon isn’t the fastest/quickest LB out there, but his lack of false steps makes him appear faster. He is able to pressure the QB, but is more successful when he is able to avoid blockers than when he has to take them on.

Pros: Strength, Hands, Size, Tackling
Cons: Athleticism, Coverage
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

3. Daryl Washington, TCU (6-2/225)
Washington is a dynamic playmaker that is a bit undersized. He could possibly make the transition to safety in the NFL if a team has the patience to let him develop. Sure tackler with sideline-to-sideline speed.

Pros: Speed, Tackling
Cons: Size
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

4. Pat Angerer, Iowa (6-1/235)
Angerer is a sure tackler with great instincts that will fall in the draft due to his size. Angerer fills holes incredibly well, and is able to shed blockers despite giving up 50+ pounds. Due to the Iowa defensive system (harldy any nickel/dime), Angerer rarely left the field in coverage, gaining great experience. Whichever NFL team gives him the chance, Angerer will make them happy.

Pros: Tackling, Motor, Instincts
Cons: Size
Verdict: 3rd-5th Round

5. Sean Lee, Penn State (6-2/235)
Lee has played all three positions in PSU’s 4-3 system, and his best fit might be at 4-3 OLB when all is said and done. Lee makes plays sideline-to-sideline, but his size allows him to get caught in the wash at times. Lee is good in coverage, and is adept at forcing turnovers. He is also coming off a recent ACL injury.

Pros: Speed, Versatility
Cons: Injury History, Size
Verdict: 3rd-5th Round

6. Micah Johnson, Kentucky (6-2/260)
Micah Johnson is a two-down linebacker in the mold of Ted Johnson. He is a great run-stuffer, but he won’t be able to get by in coverage like he did at Kentucky. Johnson isn’t fast or quick enough to be consistent dropping back in the NFL, so teams will have to sub him out in obvious passing situations.

Pros: Size, Strength, Tackling
Cons: Coverage
Verdict: 4th-6th Round

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